5 Sites to Test Your Blog’s Performance

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Loading speed plays a important role, as it helps to increase the user’s engagement and experience.

Google takes speed into consideration as important metric to rank the websites in search engines. Most of the bloggers already know about the importance of having fast loading site/blog.

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Today, I’m going to list 5 tools that will help you in checking the speed and performance of your blog.

1. Which Loads Faster

Which Loads Faster is a fun way to spread the word that web performance matters. It’s about friendly competition and about testing in everybody’s browser, not just ones that have nice performance tools already.

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2. Ping Dom

Test the load time of all Website objects (html, images, Javascript, css, iframes and others). You can also check how fast every element of your Website load and improve the slow-loading items. At the summary of test results, you see the report of the site loading time, loading time of each element, element sizes and the total number of elements.

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3. Iwebtool

Iwebtool gives you the option to compare up to ten pages in same time. You also can check homepage, categories or posts loading time with just one click.

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4. Google Page Speed

Google Page Speed is an open-source tool to check the Page Speed online and to evaluate the performance of their web pages and to get suggestions on how to improve them.

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5. Free Website Performance Test (BrowserMob)

This is a free tool to check the website speed and performance by BrowserMob, a company that offers website load testing and monitoring service, gives you a ton of information about your web page speed such as average load time, total page weight and number of page objects.

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About the Author: Devesh Sharma is a WordPress fanatic and loves experimenting with WordPress themes & plugins.Get more from Devesh on  and Twitter.
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