29 Awesome Flat Design WordPress Themes

Flat Design WordPress Themes

Flat Design is growing trend in the WordPress design industry right now and people are going gaga for it. We have already seen a huge number of flat design WordPress themes by Independent theme shops and marketplaces like ThemeForest & MojoThemes.

This is only going to continue as more and more designers aim to create themes with minimalistic approach. There are currently 200 themes available on ThemeForest marketplace (and more being released frequently), designed specifically with keeping flat and modern design principles in mind. CONTINUE READING »

7 Really Annoying Things About WordPress (and How to Fix Them)

Annoying THings about WordPress

If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably a fan of WordPress. And yes, I love WordPress too, but nothing is perfect. Wearing my different hats of web designer, web developer, writer, researcher and blogger, there are plenty of things that annoy me on a regular basis about WordPress.

Luckily, WordPress is updated frequently and it gets better with every update. There are also lots of clever developers out there who have written plugins to deal with some of its shortcomings.CONTINUE READING »

WP RSS Aggregator for WordPress Review

WP RSS Aggregator Review

If you are looking for a way to import RSS feeds from other websites into your WordPress site then the WP RRS Aggregator plugin is just what you are looking for.

The core plugin allows you to add RSS feeds to your site, and then publish a list of links to those feed items. This is great for automatically creating weekly news roundups which feature posts from a list of your chosen sources.CONTINUE READING »

How to Add Google Web Fonts to Your WordPress Site

Google fonts plugin WordPress

Google Fonts are great free resource for web designers. Many major websites such as NY Times, Mashable, and Tech Crunch are already WebFonts. This powerful resource will not only help you improve your site’s design, but will also increase your the conversion rate.

If you are serious about improving the typography of your website, then this guide for managing Google Fonts is for you. You can easily add fonts to your WordPress site, by installing a free WordPress plugin.CONTINUE READING »

What Most Popular WordPress Developers and Bloggers Shared As Their #FirstTweet?


Last week, Twitter announced a fantastic new tool called #FirstTweet to celebrate its 8th Birthday. This little tool lets you see your first tweet you ever posted. However, it is not limited to your own tweet, you can also enter any username to see their first tweet.

Simply go to #FirstTweet (or first-tweets.com), enter your twitter handle, and your first tweet will be shown to you. You can also look up the first tweet of any other user.CONTINUE READING »

WPEngine Review – Managed WordPress Hosting Service


6 out of 10 websites in the world use WordPress. From TED to TechCrunch to GigaOm to an 11th grader’s short poem blog – WordPress is endless. There’s a ginormous gulf between the traffic TED.com faces and the 11th grader’s blog. The former has millions of visitors from around the globe and the latter has a concentric number of visitors – mainly his/her peers.

If you have serious traffic in your website, you should definitely consider managed WordPress hosting. CONTINUE READING »

How to Reduce the Bounce Rate of Your WordPress Website

Reduce Bounce Rate of Your WordPress Site

Your bounce rate is a measure of how quickly people are visiting your site and then clicking away straight away again. While this isn’t always a bad thing (if your main goal is to get visitors to click an advertising banner, you’d hope for a high bounce rate, likewise if your website consists of only one page, you’re always going to have 100% bounce rate), it’s generally better to keep your site visitors reading and clicking around your site for as long as possible.

Whatever your business goals for your website are, it’s a good rule of thumb that if you can get people to stick around for longer, you’ll gain more subscribers and make more money.CONTINUE READING »