OptimizePress Review: Create Landing Pages, Sales Funnels, and Membership Sites with Ease

uIf you do any kind of marketing, promotion or lead generation online then a tool such as this is a going to be a powerful addition to your arsenal.

While these types of products are certainly popular with internet marketers, regular online businesses and those with an online presence can make use of the kind of sophisticated and well-designed landing pages that these tools enable you to create quickly.

OptimizePress Review & Discount

As the all-new version 2.0 of the popular OptimizePress platform for WordPress has been recently released, it’s time to take a look at how the product performs. OptimizePress 2.0 has reportedly been ‘rebuilt from the ground up’ and incorporates the latest range of design trends, standards, and popular web technologies to deliver a fully revamped and rebuilt product.

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Lets start the OptimizePress review.

Sample of OptimizePress 2 Templates

Before we get started with the OptimizePress 2 review, here is a small selection of some of the templates that come with this page builder, all of which can be edited and added to for use on your own sites:

The User Experience

OptimizePress comes in two varieties: a theme and a plugin. Both of which come bundled together when making a purchase and they can be used in different ways.

The theme version is better suited to those building a site from scratch, or don’t have a separate WordPress they want to use. The plugin version gives you access to the features of OptimizePress, but allows you to use a separate theme of your choosing. This makes it ideal for those with an existing site, but who wish to build customized landing or any of the other types of pages this product has been designed to create.

Going down the plugin route creates a new menu item on the WordPress admin menu which provides access to the OptimizePress dashboard. From here you can:

The theme version of OptimizePress is installed just like a regular theme and once enabled, allows you to begin building your pages. While this product is similar to a regular WordPress theme, in that it deals with the appearance and layout of the pages and their elements, it’s safe to say that OptimizePress allows you to create individualized pages for your site, rather than just using the default template provided by a typical theme. This helps ensure that your online presence doesn’t simply look like another website built using OptimizePress.

The Page Builder

Once you’ve configured the global settings, it’s time to start doing what OP does best and that is building pages.

The Page Builder is straightforward to use and requires you to enter the details in much the same way as you would create a new page in WordPress including a title and a page URL. After those details have been entered you can either start with a blank page, choose from one of the included Content Templates, or upload a Content Template.

While designing your own pages from scratch can be fun and gives you plenty of control over how your pages look, not everyone had the ability, time or inclination to do this. Thankfully there is a decent amount of templates included with this tool to help you get started. These templates fall into the following categories:

Each category has multiple templates (except for home pages which only has one).

Once you’ve selected a template, or opted to start with a blank canvas, the next step is to customize it using the LiveEditor.

Introducing LiveEditor

The new version of OptimizePress works in a similar way to other recently released premium WordPress page builders out there like PageLines DMS, and adopts the increasingly popular visual editor style of page builder.

This is accomplished by the introduction of the LiveEditor which replaces the shortcodes of the previous version which were used for adding elements to the pages. This is a big step up in terms of ease of use and functionality, and it’s a large part of what makes this new product such an improvement over the old version.

Editing the layout and the content of your page is a simple task and you are able to see how your changes will look right away. As there is no need to preview or refresh your pages this should help you work faster and with more efficiency. Changes don’t take effect until you save your page so there is no need to worry about messing up the live versions of your sites during the editing process.

The inclusion of the LiveEditor means it’s very easy to get started with OptimizePress. Simply clicking on the edit icons of the page elements allows you to customize and modify them to suit your vision. Inserting new elements to existing templates is very easy and the only problem you are likely to face is which ones to choose from the large amount of elements on offer.

Included Page Elements

When it comes to adding elements to your pages, OptimizePress 2 is packed with a library full of them. This library includes elements such as:

…any many more.

The included 40 custom elements should ensure that you can add all the different types of content to your pages that you feel is necessary, helping to provide a modern looking site that is up-to-date with the latest design trends and is media-rich.

Responsive Designs

As we are firmly entrenched in the smartphone generation, it’s good to know that the OptimizePress 2 developers are aware of this and have ensured that all the pages and elements you build with this tool are fully responsive. This means your creations will work equally well on tablets and smartphones as they do on desktops and laptops.

Export your Templates

It is now possible to save your designs and export them for sharing with other OptimizePress 2 users or amongst your own sites. This is great for building templates and quickly applying them to new sites you are creating. It would be great one day to see a marketplace where proven templates could be purchased and added to your site, saving you even more time in getting started.


When it comes to pricing there are three plans to choose from. The plans range from personal, which covers use on three sites, through to the pro package which grants the purchasers use on an unlimited number of sites. Current pricing is as follows:

None of the licenses cover use on client sites and you must own and run all of the sites you use your copy of OptimizePress 2.0 on. Full details of the purchase options can be viewed here.


OptimizePress 2 is a massive step up from the previous version of this product. The ease of use, combined with the quality and richness of the pages you can build is very impressive.

This improvement is thanks to the addition of the LiveEditor and the number of available elements which can be easily added to your pages. Behind the scenes improvements, such as effective integration with a number of email list services for example, make using this service even easier.

Is OptimizePress 2 worth the money? It’s not a cheap tool, but for its time saving abilities alone it should be a justifiable expense to those who value their time.

For marketers and those selling a product, unless you have a team of designers on standby to create custom landing pages, it’s going to be hard to justify not investing in this tool.

Consider how much each new lead is worth to you, what your conversion rate is and what sort of strategy you have in place for capturing new leads. If your leads and new subscribers are valuable to you, and you don’t yet have anything in place to optimize how your site converts visitors to subscribers, then investing in OptimizePress should be an easy decision to make.

The speed with which you can build an attractive, modern, content rich landing page with this tool should have you increasing your opt in rates and conversions in no time.

At launch there were a number of problems with OptimizePress 2. One major setback was the reported incompatibility with the also newly released version 3.6 of WordPress. Reports of other bugs with the product were also circulated and many seemed to be unhappy with their purchase.

Fortunately, or unfortunately for the sake of writing a thorough review, many of these issues were resolved with updates before I got around to trying the product so I can’t comment on them, although many appear to have been ironed out.

I’d also like to state that the plugin and the theme are large files, each clocking in at around 30 and 50 MB respectively. While internet connections are fast these days, low cost shared hosting accounts might not be best suited to uploading these files through the WordPress admin interface.

This means using an FTP client and transferring the files yourself might be necessary. This isn’t a problem though and is a worthwhile skill to have, but it’s something to be aware of. Whether themes of this size will affect the load speed and performance of your site is something that will be dictated to by your host. If you are interested in upgrading your hosting, read our recent guide to the best options for managed WordPress hosting.

Of course there are alternatives to OptimizePress review on the market and it is up to you to evaluate them, but from my perspective, based on its own merits, this is a quality product that should be at the top of your shortlist.

Get the OptimizePress 2.0 license

If you are already a paid up member of version one and are happy with the product and service you’ve received then upgrading to this latest version, and handing over your cash again, should be an easy decision to make.

There is a 30 day money back guarantee if you feel like trying the product out as part of your research into finding the best way to optimize your WordPress site for maximum conversions.

I hope you found this article useful but if you didn’t and are still looking for other alternatives, check out our guide on best landing page plugins for WordPress.