Beginners Guide

All You Need to Know About How to Promote WordPress Plugins and Themes

promoting wordpress themes plugins

WordPress has given rise to many new forms of business: WordPress developers, designers and content creators (*cough*) to name just a few of them. The masses of people who indirectly make a living through WordPress by using the platform to sell their goods, services and advertise their brick-and-mortar businesses should also not be forgotten. A growing number of WordPresses, however,…. Continue Reading

Tips for Finding The Best WordPress Plugins

finding wordpress plugins

Forty thousand. That’s how many WordPress plugins are available for adding features to your WordPress-powered website. Some are free and some cost money. Most are found in the official WordPress plugin directory, but did you know that thousands of plugins are not there? They have a price and are not eligible for listing in the official plugin directory. You have to track these…. Continue Reading Versus Which WordPress Version is Best for Me?

wordpressorg vs wordpresscom

The world loves WordPress, doesn’t it? The headline figures are certainly impressive: WordPress powers around a quarter of the net. If you’re relatively new to WordPress, you might not realize that there are actually two versions of WordPress, though. and Both and use the same core WordPress software, so it’s easy to confuse them as the…. Continue Reading

Responsive Web Design for WordPress Explained

responsive web design

Responsive is a term you will have seen mentioned often in the descriptions and promotional material for WordPress themes and frameworks. It’s a popular and relatively recent development in web design that is sweeping not just the WordPress community but all progressive areas of online design. As the term slowly becomes ubiquitous in web design and WordPress circles, it can…. Continue Reading