How to Use Zoho SalesIQ to Start a Live Chat & Track User Behavior in WordPress

Online businesses, esepcially online shops, are a great way to generate consistent revenue, while also cutting costs. After all, besides the general maintenance of your website, there really isn’t much upkeep when it comes to eCommerce shops. At least not when you compare it to the work required to keep a brick-and-mortar shop actively open on a daily basis.

However, this does not mean that online shopping is a breeze for customers. By cutting out the physical storefront, retail employees, and actual products that customers can look at, feel, and even try on or test, customers face the burden of having to make purchasing decisions based solely on what they see on their computer screen.

That’s why successful online businesses will step it up and boost their customer service efforts in order to stay ahead of the competition.

 With 85% of online shoppers claiming they will gladly pay up to 25% more for a product or service so long as superior customer service is guaranteed, it is important that you make yourself available to answer your site visitors’ questions, concerns, or complaints.

Since customer issues can happen at any time, it is not enough to have an email, phone number, or contact form for them to fill out. Rather, it is crucial you be available 24/7 so that you can react to customer needs as quickly and efficiently as possible.

This is why you need a live chat feature integrated directly into your WordPress website.

If you are looking for a proactive way to not only interact closely with prospective customers that visit your WordPress website, but a way to track user behavior on your site as well, the Zoho SalesIQ plugin is a great option to consider.

Let’s take a look at what this unique WordPress chat plugin has to offer in terms of features, as well as see how to get it set up and running on your website.

Why Use a WordPress Chat Plugin?

Whether you run an online shop, or simply have a WordPress blog with tons of followers, being able to keep in touch with your site visitors is crucial to your success.  In fact, here are some of the top reasons adding a live chat feature to your WordPress website is beneficial, even if you don’t sell anything:


No, I don’t mean the availability of your newest product, service, or even blog post. Here the focus is on the availability of you to your readers. It’s not enough for site visitors to have access to your top notch content. They need to be able to access the person behind the content – for any reason.

Better Customer Service

The fact that your customers want good customer service cannot be stressed enough. Before, during, and after the purchasing process, your site visitors will feel more comfortable knowing that at any moment they can simply click on a chat box and start talking to a knowledgeable representative.


Having a live chat plugin installed on your WordPress website brands you as a professional authority in your niche. It doesn’t matter if you just want people to sign up for your newsletter, or invest their hard-earned cash on your newest e-book. The point is, a live chat option brands you as having more authority. Plus, it marks you as one that cares for every visitor that enters your website.

Positive Reputation

Your website’s reputation will develop over time as people visit your site. This is especially true as they begin to understand what kind of value you have to offer. By being on-call 24/7 to engage with site visitors will put you one step above any of your competitors which in turn will help with all types of conversions, sales-related or not.

All in all, offering a live chat feature on your WordPress website is bound to have a lot of positive effects.  You will notice a boost in site traffic, higher sales and subscribe conversions, more social shares, and a better all-around feeling about your website’s content, value, and products you have to site visitors.

What is Zoho SalesIQ?

Zoho SalesIQ is a hassle-free live chat plugin optimized to grow your business and increase the ROI on your content, SEO, Adwords, and email marketing efforts. In short, it is designed to boost your conversions, and your annual revenue, in a simple and easy to use way.

Rather than focus solely on providing online shop owners a way to live chat with their site visitors, Zoho SalesIQ takes it one step further and places the focus on increasing your sales. This makes Zoho Chat the perfect solution for individuals, businesses, and organizations looking to stay connected with site visitors and engage with them in real-time.

The great things about Zoho SalesIQ is that it is not just a website chatting tool. In fact, it comes packed with tons of features for staying connected with site visitors, providing exceptional support to those in need, and boosting sales, all at once.

Take a look at what Zoho SalesIQ can offer you:

How to Use Zoho SalesIQ

Step 1: Installation and Activation

To start, navigate to Plugins > Add New and search for Zoho SalesIQ. Then click on Install Now and Activate.

You will then notice a new menu item has been added to your WordPress dashboard labeled Zoho SalesIQ

This indicates the plugin is successfully installed onto your website.

Step: Create a Zoho SalesIQ Account

When you click on the Zoho SalesIQ menu item in your WordPress dashboard, notice a section for pasting your Zoho SalesIQ code snippet.

The only way to get this code snippet is to create a Zoho SalesIQ account.

Simply fill out the form. Immediately following, you will be taken to a screen that looks like this:

Copy the code snippet from your account and paste it into the Zoho SalesIQ dashboard on your WordPress website:

Click on Save Changes.

Step 3: Check the Chat Box On the Frontend

After successfully installing, activating, and setting up the Zoho SalesIQ chat plugin, check the frontend of your website. Make sure the chat box appears in the bottom right hand corner of your site.

Additionally, check that when your site visitor clicks on the chat box to initiate a conversation with your team, this is what they see:

Zoho SalesIQ Account Interface

Everything you will do regarding the Zoho SalesIQ plugin (besides installation, activation, and setup) will happen in your Zoho SalesIQ account.

Once logged in, you will see a dashboard with several menu items.

Visitors Online

The first thing you can do is check out the real-time action happening on your website. Each visitor on your website will appear individually on the large circles.

The closer a user is to the inner circle, the hotter the prospect. In fact, not only will those on your site longer appear closer to the inner circle, those who follow your designated lead conversion pathway will as well.

You will see a randomly assigned number for anonymous visitors. However, those with WordPress accounts will appear as their username.

Click on one of the users and find out things like their location, their step-by-step pathway through your website, whether they are new or returning, how long they have been on your site, and more.

Starting a Chat

After clicking on one of the users, notice a Start Chat section where you can initiate a chat right away.

On the other hand, if a visitor initiates a chat with you first, this is what you will see on your Zoho SalesIQ dashboard:

You then have the option to Accept or Ignore the chat invitation.

My Chats

This section is great for keeping track of current, active chats. Here you will see visitor information and the chat as it is happening. In addition, you can even transfer the chat to someone more qualified to help that site visitor.

For those involved in multiple chats, the dashboard organizes it neatly for you so you can easily switch between site visitors.


Here you will see which site visitors are engaged in a live chat with you. Their name, email, original question, and starting chat time will display for you to see.

In addition, you will be able to click on any one user and be redirected to the My Chats section. Here you can continue your conversation.

Visitor History

This unique filtering system allows website owners to find out more information about individual site visitors. For instance, find where your visitors came from, what pages they visited on your site, how many different times they visited your site, and even what actions they took (e.g. if they initiated a chat with you or your team).

This is very helpful information for those looking for extra opportunities to sell to site visitors. This is especially true if the user being analyzed is a repeat visitor.

Chat History

This section documents all chats you or your team members have been involved with. It is fairly straightforward, providing you with all of the previously mentioned user information. For example, view the name, email, original question, chat time, and chat representative. In addition, you can view the chat transcription if need be.

This is great for those that need to analyze how older chats were handled.


Your site visitors have the chance to provide feedback about their chat experiences once the chat has finished.

Site visitors can rate you using the star system and leave a comment. From there, you can effectively monitor the quality of your support team’s customer service.

Other Notable Features

In addition to the dashboard features above, Zoho SalesIQ comes with some other handy features.

Final Thoughts

In the end, the Zoho SalesIQ chat plugin is a complex tool that is simple to implement onto your WordPress website. It collects a vast amount of site visitor information, while also providing a convenient chat platform. This is great for any type of website owner. Whether you consistently publish high-quality content for readers to enjoy and share, or sell the best new products or services in your industry, being able to interact with your site visitors is going to aid your success.

With this kind of dual interaction with both your website and site visitors, there really isn’t much to complain about. The plugin’s interface, external account, or even the price, it’s all worth it; even if you need to bump it up a notch and start with the $17/month plan.

If you are looking for a cool way to track site visitor behavior in real-time, stay connected with prospective customers, or just make more money as you build your online empire, I highly suggest you checking Zoho SalesIQ out. For a sales-focused chat plugin, this one is hands-down an excellent option.

Have you ever used Zoho SalesIQ for your website? Did you find the chatting tool or site visitor metrics more useful? I would love to hear all about it in the comments below!