Elegant Themes Review – Best Premium Themes Club for WordPress

These days it is becoming harder to find original, high-quality and inexpensive themes. There are many theme clubs and theme frameworks that charge hundreds of dollars for an elegant theme. In this post, I am going to review / talk about a WordPress theme shop called Elegant Themes, which provides the best premium themes for a very reasonable price.

The elegant theme shop is owned by Nick Roach. For $69, you get unlimited access to 86+ premium WordPress themes, and every theme that is released for the next year.

If I had to choose between Elegant Themes or any other theme shop, then it would definitely have to be ElegantThemes.

For just $69, you’re getting access to 86+ extremely original WordPress themes and each theme comes with different styling and functionality.

Signup for ElegantThemes for $69 (see deal)

Few Amazing Stats:

  • 86 WordPress Themes for different niche
  • 4 WordPress Plugins
  • 282,719+ Happy customers
  • 8+ Technical Support staff for providing Great support

Elegant Themes WordPress Premium Theme Club

Each theme comes with tools for customization, SEO optimization and fantastic WordPress functionality.

Best WordPres Theme Club - Elegant Themes

1. Features Overview !!

  • General Settings: Lets you change color schemes, layout of your blog, control your featured articles, and more. This page gives you control over the basic functions / features of your theme.
  • Layout Settings: Easily enable / disable thumbnails, comments, and post-info section, on posts and pages, via the layout settings page.
  • Element Colorization: Using the quick and easy jQuery color selector, you can easily customize the colors of various elements of your theme at the click of a button, without any existing web design experience.
  • Integration Tab: This is where you will add third party scripts such as Google Analytics code or any other tracking code, that you’d normally have to add it in footer.php.
  • Advertisement Management: Use the built-in module to place banner ads on your site, you just need to add the destination URL and banner image.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Fully optimized and compatible with all the SEO plugins such as WordPress SEO by Yoast and All-in-one SEO.
  • Advanced Search: Improves the default WordPress search, allowing users to search particular categories, tags, time frames, and custom post types.
  • Contact Form: Contact Form function allows you to easily add a contact form without installing a new plugin like Contact form 7 or Gravity Forms.
  • Image Gallery: Create a beautiful image gallery using the built-in gallery template. This allows you to create page with image posts from any category. The template also comes with some great animations and lightbox effects.
  • Member Login: Easily lets you add login & registration forms. This feature can be pretty useful, if your site requires visitors to sign-in for content. And it is much better than the standard unbranded login form.
  • Blog Feed: Displays a list of recent posts in a Blog-Style format, populated with categories of your choosing, no matter what theme you are using.

2. Support and Updates

A well coded WordPress theme is of no use, if you do not get regular updates / support. This may be the case with many theme shops, but not with ElegantThemes.

As long as you are a member of ET, you can be sure that your theme will always be compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

While you are a member of the Elegant Themes you get access to their premium support channels. While we can report our experiences of using the Elegant Themes support service has been positive, we recently published a detailed article on this topic. To find out how the company fared read our Elegant Themes support evaluation.

Best Premium Themes Club

Best Theme Club for WordPress users

3. New Stylish Themes every month

Every month Nick adds a theme or 2. Visit Elegant Themes Blog to see the updates about themes. This is one of the most awesome things I like about Nick’s themes, he doesn’t just release the same themes with different designs again and again. If you take a look at their theme collection, you will find they have every type of theme, each with a stylish look.

4. The Price

Wouldn’t you love to get access to 80+ themes and plugins for just $69.! This is the most awesome benefit of using Elegant Themes, if you don’t like a theme then user another….. So many themes to choose from.

If you look at other theme shops or marketplaces (ThemeForest & Mojo-Themes), you will be lucky to get a theme or two for $69. This is one of the reasons why I love Elegant Themes.

If you want to save a lot of money then you better become a member now, because Elegant Themes may increase the price to something like $69 in the near future. ElegantThemes has finally increased the price to $69.

5. Responsive Design

Most of the Elegant Themes have a fully responsive design that adapts to your user’s variable screen size. If you choose to install one of the Elegant’s responsive WordPress theme, then be prepared to see a nice looking design of your website on your smartphone and tablet.

Now your website will display beautifully and intuitively no matter what type of device is being used to browse it.

6. Elegant Themes Showcase

Here are some highlights from their growing library of themes:



Divi is one of the most popular WordPress themes on the market right now. It’s receiving rave reviews from just about everyone in the industry, and this is primarily because it’s truly one of the most flexible themes you can find. If you want your site to look unique through customization, Divi gives you the tools to reach that goal.

The theme provides a completely visual builder so you never have to touch a line of code. Plus, the theme ships with 18 pre-made layouts giving you somewhat of a cookie cutter design experience if you don’t really feel like customizing much.

The Divi theme is responsive with some flat design elements for a clean look. Check out everything you need to know about the Divi theme in our extensive review.

Get the Divi Theme Get all the 86+ Themes for $69

Nexus Theme

nexus elegant theme

Nexus is one of the more stylish and complex themes from Elegant Themes, but that doesn’t make it too complicated to work with. It’s a powerful magazine theme to showcase your most recent articles in a media-rich format. The custom widgets and movable content modules are perfect for designing the homepage exactly how you want.

It’s responsive for viewing on mobile devices, and you get all the shortcodes and color options that Elegant Themes is known best for. Categorize your blog posts, create reviews with a star rating system, and show your most popular and recent posts in a tabbed widget.

Get the Nexus Theme Get all the 86+ Themes for $69


Daily Notes

If you’re interested in a personalized blog for sharing your everyday ramblings, DailyNotes gives you the proper tool to do just this. Too often we see blog designs that overwhelm bloggers who just want a simple interface to write and publish.

You don’t always need all the bells and whistles to create a little journal online, so why mess with them? The DailyNotes theme has a sleek design and it comes with four unique colors. It’s not exactly all that customizable, but that’s not the point of this theme. It was designed to help you get published quickly.

Get the DailyNotes Theme Get all the 86+ Themes for $69

Nimble Theme

nimble bold elegant theme

The Nimble theme is all about style and functionality, and you can really use the theme for just about any business type. The theme only comes with five unique colors, but from what I’ve seen the colors are bright and bold, which is great for grabbing attention.

The responsive design is only a bonus compared to the various widgets and modules for completing tasks like sharing plans an pricing, recent posts, your portfolio, news and updates, and even testimonials. I like the theme because it utilizes every inch of real estate on your screen so nothing is crammed or difficult to read.

Get the Nimble Theme Get all the 86+ Themes for $69

Flexible Theme

flexible WordPress theme

For some reason, I always find that the portfolio themes are a tad difficult to use. When you upload your own content to share with potential employers it never seems to look exactly how the previews looked. The Flexible theme is different, since it’s one of the more minimalist options you can find, with clean pages and spread out components to give your viewers a little breathing room.

The theme comes with unlimited colors, and you can also go in there and customize the fonts to help you separate yourself from the competition. The responsive design and shortcodes cut down the work on your end, and the portfolio gallery is completely sortable to minimize the problems with standard portfolio themes.

Get the Flexible Theme Get all the 86+ Themes for $69

Vertex Theme

vertex elegant theme

The Vertex theme from Elegant Themes has a huge background image for displaying your company culture. The theme is designed for blogging, because it strives to take up the entire screen with striking images and strong text boxes.

This blocks out all other distractions so your readers can just focus on the content in your blog. The unlimited colors and responsive design is obviously attached to this theme, since we are talking about Elegant Themes here. One of the page templates provides a striking video embedder, and the other page templates include a contact form, video gallery, and portfolio.

Get the Vertex Theme Get all the 86+ Themes for $69

Aggregate Theme

aggregate elegant themes
Aggregates comes packed with tons of content and widget-ready areas, and manages to display everything in a clear and readable manner.

  • Excellent color designs
  • Unlimited fonts
  • Custom page templates
  • Optional blog structure layout
  • Fully Responsive design
  • Automated Thumbnail resizing
  • Custom widgets

Get the Aggregate Theme Get all the 86+ Themes for $69

DeepFocus Photography Theme

DeepFocus elegant theme

DeepFocus a responsive photo blog theme, that lets you turn your WordPress powered site into a fully functional online photo gallery while still maintaining all the functionality and features of a normal WordPress blog.

This theme is ideal for photo blogs, corporate sites, agencies, or anyone looking to showcase / promote their work. Some of the key features include: five unique color schemes, automated thumbnail resizing, manage advertisements, custom page templates, shortcodes, and responsive layout.

Get the Deep Focus Theme Get all the 86+ Themes for $69

eStore Theme eCommerce WordPress Theme

eStore commerce

The eCommerce theme is the perfect all-in-one solution if you plan on selling things through an online store. The eCommerce theme works well on just about every device and browser, and the unlimited color options are perfect for differentiating your website.

Feature a blog to help your customers learn how to use your products, and include a dedicated location page if you have any brick-and-mortar shops. The theme even has a cool little slider where you can include thumbnail images, text, and buttons for when you need to share a promotion or push people to signup for an event.

The options are endless if you really want to make a store that stands out from the rest of the online shops out there.

Get the eCommerce Theme Get all the 86+ themes for $69



Fusion is a responsive theme that will work just as well across a range of screen sizes. It features many of the trends popular in web design today including soft focus background images and a large header section.

This offering from Elegant Themes is perfect for any forward thinking outfit whether they be in the gaming, entertainment or online services sectors.

The Fusion theme comes with all the excellent features you would expect from this theme shop such as the ability to modify the colours and choose from a selection of background images.

Get the Fusion Theme Get all the 86+ themes for $69



Explorable is a bold and original theme that will appeal to those whose site has a focus on travel, geography or global issues.

Posts are pinned to the large map for a novel and engaging way of attracting users to interact with your content. If you are looking for a striking theme that offers something different to help distinguish your site from the crowd then Explorable is the obvious choice.

The Google Maps integration works really well and with its responsive design, will appeal to users on the go, as well as those browsing on a laptop or desktop computer.

While the design and integration of the mapping service is aimed at quite a niche market, for those who wish to make use of these types of features the Explorable theme is the perfect choice.

Get the Explorable Theme Get all the 86+ themes for $69



I really like the Lucid theme from Elegant Themes. It features a clean but attractive design, with plenty of white space to let your content standout on the page.

Like all good modern WordPress themes, Lucid is responsive in design and will seamlessly resize to match the screen size it is viewed on, without requiring a page refresh.

The theme features a large homepage slider which makes it ideal for those who have a good selection of photos and other images on their site. The theme also comes with a good selection of widgets for your sidebars, making it easy for your reader to find your best content.

While the demo of Lucid uses the orange base colour scheme, there are an additional four schemes to choose from, including blue, green, purple and red.

Get the Lucid Theme Get all the 86+ themes for $69



Fable is a modern and well-designed theme that will appeal to bloggers who want an easy to read website that also looks great. The theme is really spacious giving your content plenty of room to breathe.

Its full width layout is ideal for those with lots to say and are seeking an uncluttered design to publish their words. While the theme doesn’t have any sidebar widgets by default, it does feature three footer widget areas which allows you to insert any content you wish from the available options.

This means you get a distraction-free space to publish your posts. Fable is also one of the responsive designs from Elegant Themes so it’s a great choice for those with a readership that consume content from mobile devices.

Get the Fable Theme Get all the 86+ themes for $69



Foxy is another full width, bold, responsive option from Elegant Themes. The homepage features a massive multi directional slider for showcasing your best content.

The homepage also features a three column section which makes use of vector icons for listing your top three unique selling points, such as the services offered or areas of expertise. There is also a large call to action banner which is ideal for getting visitors to click through to your sales page or flagship content.

The homepage also includes a tabbed area for displaying lots of content in one place. Of course, all of this is customisable should you wish to remove any of the items, but frankly, why would you with a theme this good looking.

The Foxy theme would be ideal for a business or individual offering online or offline services. The blog layout and functionality also ensures that there is room for traditional WordPress related content on the site, making it ideal for publishing news about your services to keep your readers in the loop.

Overall, I think this might be my favorite offering from Elegant Themes so far.

Get the Foxy Theme Get all the 86+ themes for $69



If you are developing online stores for yourself or clients, it’s good to known that Elegant Themes have a great selection of eCommerce WordPress themes.

StyleShop is one such theme and it’s also one of their responsive designs. This means your customers will be able to browse and buy from your site on their mobile devices, ensuring you don’t miss out on any customers.

While the theme has quite a stylised design, making it more suitable to sites promoting more futuristic or perhaps edgy products, the product layout and display areas are very clean. This means your inventory can stand out on the page and not get lost in the design elements in use.

The theme also shows your users related items when they are shopping which should hopefully help them find the items they are looking for, while also increasing your sales. If you want an all in one solution for building an online store using WordPress them this theme is a good choice.

Get the Styleshop Theme Get all the 86+ themes for $69


Elegant-Themes-Harmony_575x308 Showing their versatility and the number of different types of site you can build with a WordPress template from Elegant Themes, Harmony has been designed with bands in mind.

The theme has a large logo area on the homepage for displaying album and performance art, to begin building a vibe as soon as users arrive on the site. Other homepage features include a news feed and a list of upcoming shows.

There is also an excellent media player for showcasing the work of the band or artists and the theme even has eCommerce capabilities with the ability to list products available for purchase. The media gallery has also been designed so that it is perfect for showing off photos and imagery from performances and shows.

While this theme has been designed with bands in mind, many performance artists and personalities can also make use of this excellent theme. If anyone ever asks you to build them a website for their band, this is the go to band theme for WordPress.

Get the Harmony Theme Get all the 86+ themes for $69



This theme has a powerful homepage that will grab your users attention as soon as they land on the site. It features a large content slider for linking to inner pages of your site.

There is also a tabbed area with a fade in effect in use for the tab transitions which works well. The media gallery is pretty sophisticated making the Nova theme ideal for those with work to showcase in a portfolio. Images from the gallery can either take users to a larger display of the image or to a separate page with details about the image and the project it was created for.

While Nova is quite sedate in its design, it is sophisticated enough to convey a professional message, making it ideal for corporate websites powered by WordPress. The theme is also responsive for use on multiple screen sizes.

Get the Nova Theme Get all the 86+ themes for $69



Origin is a grid based theme that works on a wide range of devices thank to its responsive design. The theme features a left hand menu where the widgets and menu can be displayed making a break from most WordPress theme design.

The hover effects for the images of this theme are excellent and will impress your visitors for sure. The homepage images are in fact the featured images from posts. Clicking on a homepage image takes the user straight to that post so this theme is best for those who will be using attractive featured images for their blog posts.

The user interface for the Origin theme is something different and will appeal to those looking for an alternative to the more traditional WordPress homepage layouts.

Get the Origin Theme Get all the 86+ themes for $69



This was the first responsive theme from Elegant Themes and despite its minimal appearance; it is starting to look a little dated. However, it does have some strong features that make it still worthy of consideration.

The large homepage slider with text areas that sit atop the images is a great way to entice your readers into your blog. The Evolution theme also comes with a good selection of page templates that should cover most occasions.

While this theme isn’t one of the strongest from Elegant Themes, it is still worth taking a look at, thanks to its range of page templates and minimal design.

Get the Evolution Theme Get all the 86+ themes for $69



This theme is a great match for business and those wanting to promote a service through their site. The Chameleon theme makes use of the three column layout on the homepage which is ideal for displaying some text about your services and mission statement.

There is also a really nice multimedia bar for displaying images as links to posts on the site. There is also space for four widget areas on the footer of the site.

Despite the business leanings of this theme, there is still a strong blogging element included with a good layout for displaying blog posts and comments. This is a subtle theme but one that will go a long way to promoting a professional image of your business.

Get the Chameleon Theme Get all the 86+ themes for $69

Whos Who


The Whos Who theme is great for those who are providing a news publishing service or bloggers with a high output. As the homepage features lots of channels for displaying your posts by various groupings, it’s ideal for those with a lot of content to manage.

The double row menu at the top of the page helps users dive straight into the content they are looking for. The random posts slider at the top of the homepage also helps lead users to more interesting posts on your site, helping to increase user engagement.

This theme might not be the latest and greatest offering from Elegant Themes but it still has life left in it.

Get the Whos Who Theme Get all the 86+ themes for $69

Elegant Estate


Made for estate agent websites, this is a high quality professional theme for WordPress from Elegant Themes. Showcasing property listings in the best possible way is easy thanks to the layout of the homepage and individual pages.

Using the homepage slider you can easily put your most attractive properties on display in the best possible way. Browsing the listings is even easier, thanks to the drop down menu selection panel.

This theme is the perfect choice for anyone tasked with building a highly functional website for a property company, or in fact any business that lists products.

Get the Elegant State Theme Get all the 86+ themes for $69

My Cuisine


This theme has been designed for restaurants who want a strong online presence and one that is also easy to setup and manage. It has a great design for listing the menu on offer, with each menu item linking through to a page detailing the specifics of that item. Blog duties are not neglected with the My Cuisine theme.

The blog listing page looks great and so do individual posts. This makes the theme ideal for any business that is looking to employ content marketing strategies to help their online marketing efforts.

While restaurants are undoubtedly the target market for this theme, with a bit of creative thinking, it could be adapted to suit other types of business.

Get the My Cuisine Theme Get all the 86+ themes for $69

My Resume


Using a skeuomorph design that mimics the appearance of real paper, the My Resume theme is a great way to use WordPress to publish an online CV or resume.

Those with a graphical or image based resume will appreciate the portfolio element of this theme. Images can be displayed in a creative way that will surely impressive prospective employers. There is also a page designed especially for publishing the links to your social network profiles on site like LinkedIn and Facebook using attractive icons.

Like other Elegant Themes you can also easily change the background colours and textures to suit your own personal style.

Get the My Resume Theme Get all the 86+ themes for $69

Business Card


This WordPress theme is very simple in its execution. However it is still a good choice for those wishing to publish the core information about their services or business.

Powered by jQuery, the individual tabbed content loads seamlessly, without having to refresh the page. While the design is quite basic, for those who want a no frills way to get their details online, this is a suitable option.

Get the Business Card Theme Get all the 86+ themes for $69



This theme has a really different homepage making it an ideal match for anyone with a unique service, business or blog to promote.

The background images fill the whole of the window on each page, partially resizing to fit the size of the browser window. While this does look good, you will need to have some large high quality images you want to use for your backgrounds to get the most from this theme.

The theme uses some flashy techniques that aim to dazzle your users. While this works quite well, it’s not very user friendly and might put some visitors off, so use this theme wisely.

However, for those looking for something different from a WordPress theme, that will stand out from the crowd, then they should seriously consider Gleam.

Get the Gleam Theme Get all the 86+ themes for $69

Lean Biz


This is a lean and clean WordPress theme that is best suited to business websites. It features a large homepage slider with eye catching transitions.

There are plenty of page templates for displaying a wide range of different types of content. There is also a nice media gallery that comes with this theme, making it ideal for showcasing a portfolio that features images and photos.

The blog templates for the Lean Biz theme are easy on the eye and allow your company to have a fully functioning blog on their site, behind the corporate looking homepage.

This is a plain theme that will appeal to those looking to portray a neutral image with their online presence.

Get the LeanBiz Theme Get all the 86+ themes for $69



Photographers will love this theme and it’s not hard to see why. Designed with the sole intention of providing a creative way to showcase photos, this WordPress theme has everything that is needed to turn a regular blog into an online photo gallery.

Graphic designers can also make great user of this theme, as can anyone else with a strong selection of digital imagery to promote.

The homepage slider can display many images and each one is accompanied by a piece of related text, which can be used to explain the image and provide further information.

Get the ePhoto Theme Get all the 86+ themes for $69



If you want to open your own personal online store then this theme is just for you. It is compatible with a range of the most popular WordPress eCommerce plugins so you can get your site up and running and taking orders in no time at all.

The design of the theme is best suited to smaller boutique style stores and is perfect for those listing more craft and handmade creative goods. Although with a bit of tweaking it could be put to many uses.

This is a great eCommerce theme for building an online store with WordPress.

Get the Boutique Theme Get all the 86+ themes for $69

Over To You.

No other WordPress Theme Club has so many high quality premium WordPress Themes for such a low price.

Is Elegant Themes worth your money? Their themes are really in-expensive, for $69, you will get access to 80+ items, so I would say it is a nice investment. Though, you should know $69, doesn’t give you access to plugins such as Bloom or Monarch. It costs $20 extra, but we have secured a great deal for you which will allow you to get access to all their plugins at the cost of Personal package. Use this link to get 20% off on Developer package.

Signup for ElegantThemes Club (see our deal)

There is also a 30 days money back guarantee, if you do not like the product or support.

Are you using any of their themes? What do you think about WordPress theme clubs, in general? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

  1. Jym @ Blog Tools and Resources says

    Hi Devesh,

    It’s always good to know about the options out there. Elegant themes certainly look stylish.

    Are they SEO-friendly? Some themes seem to be much better in this than others… Also, I wonder how customizable they are…

    Thanks for sharing this mate,

    • Devesh says

      Hi Jym,

      Elegant Themes are top notch in quality. All of their themes are SEO Friendly, and very customizable. May be you should check out Heather’s blog, she is using eNews theme but her blog looks very unique.

      Thanks for commenting here, Jym. Have a great weekend.

  2. Catarina says

    Interesting since it seems to have functions that add to its attraction. May come in handy one day if I decide to start another blog.

    • Devesh says

      Yeah, Elegant Themes have lot of functions and at the same time they are very affordable.
      Just $39 and you’re getting 60+ quality themes.

      Thanks for the comment, catarina.

  3. Tosin@Home-Based Business Coach says

    Hey Devesh,

    Comprehensive review of elegant theme! I see a lot of rave about themes but not as comprehensive as this.

    I will also like to have an answer to Jym’s question about whether it is SEO friendly.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Devesh says

      Hi Tosin,

      Glad you liked the Elegant Themes.

      Yeah, all Elegant Themes are very seo friendly and comes with many great features.

      Thanks for the comment, as usual.

  4. Steve Rice says

    I use Elegant Themes and really like the functionality, customization and, of course, the cost.

    Another great point about Elegant Themes is that they have really awesome support forums on the site. Other users respond really quickly to unique customization issues. It makes it easy for altering the themes for those of us who aren’t as strong coders.

    Great evaluation, Dev!

    • Devesh says

      Hi Steve,

      I haven’t seen theme club like Elegant Themes selling 60+ themes for $39.95. I’ve to say they are most affordable themes on the planet.

      Thanks for the nice comment, steve. Have a great weekend.

  5. Adrienne says

    Okay, don’t shoot me but I signed up with them a couple years ago and hated it!

    I will admit though that I know the basics when it comes to getting myself around with certain themes but every time I would upload a theme, something was off or out of whack and I had no idea how to fix it. So a lot of it was probably me.

    There were only a few that I really did like though but like I said, it was a couple years ago so maybe they offer even more user friendly themes now. So for someone who isn’t a seasoned smart coding person, not so user friendly. At least that was my personal experience.

    Would be interested to hear how they’ve improved over the last few years. Thanks for sharing though Dev… Hope we’re still friends! :-)


    • Devesh says


      I don’t about how they were 3-4 years ago. Actually i recently started using Elegant Themes (a year now) and since then they are getting better day by day and Nick is doing awesome work on releasing awesome designs & providing great support.

      Thanks for the comment and yeah, we’re still friends :) !

      Have a great day.

    • Diana says

      I have done a lot of research and I believe that you are correct Adrienne. They are not a user friendly website. I think that good posts have been dummied as a means for promotion. Notice they don’t get specific about anything other than how great they are, over the top kudos, especially when someone says anything negative. Beware!

  6. Stacy says

    Hi Devesh,
    I will have to keep that in mind when I make the move over to a paid theme. Thanks for the great review!


  7. Jayne Kopp says

    Hey Dev, as you know I was tossing up between Elegant and Thesis.

    You know for the price, I really would recommend the Elegant Themes to someone on a budget for sure. I have seen so many in action and they really do seem to offer the most terrific bang for the buck.

    then of course Dev… as we all know… if there are any problems, a person could always hire someone who is incredibly smart and savvy…. YOU!!

    Great Review Dev.

    I hope you got my email the other day… re fixing my buttons and bouncing another job off you. Make sure you let me know what I owe you.


    • Devesh says


      I had a hard time choosing between Thesis & Elegant Themes but later i end up buying both the themes.

      Exactly, Elegant Themes is great theme provider with awesome and affordable rates.

      Thanks for the compliments.

      I already replied to your message at Blokube, Please check your Blokube inbox.

      Have a great day.


  8. Cory Howell says

    Great post. We just signed up for Elegant Themes membership last week!

    Still waiting to implement our first theme, but are excited with the possibilities & features they offer.

  9. Joomla Design says

    Been looking for this article for long time ago and finally found here. Please continue this awesome work and I look forward to more of your superb articles.

  10. Gleb Magic says

    On the go is one of the best themes from ET, to my mind.

    Of course, it needs to be customized, but still the main page layout with a slider and cool “recent posts’ field as well as nice hand-made design make this theme quite positive for an online magazine or any interesing project site.

    I used this theme for one of my project for parents and kids based on books and articels about kids education and intelligence development, so you can have a look at how this theme works in real life here: http://www.mamatoma.com/

  11. Donco says

    This post truly is a godsend. I was looking for new themes that are idiot proof for a new blog. I have been using another popular network for years (will not name names, but they were mentioned in your post). I decided I wanted something simple and user friendly. Simple themes came up. I thought the price was too good to be true, so I started looking for reviews. Most were sappy all saying the basic stuff that I could find from the company’s website. Your review was the first one that was a detailed analysis. Thanks for taking the time to write a comprehensive review. Needless to say, I will purchase the package and give it a try. Thx again for your efforts. I will let you know how it works out.

  12. Sydney says

    i was just recommended ElegantThemes from my mentor, after looking at them i’m so impressed. I just hope they are as good as they “appear”. I bought another premium theme package before which looked great but once you got in, it was a nightmare to configure and customize. I hope these are not like that.
    cheers – Syd

  13. Jenny Berger says


    All i can say is I was looking for a simple solution for a good wordpress theme. I had the free Eximus theme but found myself making so many adjustments to the CSS and other stuff that my coding on the website was for sure a shocker to Google. I am very new to the website building and once I signed up for Elegantthemes I was very impressed. They are easy to modify very well written CSS .I think its a no brainer forking out $39 .Just think of the time you will spend to troubleshoot and build your own. Time is money.

    I managed to adapt my scratch cards affiliate site to the themes with ease. I also know that if I do decide to change themes that it will not be hard to amongst all the others on offer at Elegant themes. The short codes will still work and they are built on the same foundation. I plan on rolling out more Scratch card Affiliate sites hopefully in the future and the fact that it is an unlimited license makes it even more of a no brainer and so easy to roll out.
    I think that Nick has the right attitude to giving us such great themes at such an amazing price. I am looking forward to being a long time paying customer.
    Jenny- ScratchCardQueen :)

  14. Peter Otten says

    Great post!

    Elegant themes is truly amazing! i use it for my own website and I love all the aspects!
    And you explain it in such a awesome way! could not have done it better!
    great post!


  15. reina says

    I wanted to join but im nor sure how trust worthy is the site and if it will be easy to use the theme i have my eye on wich is the Aggregate can I really trust this site ?

    • Devesh says

      Hi Reina,

      Believe me, Elegant Themes is one of the best theme provider for WordPress. Aggregate is a fantastic theme, I’m using it on a niche site and it works really well.

      PS. Here on WP Kube I’d never suggest a site that is not trust worthy, just to earn few dollars. I didn’t started WordPress Kube just to make money, my main aim with this blog is to genuinely help as many people as I can.

      Thanks for stopping by, reina. Please let me know if is there anything, I can help you with.


      • reina says

        oh, I never meant it to seem like it was for money, i was just nervous cause is a lot of money (atleast for me) and you know how easy it is to get scam (?) on the internet and i didnt know anyone who had join elegant themes, I just wanted to read from someone that is a good site,
        thanz for the reply, think ill join this week I really like the themes in that site i just wanted to be sure XD

          • reina says

            just another question, the theme that has my attention is Aggregate, how easy is it to use? i have no photshop skills and am kind of new on complicated themes most of the time i have use simple ones that I modificate through css but im not THAT good in that either, will I be able to take full advatage of this theme even if i know nothing about photoshop and just a little of css?

            • Devesh says

              Aggregate theme doesn’t require any knowledge of photoshop or css skills. You would be easily able to modify most parts of the theme from the options page.

              PS. Now days, most of the WordPress themes comes with a fantastic support + a money back guarantee. So in case you’re not satisfied with the product, you can ask for a refund.


                • Devesh says

                  That’s fantastic to hear, reina.

                  If you need any help with anything related to WordPress, than please don’t hesitate to contact me.

    • Iman says

      Sarah / I’m trying to use this theme for a clinet and it’s generating this error: Warning: call_user_func_array() [function.call-user-func-array]: First argument is expected to be a valid callback, mytheme_add_admin’ was given in /home1/webdcmar/public_html/wp-includes/plugin.php on line 395Can you please double-check this and email me if you’ve corrected for the problem? The old version of Handgloves isn’t even upload-able anymore. Just generates a string of errors. Thanks!

  16. Deborah says

    I use Elegant Themes, and they are the best, great support, great design. I’m new to wordpress and no coding experience before. It took me no time to get a grasp of how to use the themes and all the built in features, just brilliant!

    • Devesh says

      Hey Deborah,

      Thanks for coming over here and sharing your thoughts on the Elegant Themes.

      Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any help with customizing the theme.

      Have a great time.

  17. Sourabh says

    Dear Devesh, Good review. Was planning to get elegant themes for all my blogs. Just out of the way question, which plugin are you using for the box where u give rating and summary?

    with warm regards,


  18. Dudley Walkes says

    I was just seeking a review about Elegant Themes for quite a while. After 6 several hours associated with steady Googleing, last but not least I managed to get the idea within your site. I wonder what’s your Google’s problem it doesn’t position this kind of useful websites nearer to the top. Generally the best websites are brimming with trash.

    Finally, I’ve decided to go with Elegant themes. thanks for the review, sir.

  19. Alex says

    Been with Studiopress for a year and just made the switch to Elegant Themes. I am very satisfied. Studiopress had a few features that I miss, but the support pages/online forum on Elegant Themes easily helped me fill the gaps by coding. If you want something relatively easy to work with out of the box, this is your deal. At a minimum, it’s worth the price to find out. The graphics are far superior to those I had to use with Studiopress, and my website now loads three times faster.

  20. John Smith says

    Elegant themes is one of the best theme shops, I’ve ever used. They have every type of theme from a magazine theme to an ecommerce theme.

    ET has in depth functionality that I have become accustomed too and when I have clients that want to use other themes I complain because Elegant is just so well designed and constructed. The front page slider pulling from posts/categories/pages is really amazing, worth it alone, but there is much more.

    People are right that the support isn’t their strongest point, but I think giving their support less than 5 stars is being kinda harsh.

    Fantastic review !!

  21. Janel Sheehan says

    Elegant Themes are not very elegant. Functionality is clunky and often broken, support is nonexistent, and worst of all you can’t even create child themes with many of their theme packages. I’m thinking these reviews were paid off, and if you search on WordPress support forums you will see a number of similar complaints. The theme color options are a joke, as they only change the menu bar and link colors.

    I have never had such a bad experience with a WordPress theme before as I have with Elegant Themes. Save yourself the $40 and get a a good open source framework, waste of time and money.

    • Devesh says

      Hi Janel,

      I appreciate your honest opinion. First this isn’t a paid review or something that I wrote just to make some quick bucks.

      I’ve tested elegant themes and have used it for many of my clients website. I never had any issues but I guess many people would have, as editing or customizing those themes isn’t easy.

      I’d certainly agree on what you said about the Support Forums, and to be quiet honest with you I’ve heard many complaints about their support.

      Overall, ElegantThemes is much better than any other theme store out there. No other shop is as affordable as Elegant themes, they sell 76+ themes for just $39.

      Thanks for stopping by, Janel. Have a great weekend.

  22. Janel says

    Hi Devesh,

    I will agree with you that they are cheaper, however there are a lot of great free themes out there too. With the 3 Elegant Themes that I have tried (MyCuisine, Event, and EarthlyTouch) there have been a significant number of bugs.

    I chalked it up to a you-get-what-you-pay-for kind of thing, but maybe it’s just the luck of the draw. Personally, I would rather pay a little more and save myself the hassle; but I appreciate your input. At least I’m not the only one frustrated with the member support.

  23. Alejandro Carrillo says

    I’m not agree at all… they are cheap, but, at what cost? I used to have the membership and tried a couple of themes but the soport was horribles…. really, the worst support ever in any WordPress Related stuff. sometimes they didn’t answer at all my tickets or forums posts…

    Don’t now how can you recomend that if you haven´t tried the suport by yourself…

  24. Tiberius says


    I’ve watched several web videos about Elegant Themes. I was wondering about the SEO support. I see that you can put in meta-tags but I see nothing about support for seo friendly permalinks. that seems to be a big drawback with many of the themes where under the hood changes are needed. I don’t mind some coding but if need be but do you know off hand if there is any support in that epanel for changing permalinks? Or if you change the permalinks outside of the epanel do all the links end up broken

  25. Kavita says

    I was wowed by the design and the cost, but like a few have mentioned, I struggled with the support of lack their of. Though I did receive a response to my emails, it didn’t provide much help. At this point, I’m looking for someone who has experience with it so they can help me get it up and running, or will have to look for another design.

  26. Anonymous says

    I signed up for Elegant Themes recently. So far my experience has proven frustrating. Elegant Themes ‘Support’ Forum is a JOKE. You don’t get to see this though until you are a member and can access their forum. I am actually scared to complain on their forum incase they decide to leave my support tickets even longer! I wonder how many others have had this thought.

    Why does it take so long to get a response from them? I’ve noticed alot of people on the forum in a similar situation to me. Elegant Themes-Not Impressed!

  27. Dan says

    I’m a big fan of the aggregate theme which I’ve been using for a while.

    I’ve been collecting a few tips and tricks for making the most out of the theme:

    [link Removed]

    In particular, I describe how to fix a couple of bugs in the theme. One occurs when zooming – a rounding issue forces the sidebar to the bottom of the page. Another concerns logo sizing on mobile devices. These and my other changes can fixed with a little bit of CSS.

  28. Mitch says

    Nice write-up but a little out of date.

    While Elegant Themes may have some nice looking themes, their options/control panel is archaic and the least functional of all the custom themes I have used for clients. Additionally, their support is less than ideal.

    They really haven’t done much in the theme department over the last couple years and it shows.

    There are much better themes out there and while you may pay more, you get more.


  29. Cesar Falcao says

    Elegant themes has the best cost/benefit in WP themes out there. And they still has good support, like WooThemes did before quitting from real support 2012.

  30. Mike Mancini says

    I am sick and tired of reading these false reviews and posts about Elegant Themes. I just left ET 3 months ago after having a terrible user experience. Support was slow and the answers were vague and some questions were never answered. You are forced to search through a large forum that you will spend hours looking for answers to no avail. The customization options are basic at best. The first thing I noticed after installing their theme is that it didn’t look like the template on their site. So finally after waiting for days they showed me how to make it look like their demo. So you ask why do I keep seeing positive reviews on so called WordPress news sites? Because ET has a million dollar affiliate payout scheme that the author and most of the posters here are a part of. Here is a direct quote from the ET website “ElegantThemes partners with 21,000 affiliates and pays out over $1,000,000 per year!” See for yourself elegant themes.com/affiliates/signup.php So be careful newbies becasue you do get what you pay for and that is why I went to Woo Themes.

    • Cesar Falcao says

      Hi Mike,
      I’m sorry about your bad experience with Elegant Themes. If I’m not had used it for 1 entire year I should doubt the comments here, but my review is really true.
      But I’m not saying you comments are untrue: I remembered when I started wit ET and had for the first 3 months some hard time with the support, so after studying a little about html, CSS and WP theming I learned how to ask questions.
      OK, it’s looks stupid, but that’s the truth. Then when I asked a direct question (in the right forum thread) instead of a general one all went good. I remembered to have a lot of CSS customizations help for free, and the same customizations costed me US 150 in woothemes (in codeable.io). That’s the good cost/benefit I was telling about.
      The themes are very different when installed compared to the demo site (without the demo data) but it is exactly the behavior with ALL WP themes right now (Pagelines DMS is the first one to put pre-populated content when design layout).
      .50 Cents for each theme and 1 year of support, compare to 25-70 Us or more for 1 theme, Elegant Themes is way good.

  31. Michael says

    I’ve been using Elegant Themes for a long time. While I don’t particularly like the themes that have been coming out lately, that is just my personal preference. I see that others do love them and that is cool. They seemed to be more artsy than what I’m looking for but do let me say this. Anytime I’ve had an issue and reported it, it’s always been answered. I have the utmost respect for Nick because of this. If you’re looking for decent themes with decent support then ET is your choice. I use other premium themes from other providers and Nick and ET are the only ones that constantly produce themes and deal with support. That is all you can ask from a company.

  32. Josh B says

    Good themes, but they do not tell you that lifelong membership will be required if you want your theme to continue to work after WordPress updates.

    Also, I have 2 commissions through their affiliate marketing program that they refuse to pay out. After my first commission I was told you needed 2 in order to be paid out – so I got the 2nd one and now I am told you need 3. Not to mention this is not posted anywhere on the site.

    It is a secret policy designed to keep from paying out commissions and is fraudulent. I filed a report with the BBB.

  33. erdinc says

    I have to WARN you about a situation. When you pay and become a member like me you can download any theme(s) with psd at 89$ which seems good. Did I buy that theme? Well it seems is not, actually.

    We all know wordpress is releasing new versions properly and so you probably will not be able to use the theme you’d downloaded with a wordpress release after 1 year. Your membership will over and you will have to pay another 89$ for just updating one theme or will not be able to updgrade wordpress. This is ridiculous.

    They should just let us download the latest versions of themes we’d downloaded before -with our previous membership-. or at least tell this at first and give us the theme upgradable option as third package.

    So if you plan to upgrade your theme (or be ready yo be hacked) do not buy a theme from companies like this or be ready to pay them every year.

  34. Leo says

    Wow. Divi absolutely blew my mind off. I never thought of customising the checkout page. And videos on the slider. Wow! Even if we don’t win, I’ll save some money and get myself a copy. If we WIN, well.. it’ll immediately be on our website!
    Elegantthemes has a winner here. The possibilities are endless.

    With Divi customisability, My site will definitely look good. And you can be sure we will write more on WordPress =)

    • Devesh Sharma says

      I think a very important part, especially with Fiverr is to seek out specific people.

      From what I can see this doesn’t look like scam, but you have to keep in mind that you are only paying for theme files and won’t be getting any support or updates.

      Another downside of purchasing themes from unknown sources is that they might include malicious code in the files.

      Personally, I would never recommend purchasing themes from Fiverr.

  35. Laurent says

    I’ve got a brand new WordPress project and already know which theme from Elegant Themes I’d love to use for

  36. Praveen Rajarao says

    Elegant themes will be a perfect match for my new websites, at the right time. Thanks and I hope I win this.

  37. Vaibhav S says

    Submitted on 2013/05/18 at 5:30 am

    Hi Devesh,

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway. I am looking for it and the themes by Elegant Themes are really great and superb. Whats more a lifetime membership is really an awesome. Hope to win so my fingers are crossed.

    Vaibhav S

  38. Prayag Verma says

    Elegant Theme has established itself as a creator of quality WordPress Themes in the past few years.

    The opportunity to win a lifetime membership from such a highly rated theme shop is really mind blowing , Thanks for this giveaway WPKube

  39. Gera says

    Hi Dev,

    What I like about Elegant Themes are 3 points: Quality, Quantity and last but not least, Price. Those guys gather all in one place, they are doing an awesome job.

    Cheers and thanks for the giveaway.


  40. sumit gupta says

    This is my honest review/ opinion about Elegant themes.
    Well, I stumbled upon Elegant themes in mid 2012 when I was just 2 years old in WordPress community and was looking for some good themes in various niche and this incident was also an accident, randomly some guy asked me if “Theme Name” is good and gave me Elegant Themes link,
    and after checking the site I was aww struck with the quality of themes you have.
    over to that the pricing is also decent for a starter to buy the package, around .49$ per theme which is half the price of a burger here in India.
    And the theme quality is absolutely stunning,
    and the best part is they never stop to surprise me, with recent theme uploads and stuffs!

    Hope I get the membership as I so badly need it and may well be good opportunity to promote elegant themes in a good way


  41. Donna says

    I’ve been a fan of ElegantThemes for several years. Winning a lifetime membership would definitely rock!

  42. Christina says

    I usually design my own themes, but some of the Elegant Themes are really awesome, so I am probably going to try one in one of my next projects.

  43. Cean Lim says

    Elegant themes produces reliable and professional themes 😀 So I really look forward to winning this!

  44. wrinklesscreamtrial.com says

    Hі! Do үߋu know if theʏ maƙe any plugins tօ safeguard againsxt hackers?
    I’m kinda paranoid about losing еverything ӏ’ve worked hard on. Αny tips?

    • Devesh says

      No, they don’t make any plugins for that. But I am working on an in-depth guide about WordPress security (it should be published within a day or 2), will let you know once it is live.

      In the meantime, you should install a backup plugin (Backup Buddy or Duplicator). My personal favorite is Backup Buddy, as it provides a ton of usual features and options for scheduling backups.

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