A to Z of WordPress Podcasts

As the WordPress community continues to grow, so too does the number of podcasts covering this platform. On the face of it, a blogging platform come CMS might not be an obvious topic for a podcast, but judging by the success of the shows below, and the number of episodes that have been recorded on the subject, the exact opposite appears to be true.

In this list of WordPress podcasts, I’ve included some inactive shows that have either been discontinued or haven’t been added to in a while. However, as the old episodes remain online, and they may contain items of interest, they are still worth checking out.

The Dradcast – Active

This podcast is run by Dre Armeda and Brad Williams, two self-described prior military geeks and it features a different host for each show. The Dradcast centres on WordPress, but also takes in a range of related topics.

It’s a video podcast so you can view the discussion on YouTube or download the audio via iTunes. The show has gone quiet for the last few weeks but keep your eyes peeled for a new episode anytime soon.

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Mastermind – Active

Mastermind.fm is the brainchild of James Laws from WP Ninjas and Jean Galea from WP Mayor. They share their entrepreneurial journey as well as interview other WordPress entrepreneurs about their areas of expertise.

It’s a weekly show that is highly recommended for established WordPress business owners and newcomers alike.

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Hello Dolly – Inactive

Only 10 episodes of this podcast from the now defunct WP Daily website were produced. However the audio files are still available for download should any of the episode summaries contain anything of interest to you.

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Matt Report – Active

With over 50 WordPress podcasts in the can, the Matt Report series is a great resource for anyone looking to know more about the key players, latest developments and best products in the WordPress community.

The podcasts contain discussions with interesting figures from inside and outside of the WordPress sphere, all hosted by Matt Medeiros, founder of Slocum Studio.

Recent highlights include an interview with the Problogger himself and founder of StudioPress, a chat with Syed from WP Beginner and the WordPress Startup Challenge.

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Please Advise – Active

This is an occasional podcast by Mike McAlisterJake Caputo, and Chris Molitor. The last show went out in October so it’s worth signing up for updates or subscribing in iTunes to ensure you don’t miss the next one, whenever it should surface. The shows feature notable guests from the world or WordPress, including plugin developers, evangelists and WordPress-insiders.

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Slocum Studio Podcasts – Active

Matt Medeiros from the Matt Report also hosts a range of other shows related to WordPress and online publishing. The shows include the popular PressThis and SEOLunch podcasts. It can be a little tricky keeping track of the different podcasts and their latest episodes but it’s well worth making the effort for the content covered in each edition.

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WP Bacon – Inactive

Like Bacon? Love WordPress? Then you will be right at home with the WP Bacon podcast series. This podcast aims to go beyond the standard WordPress topics and get an insight into the different ways this platform is being used, by sometimes talking to those outside the community.

There has just been five episodes at the time of writing, but this podcast is still very much alive and getting back on track for 2014.  The discussions can be watched as YouTube videos or accessed via downloadable audio files.

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WP Candy Podcasts – Inactive

Numerous WordPress podcasts were started under the WP Candy banner but none of them are currently active. There were some interesting podcasts including the roundtable, plugin of the day and community interviews.

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The WordPress Chick Podcast – Active

This podcast is run by Kim Doyal via her WP Chick website. Kim offers professional web design services based around the WordPress platform. The  podcast discusses what goes into creating such a business, as well as other topics including digital publishing and blogging, plus interviews with key players in the WordPress scene.

The show goes out fortnightly and is currently on episode 10 and showing no signs of slowing down.

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WP Elevation – Active

The WP Elevation website is focussed on running a successful WordPress consultancy, so if you are interested in, or are already, offering WordPress-related services then this site and its podcast is a must-visit.

While you can join their premium course to access to all the best content, their podcast is free to all and contains interviews with some top WordPress consultants operating today, as well as other notable members from the WordPress community.

Some of the highlights from the series so far include the episode featuring Cory Miller from iThemes and an interview with Mirian Schwab who runs a WordPress agency in Israel. Some interviews are accompanied by video and all are available via the website or through iTunes.

They also ran the 101 Ways podcast series which covered tips on how to elevate yourself and demand higher fees.

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WordPress Plugins A to Z – Active

Starting 2014 off with episode 153, the WordPress Plugins Podcast could be the longest running show covering our favourite website platform.

As you can probably guess from the name, this podcast takes a look at a selection of plugins each week. It’s a great resource if you want to stay on top of what can be done with WordPress. The show can be accessed via the website or through iTunes.

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The WordPress Podcast – Inactive

The WordPress Community Podcast features exclusive interviews with fellow WordPress developers, topics such as WordPress hosting and SEO, and news on the latest plugins and updates. The WordPress Podcast is hosted by Joost de Valk and Frederick Townes.

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WP Watercooler – Active

This video podcast goes out weekly and can be viewed live on YouTube or downloaded at your leisure via iTunes or through the WP Watercooler website.

The show takes the form of a round-table discussion on a topic related to WordPress and the rotating panel consists of some well-known names from the WordPress community. Its hosted by Chris Lema and Jason Tucker so you know it’s going to be good.

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Your Website Engineer – Active

This weekly WordPress podcast is currently on its 159th episode and shows no signs of slowing down. It’s run by Dustin Hartzler who is a newly -recruited Happiness Engineer at Automattic, so he definitely knows his stuff.

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This article aims to be an A to Z of WordPress podcasts both past and present so if I’ve missed any, please leave a comment below. Also if you have any recommendations of related podcasts please leave a comment too.