PowerPack Beaver Addons Review: 300+ New Modules and Templates for Beaver Builder

When it comes to WordPress page builders, Beaver Builder is one of the best options out there. It’s fast, glitch-free, and outputs about as clean code as you can expect from a page builder.

With that being said, just because Beaver Builder is already a quality page builder, that doesn’t mean it can’t be made better.

At least that’s the ethos behind PowerPack Beaver Addons.

PowerPack Beaver Addons takes the same Beaver Builder that you know and love and adds on heaps of new modules, page templates, and section templates.

It’s one of the oldest Beaver Builder add-ons. And, in my PowerPack Beaver Addons review, I’ll give you a look at everything this plugin has to offer.

In general, I think that if you’re already a fan of Beaver Builder, you’re probably going to be a fan of PowerPack Beaver Addons, as well.

PowerPack Beaver Addons Review: What Does It Do?

Ok, as I hopefully made clear in the intro, PowerPack Beaver Addons is not a standalone plugin. Instead, it’s something that you add to Beaver Builder to make Beaver Builder even more powerful.

How does it make Beaver Builder more powerful? With:

Beyond those core additions, PowerPack Beaver Addons also:

Below, I’ll give you my thoughts on the various modules and templates that PowerPack Beaver Addons offers.

Hands-on With PowerPack Beaver Addons

Note – for my PowerPack Beaver Addons review, I’m going to be using Beaver Builder 1.X. While PowerPack Beaver Addons does already have a version that’s compatible with Beaver Builder 2.0 beta – I want to keep this review to the currently available version.

PowerPack Beaver Addons installs like any other premium plugin. That is – you just need to upload the ZIP file, activate it, and you’re good to go (assuming you have Beaver Builder already installed).

Checking Out The New Module List

As soon as you activate PowerPack Beaver Addons, you’ll be able to use the new modules in your Beaver Builder designs.

They’re all conveniently located under the PowerPack Modules option:

The modules that PowerPack Beaver Addons adds are a mix of:

Some examples of unique modules that PowerPack Beaver Addons offers are:

And some examples of core modules that PowerPack Beaver Addons improves are “Smart”:

  1. Button
  2. Banner
  3. Headings

Again, PowerPack Beaver Addons offers 50+ new modules, so this is by no means a complete list.

A Deeper Look At Some Of The New Modules

You might get a little bored if I tried showing you all 50+ new modules, but I do want to take this section to at least give you a taste of what you’ll get.

One module that I like is the Smart button addition. While Beaver Builder already offers a button module, the Smart button module has some advantages in that you can:

You also get way more styling options as well as a dedicated Typography tab that allows you to set different font sizes based on device (something that’s missing in the Beaver Builder core button module):

So while you can add buttons in Beaver Builder core, PowerPack Beaver Addons helps you add better buttons.

But, like I said, PowerPack Beaver Addons isn’t just improvements to existing modules, it also adds plenty of unique modules that aren’t in the Beaver Builder core.

For example, the Restaurant / Services Menu makes it easy to add a fairly stylish menu to your site:

As you can see in the Settings, you have plenty of customization options to make the menu your own.

Another unique module that I love is the Logo Grid & Carousel. You know how many bloggers and/or products showcase a “featured on” list with logos? This module lets you easily create that for your site:

Super helpful!

Checking Out The New Page And Row Templates

Unlike modules, the page and row templates that PowerPack Beaver Addons offers aren’t shown in the Beaver Builder interface right from the get-go.

Instead, you need to Activate the specific templates that you want to use in the PowerPack Beaver Addons interface.

This is because the templates are cloud-based, rather than automatically hosted on your site. I like this approach because it eliminates waste – you only need to use resources on the specific templates that you want.

To access the page and row templates, you can go to Settings → PowerPack → Templates:

What’s nice here is that PowerPack Beaver Addons makes it easy to preview any of the templates. All you need to do is hover over it and click Preview. Then, you’ll get a popup where you can preview the design and, if desired, activate it:

You can also filter and search templates by using the options at the top.

And if you toggle over to Row Templates, you’ll be able to perform similar actions for those (though you can’t preview row templates):

Here’s what I like about the templates:

For an example of this, check out how the Car Dealer series of templates includes four different pages:

While design is subjective, I’m generally a fan of most of the templates, though I think some of them are a bit simplistic. With that being said, they can still be good jumping-off points. And given that you’re probably going to want to make your own tweaks anyway, having a simple baseline isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

If you want to preview the designs for yourself, click below for:

How to Use PowerPack Beaver Addons Templates In Your Designs

Once you activate a specific Page Template, you’ll be able to insert it into your designs like any other Beaver Builder template by selecting PowerPack Layouts from the drop-down:

Similarly, when you activate a Row Template, you’ll be able to use it by either clicking on PowerPack Row Templates in the Beaver Builder sidebar or Row Templates in the toolbar:

White-Labeling the PowerPack Beaver Addons Interface

Now that I’ve shown you the new modules and templates, there’s pretty much only one thing left to demo:


If you want to change the strings used by PowerPack Beaver Addons to either:

You can access all of them by going to Settings → PowerPack → White Label:

For example, through the White Label options, you can change how the various new modules show up inside Beaver Builder:

You can do the same for any other areas where the plugin’s text shows up.

How Much Does PowerPack Beaver Addons Cost?

Now for the moment of truth – how much are all these extra modules and templates going to cost you?

PowerPack Beaver Addons has two transparent pricing options.

Both options give you access to every single feature with unlimited use on both personal and client sites. The only difference is:

With that price, you also get stellar documentation for all the features.

If you’re using Beaver Builder to build lots of websites for clients, that price is a no-brainer in my opinion. If you’re only going to use it on a single site, though, you may or may not get enough value to make the price worth it.

Final Thoughts on PowerPack Beaver Addons

PowerPack Beaver Addons delivers on its promise – it adds a bunch of helpful modules, page templates, and row templates to Beaver Builder.

Obviously, that’s a niche use that is really only valuable to Beaver Builder power users.

But if you are a Beaver Builder power user, I think PowerPack Beaver Addons’ price is well-worth it to:

While I wasn’t able to delve into every single module and template in my review, you can find previews of everything at the PowerPack Beaver Addons website.

So, if you like the concept that I laid out, I recommend that you check out all the modules and templates for yourself to see if PowerPack Beaver Addons is for you.

And if you’re looking to learn more about Beaver Builder in general, I encourage you to read our reviews of Beaver Builder and Beaver Themer.