WordPress Plugins

There are currently 30,000+ WordPress plugins available in the WordPress repository to choose from and installing too many of them may result in conflicts and security issues. We frequently get questions like which plugin to use, what is the best plugin for SEO, etc. You can easily see the most popular plugins either by visiting the plugin directory or doing a google search of top 10 WordPress plugins, but you'll miss many great potential additions by not digging deeper. So we have a taken a different approach and decided to do some digging on your behalf.

How to Build WordPress Sites Instantly with WP Beaver Builder


WordPress is a darling of many. Absolute beginners, tech-savvy business owners, bloggers, web designers, and seasoned developers – name it – all have a thing for the platform.

Everybody is pining for WordPress, and that’s because it’s versatile, full of options and ridiculously easy to learn and use. The platform comes with a million and one themes plus plugins that make building websites completely effortless.CONTINUE READING »

LifterLMS Review: Deliver Online Courses with WordPress


LifterLMS is a tool that allows you to publish courses online with WordPress. If you want to deliver courses online and share learning materials with your visitors, then this learning management (LMS) plugin could be just what you are looking for.

Some of the key features of LifterLMS include creating multiple courses, managing membership access, and collecting payments.  This all adds up to give this plugin the potential to help you turn your area of expertise into a passive income stream.CONTINUE READING »

Heroic Knowledge Base Plugin Review: Be A Customer Support Hero

Heroic WordPress plugin

Whether you’re selling a digital product, a physical one, or your offering anything that may kick up a few questions that need answering on your website, being able provide the answers is big part of making your business and product a success.

However, that’s easier said than done.

It takes a lot of time to run a site and to provide support for multiple products and services, let alone just one. Not realizing the amount of support that they need to provide for their products/services, many have had to spend quite a bit more than expected on customer service reps who can handle the task.CONTINUE READING »

Bloom Plugin Review: The Latest From Elegant Themes


As the blogosphere continues to grow and change, one thing remains the same: the money is in the list.

Every blogger or website owner knows how important it is to build an email list, and your email opt-in box represents the beginning of this process. Today I want to review a plugin that focuses on that first step.

Bloom is an email opt-in plugin from Elegant Themes. It focuses on simplicity, a quality user experience and extraordinary usefulness, and as such, stands out from the rest of the email opt-in plugin marketplace.CONTINUE READING »

How to Create a Dynamic Help Menu in WordPress


Have you ever landed on a confusing website and wished it was a little more obvious as to what you should do next?

Or perhaps you’ve been looking for a way to help your website become a little more intuitive?

CM OnBoarding is a great plugin that helps new users make the most of your website. By creating a Dynamic Help Menu, you can offer relevant guidance throughout your website. This enables users to answer their own questions while increasing their level of interaction with your website.CONTINUE READING »

Offer Free Files Within Seconds: A Simple Download Monitor WordPress Plugin

simple downloads plugin

The point of the Simple Download Monitor plugin is to quickly and easily manage downloadable files on your WordPress site. You can monitor all the digital files and the amount of times the files get downloaded from the people who visit your site.

On first glance, I would certainly consider using the Simple Download Monitor plugin for sharing some of my own eBooks for free. I can see it as a nice way for artists and bloggers to post music, documents and other files for instant download.CONTINUE READING »

Optin Forms Plugin: An Amazing and Free Email Signup Plugin

optin forms plugin

You’ll hear it said all the time: “The money is in the list.”

To someone who doesn’t know too much about online marketing and making a living from online work, this may raise a few eyebrows. However, the reason why so many seasoned online entrepreneurs swear by their email list is because they’ve personally experienced the power that is The List.

Building up a long email list of followers gives you an upper hand when laying the foundation of trust and authority in your given market.CONTINUE READING »

How to Boost Email Optins with the Plugmatter Plugin

plugmatter email optins

Handling email list subscriptions is one of the first priorities when it comes to building a new website on WordPress. If you run a business building websites for other companies you should really preach this and implement some sort of email list building module for your customers.

I’ve used a few email subscription form plugins in the past and they vary in quality, but I recently wanted to try out the Plugmatter plugin to see if it’s any good.CONTINUE READING »