Dishing Out Great Deals with Daily Deal WordPress Themes and Plugins

daily deal wordpress themes

Groupon started the revolution in January of 2008, and now we’ve seen thousands of daily deal and group buying websites emerge to provide discounts to customers all over the world. The idea is simple; sell items for 50 to 90% off, and bring in loads of customers to businesses in certain markets or locals.

Consumers benefit from absurd prices, companies benefit from a huge wave of sales and you, the webmaster, takes a small cut of everything sold on your daily deals website.CONTINUE READING »

The OptimizePress 2 Review: Create Landing Pages, Sales Funnels, and Membership Sites with Ease


If you do any kind of marketing, promotion or lead generation online then a tool such as this is a going to be a powerful addition to your arsenal.

While these types of products are certainly popular with internet marketers, regular online businesses and those with an online presence can make use of the kind of sophisticated and well-designed landing pages that these tools enable you to create quickly.CONTINUE READING »

Controversy Included: Hide That Your Site is Running on WordPress

hide running WordPress

Have you ever talked to someone who recommended you hide that your site is running on WordPress? It was somewhat jarring the first time I was recommended this, because well, what’s the point? Am I going to have to go through hours of work just so people don’t know I’m using WordPress?

Should I be embarrassed that I use WordPress? The questions start rolling in, and the topic is rather controversial, so I wanted to put together a guide on the arguments for and against hiding WordPress, along with the best tools to do so if you decide on covering up the WP name.CONTINUE READING »

9 Best Options for Managed WordPress Hosting

wordpress hosting

Let’s face it: running a WordPress blog or site is no easy game. You have to take care of all the content, marketing, site design, social media, and so forth. But before you do that, you have to make sure your WordPress site is running smoothly and your current hosting provider isn’t giving you any headaches or issues.

Today, most of the web hosting companies out there focus on providing affordable solutions. It costs you less than $5 to get an account with a company like Hostgator or BlueHost. And that’s a great solution if you’re just getting started. But for a medium-sized or business site going for high-quality hosting is a better alternative.CONTINUE READING »

Bloom Plugin Review: The Latest From Elegant Themes


As the blogosphere continues to grow and change, one thing remains the same: the money is in the list.

Every blogger or website owner knows how important it is to build an email list, and your email opt-in box represents the beginning of this process. Today I want to review a plugin that focuses on that first step.

Bloom is an email opt-in plugin from Elegant Themes. It focuses on simplicity, a quality user experience and extraordinary usefulness, and as such, stands out from the rest of the email opt-in plugin marketplace.CONTINUE READING »

6 Drag And Drop Page Builder Plugins: Build Any Website With Zero Effort

page builder drag and drop plugins wordpress

Are you a wizard when it comes to designing and building your own websites? Or do your programming skills fall short of the mark? The majority will no doubt fall into the latter category with either none or only a little technical knowledge.

If you’re one of those individuals, this post is for you because creating beautiful pages for your WordPress site, doesn’t have to be as difficult as it seems.CONTINUE READING »

Top 7 Ways To Make Running Your eCommerce Store Easier

eCommerce tools

Many have found a large amount of success in starting and running their very own WordPress powered online store.

With great tools like WooCommerce and even others like Shopify, building and creating beautiful e-commerce stores has never been easier which means that more people are jumping at the chance to create a money e-store of their own.

However, it can still be hard to keep everything in order and get things done that will help them out in the long run.CONTINUE READING »

How To Email Authors for New Comments on WordPress


I don’t run any multi-author sites but I work for plenty of people who do. I noticed the other day that on some sites I receive an email when users comment and on others I don’t.

This got me thinking about why this happened. I’m pretty sure I subscribe to comments on some of the posts, but most of the time I just forget about the posts and it’s unreasonable to assume that I would go back to check the dozens of sites I have posted comments on. Think about how many sites you run, then think about how many sites your authors are posting on.CONTINUE READING »