Secure Your WordPress Site with All in One WP Security and Firewall Plugin


If there’s one thing cyber security professionals are almost annoyingly good at, it’s at scaring the bejeezus out of newbies and amateurs who are just minding their own business. They might for example tell you that running WordPress as is leaves your website very vulnerable. And the bad news is that they’re not wrong.

The fact of the matter is that WordPress is a standardized open source software, where hackers can scan and look at every piece of code for weaknesses to exploit.CONTINUE READING »

15 Best WordPress Courses to Hone Your Craft

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How would you rate your WordPress knowledge? Are you a beginner? Intermediate? Jedi Knight?

It turns out everyone has to start somewhere with WordPress, and luckily there are tons of options to choose from if you are interested in WordPress courses.

I started my WordPress journey back in college, playing around with some random websites I created while jumping back and forth between certain video tutorials online.CONTINUE READING »

CSS Hero Review & Giveaway: Taking The Pain Out Of WordPress Customization

css hero plugin review

No website is complete without a design that grabs and holds your reader’s attention. With so many themes for WordPress sites on the market, it can be easy be overwhelmed by the amount of choice.

How do you know which theme is the best for you without trying it out first? What if you need to make extensive customizations but have a limited budget? Perhaps your design knowledge is lacking and you don’t have the budget to hire someone to do it for you.CONTINUE READING »

How to Add A Live Chat In Your WordPress Site with Tidio Chat Plugin

Tidio live chat WordPress plugin

As the need for being able to provide impeccable customer service to online viewers has risen, many have stepped up to the plate with actionable solutions. One such solution is that of incorporating a Live Chat option on your site so that you and your customers can connect easily.

There are quite a few options out there for adding Live Chat options to your WordPress site, and the Tidio Live Chat is one of them.CONTINUE READING »

Must-Have Widgets for Every WordPress Site

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Along with plugins, widgets are one of the coolest things you can find on the WordPress platform. They are part of the reason WordPress is so much like a digital Swiss Army Knife, or even an iPhone where you can turn an off-the-shelf product into something customized and cool with apps.

Some of the must-have widgets for every WordPress site are actually plugins that you can install from the WordPress plugin directory, while others are developed by third-party companies, so you can purchase them or download them for free and just upload them to your site.CONTINUE READING »

10 Best WordPress Live Chat Plugin Options for Top Customer Support

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How do you stay in contact with your customers? Do you have a phone number or contact form on your website? I honestly can’t remember the last time I called a company for help because I can’t stand waiting on the phone in those long support queues. As for email, I might send out a few on occasion, but I am always willing and ready to ask a company questions if they offer live chat support. Email is best left to building a list and marketing in the future.CONTINUE READING »

6 Visually Stunning WordPress Slider Plugins

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What are the first impressions of a visitor landing on your website? Research has proved that visitors make their mind up about a website in just seconds. If you want visitors to stick around, you need to be making a positive first impression.

Of course, what makes a positive first impression is far more subjective. Generally speaking though, a huge wall of text looks intimidating to casual visitors, leaving many scrambling for the back button.CONTINUE READING »

Create a Job Board with These Best Job Board WordPress Themes


How do you monetize your website and create a community around the followers you have accumulated? One of the easiest ways to complete both of these tasks is by creating a job board portion of your site. For example, if you run a mom blog, why not create a job board for babysitters?

If you run a technology-based site, why not develop a job board for people interested in designing websites or working on mobile apps? The options are endless, but it all starts with your WordPress theme.CONTINUE READING »

An SEO Beginners Guide to Permalinks and Slugs

guide to permalinks and slugs

The word “permalink.” Any idea what it means? What about a slug?

You may stumble upon these terms while scrolling around your WordPress dashboard or while reading an article on how to improve your search engine optimization, but what do both of them really mean?

Read this guide to permalinks and slugs to understand the intricacies that go into these sometimes tedious and confusing components of your WordPress sites.CONTINUE READING »