Interview with Kevin Muldoon from WPMods

Kevin Muldoon – a popular blogger is well known for his WPMods Blog. He is creating and marketing websites since early 2000.

WPMods is a WordPress blog, packed with useful information about WordPress Themes and Plugins, add it to your feed reader if it isn’t already!!

Thanks Kevin for answering my questions.

Q: Could you tell us a little background about yourself & WP Mods?

My name is Kevin Muldoon. I am a full time blogger and webmaster from Scotland who is currently living in South America. I’ve been working online since early 2000 and been able to make a living full time through the web from around 2003 and 2004. I’ve also worked extensively in the UK financial sector in Financial Regulation, Pensions and Investment.

WP Mods is a dedicated blog to modifying WordPress; whether it be changing your theme, editing your design or using a plugin. We also give our views on the latest WordPress news and discuss ongoing WordPress related topics.

Q: How you got the idea about WP Mods?

I launched in 2007 and WordPress was a subject that I blogged about frequently on the site. It was a natural progression to launch a site dedicated to WordPress as I was using it on all of my websites and spending a lot of my time modifying my design and searching for new WordPress themes and plugins. In 2009 myself and a partner launched a WordPress theme store so I found myself working more and more with the platform (i.e. using it not just for blogging).

Q: How long have you been working with WordPress?

I don’t know exactly but I believe I first used it around 2005 or 2006. I used dozens of free and commercial content management scripts from 2000-2005 including PHPNuke and PostNuke. I also used a basic blog script for a personal blog I updated frequently when I was travelling (though I can’t remember the name of it as I later switched to Serendipity). Once I tried WordPress, I never looked back.

Q: What strategies / tactics you’ve been using to promote the WP Mods Blog?

At the start I did some guest posting on some larger websites. I also released a few WordPress designs for free. At the moment I am relying on good content, social media traffic and referrals from articles I write across the web.

Q: Behind the site, what powers WP Mods? Which plugins do you use, is your theme custom or off the shelf?

I’ve got close to 35 plugins activated at the moment. Many of these are for the backend such as Dashboard Notepad for taking notes, Gravity forms for my contact page, VaultPress for backing up WP Mods, Login Lockdown for stopping unauthorised access to the site and Social Metrics for tracking the performance of recent posts on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. And I use W3 Total Cache to speed up the site.

On the front end I use Pippity forms for increasing sign ups to my newsletter, Uber Menu for the navigation menu, WP Biographia for adding author bios to posts and RSS feeds and WP-Syntax for displaying code in posts.

The theme is custom made. It was built exclusively for the launch of WP Mods by my friends at I still like the theme though I am keen to get a new design in 2012 as the code in the backend is a little updated. The logo and colour scheme may be kept with any new design change though :)

Q: Is there anyone in the WordPress industry that you really admire?

It’s difficult to single any individual out as there are so many great developers and bloggers out there. Off the top of my head I would say

  • Jeff Chandler from for consistently asking the important questions about the WordPress community.
  • Jeff Starr and Chris Coyier for releasing the excellent ‘Digging Into WordPress’ book and updating it regularly for new WordPress releases.
  • Chris Mavricos from SevenSpark for giving me, and thousands of others, the best support anyone could ever ask from a plugin developer (creator of the UberMenu plugin).
  • AJ from for regularly releasing beautiful clean WordPress designs to the community for free.
  • Ryan Imel for building, the best WordPress news site on the web.
  • Matt Mullenweg for steering WordPress in the right direction.
  • Anyone who has anything to do with VaultPress as it’s such an important plugin or me!

Q: Whats next for WP Mods? Anything new like theme release or membership site?

At the moment I am happy helping out WordPress users when I can through the WP Mods forums for free. I am planning on releasing WordPress themes and plugins in 2012 so perhaps this will change things as, like most people who work online, getting enough time to do what I want to do is a big concern. Perhaps support for premium (paid) members is something I will have to do if supporting products for free becomes unmanageable (which, from experience, I suspect it will).

I love blogging. I write articles every day and I enjoy what I do. I am aware however that I need to change my online work to be able to do what I want to do online and make more money. At the moment I am writing every post on WP Mods and regularly for sites such as I also occasionally write for WP.TutsPlus, Smashing Magazine and on my former blog

Moving forward, I would like to bring in 3 or 4 good bloggers to WP Mods to reduce my own writing commitments on the site (though I would still write there). This would allow me reduce the time I spend writing for other websites and spend more time working on products such as themes and plugins. Additionally, I am keen to relaunch my personal blog and talk about my projects online, how I make money online, tech subjects and more.

As I mentioned previously, I love blogging. I am keen to develop many products myself though if I can outsource a lot of the work I will have more time to work on other things and will be able to release more products. I’m sure I will find the right balance :)

  1. Samuel says

    Nice interview there with Kevin 😀
    I’m one of the loyal readers to your blog, I visit everyday and this is where I’ve learn some of my WP customisations, tips and tuts.
    Keep it up mate!

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