How to Stop Spam Registration & Comments Easily with WPBruiser

WordPress spam. Comment spam. Registration spam. The thorn in the flesh of most WordPress users. The bane of WordPress entrepreneurs across the board. I mean, every aspect of running a WordPress website can be fun, but taking care of spam, well, that doesn’t conjure the best of feelings.

Once, I let comment spam run amok on one of my WordPress sites. I was just being laaazy, so when I checked my comment folder two-or-so weeks later, I nearly passed out. The blog had gathered so much spam my heart twisted into a knot inside my chest. Well, sort of.

Suffice to say, weeding through all those comments for legit readers wasn’t something I was prepared for, so I just hit Move to Trash, and felt bad about it for a couple of hours. Lie. It hurts even today.

How the bad guys were posting endless strings of junk to my blog, in the process messing up my speeds and user experience, I have never known. This I say because I had some spam solutions set up. I pulled them all down, and stuck with Akismet, which has been great thus far. Additionally, I closed comments on older posts because some blogger said it would help matters.

In retrospect though, I wish I had had an anti-spam solution that completely locked out spammers and their stinky bots. After the ordeal, I was disappointed with plugins that caught spam long after the junk was already on my site. I craved an anti-spam solution that would stop spammers long before they could post anything. Because, you know, spammers are bullsh*t.

Back to present day, I have great news: I found exactly what I needed.

Ladies and gentlemen, I now call your attention to WPBruiser, the kind of anti-spam solution I desired for a long, long time. In this review, you and I will go over the features that make WPBruiser the revered spam assassin it is. Then we will set it up so you can kick spam out of your WordPress site. For good.

Are you rallied up? Walk with me.

What is WPBruiser?

WPBruiser (formerly Goodbye Captcha) is a powerful WordPress anti-spam plugin that helps you to stop spammers, and especially spam bots, without having to use annoying captcha images. That’s right, you can now block spam without subjecting your readers to hard-to-read captcha images. What a fresh breathe of air.

All this because WPBruiser uses state of the art web technology (read algorithm) that identifies, and then blocks spam bots long before they can deposit their payload on your beloved WordPress site.

So, no captcha, and no spam. Sounds great.

What’s Different in WPBruiser?

Or why does WPBruiser stand out from the horde of similar anti-spam plugins? What can you expect from this one of a kind anti-spam plugin?

Friendly User Experience

As soon as you install this bad boy, it “…completely eliminates spam bot signups, spam comments, even brute force attacks…” Whoa.

This it does in the background, meaning your users will enjoy a spam-free, stimulating, and unobtrusive experience. They will never have to endure any nerve-wracking “human-detection” trick, or fill out captcha that’s just an eyesore. Whoa, whoa.

Lightning-Fast Speeds

A majority of WordPress anti-spam plugins detect, and catch spam when it’s already posted on your website. Most plugins will then move the junk to the spam folder, where it’s stored for a coupla days before deletion. In terms of saving server resources, this makes absolute no sense. Think of bloated databases, and whatnot.

But what if you could stop the nasty bots from ever leaving spam on your site? What would that mean for your server resources? What would it mean for your page load speeds? Spam posted in your database exhausts both memory and RAM, slowing down your site. No spam = great speeds + performance.

With WPBruiser guarding the gates, you get a clean, and faster website that serves your purposes the best way possible. That, plus WPBruiser is self-sufficient; it doesn’t load resources from third party servers.

Water-tight Security

What’s the use of having an anti-spam plugin that lets the bad guys in, and opens your site to attacks? What’s the use of a WordPress plugin that leaves your site vulnerable?

According to Mihai Chelaru, the author, WPBruiser WordPress anti-spam plugin “…is completely self-contained and does not to connect to any outside service.”

We somewhat mentioned this a couple of lines ago. What we didn’t mention is the fact that, since this plugin doesn’t connect to outside services, all login information remains your property, 100% of the time.

Multi-Purpose Function

WPBruiser is built with the understanding that there are different types of spam bots, each targeted at different areas of your WordPress site.

That’s why at the click of the mouse button, WPBruiser  will eliminate spam bots on sign up pages, comment sections, and login as well as reset password forms. Catch all types of spam with WPBruiser, and sleep better at night.

Great Professional Support

Usually in the world of WordPress, you can determine how good a product is by checking out the support forums. If the technical team don’t bother enough to reply to support threads raised by users, chances are high that specific product sucks.

Mihai Chelaru knows the place and value of great support, which is exactly why he has resolved all support threads submitted in the support forum.

On top of that, he encourages you to reach out if you notice any problems while using WPBruiser.

He will even build custom tweaks just because you asked, but considering how easy to use and straightforward this plugin is, we don’t expect you to wreck. You should have a smooth sail.

Compatibility with Anti-Spam Plugins

WPBruiser makes a great team with any other anti-spam/captcha plugin you have on your site. If you prefer, you can keep both even though all you’ll ever need is WPBruiser.

That said, WPBruiser works with WordFence, iThemes Security etc. Actually, before releasing the JetPack Contact Form integration, Jeremy Herve from Automattic was testing it to see if works properly with Akismet. I have WPBruiser and Akismet running on my WordPress, and I haven’t had any conflicts.

There are millions of users using WPBruiser to protect the their subscription forms. WPBruiser is the only plugin recommended by Danny van Kooten, the author of MailChimp for WP, that has more than 1.7 million downloads.

Fred Meyer of WPShout says:

The WPShout mailing list was being besieged by spam signups. We tried a bunch of solutions, none of which worked. This plugin finally did the trick—without any additional steps or CAPTCHA fields. A huge thank-you to the makers of this plugin, which I now dub “the Akismet of online forms.

Notable WPBruiser Features

This baby is a powerhouse I tell you. It’s packed to the brim with the best spam fighting features you’ll ever need. Yep, you won’t have a reason to complain. It’s a happy solution, if I can say so.

From an easy to use dashboard, you can access WPBruiser features such as:

As you can see, the list of features is virtually endless. But features aside, let us set up WPBruiser, so it can start working for you.

How to Setup WPBruiser WordPress Anti-Spam Plugin

This the easiest and most fun part. Just install WPBruiser, activate the damn thing, and choose your settings. How hard can it be? Grab a drink, here’s the how:

Installing WPBruiser

You can install WPBruiser either from your WordPress admin area, or manually by first downloading the plugin from the WordPress repository.

To install this WordPress anti-spam plugin from the WordPress admin dashboard, just navigate to Plugins -> Add New:

In the search bar, type WPBruiser, and hit the enter key. This will come up:

WPBruiser is the first plugin on the list. Ensure it’s developed by Mihai Chelaru. From this point, just click the Install Now button. Then just activate the plugin.

Alternative Method

Download the WPBruiser plugin from the WordPress plugin directory. Login to your WordPress admin area, and navigate to Plugins -> Add New -> Upload. Choose your plugin from the download location on your computer. Upload. Activate.

A new menu item GoodByeCaptcha will appear on your WordPress admin menu. Click this menu item to launch the WPBruiser dashboard:

Let’s break down the dashboard for a better understanding.

The first tab contains general settings (see above). The second tab carries WordPress standard form settings. Here you can enable/disable WPBruiser with your various WordPress forms:

It’s all a matter of checking/unchecking the boxes and hitting the Save Changes  button at the bottom.

Thirdly, we have the Popular Forms tab, that allows you to enable/disable WPBruiser with popular forms on your blog. The plugin supports Jetpack Contact form, among others:

The fourth tab “Subscriptions” gives you the chance to activate WPBruiser for your subscription plugins such as MailChimp and Uji Countdown:

The fifth tab is Ultimate Member, and from this screen, you can enable/disable WPBruiser with the Ultimate Member login, register, and reset password forms:

The sixth (and final) tab shows spam activity on your WordPress site. You can see blocked attempts per week. You can see latest attempts, attempts by location, and attempts distribution per module:

Main Report via WPBruiser

Attempts by Location via WPBruiser

Modules via GoodBye Captcha

Annnd that’s it! Wasn’t that easy? In less than five minutes, you’ll have WPBruiser working hard for you, just like it does for these other users:

You can read more WPBruiser reviews here.

Other than that, the plugin has a splendid rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars, and that’s only because one user gave the plugin a 1-star rating by accident. He tried to have it removed, but something must have gone wrong. I’m not even kidding, this plugin deserves a 5-star rating.

Want to buy Mihai Chilaru a big mug of coffee for writing the perfect anti-spam plugin? Make a small donation. Otherwise, feel free to show your support by downloading, and using WPBruiser to kill spam bots like the Terminator. I feel bad for the bugs already 🙂