Making the Most of Images On Your WordPress Website


Images have become one of the most important elements of any website or social media campaign in 2014, and the trend is only increasing. There are two very important reasons you want images on your website. And it doesn’t matter if it is an eCommerce site, a blog or your company’s website.

The first is the overall importance of visuals when it comes to engagement, marketing and sales.CONTINUE READING »

The Complete Guide to Setting Up Gravatar with WordPress


I’m sure you’ve seen those grey boxes next to people’s comments in almost all WordPress sites. These may be sites you own or the ones you’ve visited. You’ve probably wondered what they stood for.

Well, technically speaking that “grey box” is the default avatar for users who comment on your WordPress site. This is specific to users who haven’t registered for a Gravatar account.CONTINUE READING »

The Best Analytics Plugins for WordPress to Track Your Success

Google Analytics plugins for WordPress

The crown jewel for tracking how many people come to your site is Google Analytics, and rightfully so, since they provide just about everything you need to know in terms of figuring out who is visiting your site, where they are coming from and which keywords they are using to find your site.

Since Google doesn’t provide a default plugin to integrate the system into your WordPress site you either have to paste in the tracking code yourself or find a third-party plugin to do the work for you. You can even setup your tracking with WooCommerce and PayPal if needed.  CONTINUE READING »

Send Invoices from WordPress? A Sprout Invoices Review

sprout invoices

I’ve spent way too much money on junky invoicing systems that force me to navigate away from my WordPress dashboard to send out to all my clients. The only problem is that I am always working for these clients in WordPress, so what’s the point of leaving that screen to send an invoice?

Sprout Invoices offers a nice little service so you don’t have to worry about opening a new screen for invoices. The system is packed with features, but it doesn’t overwhelm you like other invoicing services I have used. CONTINUE READING »

Getting Started With Google Analytics In Your WordPress Site

google analytics woocommerce

Every website, be it a blog or a company site thrives on its audience. Without them, your website will be a futile attempt to achieve your goal. That is why being able to interact with your audience is pertinent for your web endeavors.

Of course, this can be achieved by producing good content. But the variety or the scope of said content still depends on the needs and wants of the people who visit your site. One of the best ways to analyze your visitors and how it affects the traffic of your website is Google Analytics, and in this article, we will discuss how important this tool is and how you can use it for your WordPress Blog. But first, let’s answer an important question.CONTINUE READING »

SendinBlue Review – Best Email Marketing Service for WordPress?

sendinblue review

Have you ever wondered what it is that makes a company successful? If you have answered “quality”, then I would say that it’s just one part of the equation. The other and equally important aspect of a company’s success is marketing.

As an aspiring online entrepreneur, your goal must be to master those marketing channels that acts as a catalyst to your company’s success.CONTINUE READING »

12 Best WordPress Forum Plugin Options for Community Building


Think about the type of site you run. Is it for selling shoes? Offering marketing tutorials? Talking about gardening? It doesn’t matter what you talk about or sell online, because content is fine, but community is better. Do you think people will just come flocking to your content and stick around after you slip from their minds?

Keeping customers and readers around your site is difficult enough, but there’s one little tool that gives people a reason to keep running back for more.CONTINUE READING »

35 of the Best bbPress Forum Themes for WordPress


The power of technology finds best reflection in its ability to connect people and get them to share with each other. Sharing is caring and if you want to carry on this tradition through your site or blog then bbPress themes are your best bet.

bbPress is a great forum/community plugin that fits with WordPress like a glove fits the hand. It is very remarkable for its capacity to create a solo forum site as well as an integrated social hangout, on the sidelines of your web platform. You do not have to take any extra effort. It happens automatically.CONTINUE READING »

Thrive Content Builder Review: An Easy Way to Create Eye-Catching Layouts & Landing Pages

Thrive Content Builder plugin review

Have you ever been in the position where you desperately want to create something amazing, but don’t know where to start?

It could be a detailed blog post with lots of content, or a web page with call-to-action buttons, testimonials, and optin forms. You long to get it looking the way it does in your head, but you lack the skills needed to turn it into reality.CONTINUE READING »