30 Creative Premium WordPress Themes For Individuals

Choosing a WordPress theme that truly represents your personality and style, can be like trying to find a needle in a hay-stack. There are so many themes to choose from – free themes, premium themes and themes for all kinds of different purposes, that without some direction it can become quite a headache.

It’s well known that having too much choice in life , makes deciding virtually impossible and so today I’ve sifted through the masses of themes that are out there, to bring you a round up of 30 creative, premium WordPress themes, that offer that little bit extra when it comes to individuality.

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Every theme that I’ve included below has been diligently hand-picked by yours truly. Ranging from portfolios, personal blogging templates and even themes that are multi-purpose due to their excellent versatility, there should be something here that reflects your own creative style.

Failing that they can offer inspiration to those who are looking to design their own theme. So how about we get started?


A great companion for running a blog, Solopreneur is a great theme bundled with two landing pages that looks and feels right at home for all things blogging. It has a simplistic, clutter-free design that makes it a good pick for just about any kind of blog.

It is fully responsive and the mobile version makes for great portable reading and with many integrated options such as Optin Forms compatibility, social media and sharing buttons and the ever so important last updated info feature, it encompasses everything required of a blog theme in a smart package. Fast and clean code and with no extras slowing it down, the theme has swift load times and a great value package overall.

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Sometimes all you want is a neat and clean theme that leverages white space to give off a professional aura to your business’ online web presence. Worx delivers on this front by offering a user-friendly, portfolio style WordPress theme that allows users to get started without having to code a single line.

The theme is ideal for websites that are media-intensive. It allows users to manage the media items – whether they’re images, videos, or audio files – for all of their projects without having to leave their site. In addition to a powerful customization panel, users also get access to elegant typography, portfolio pages, testimonial pages, and a minimalist design – in short, everything you’ve ever wanted in your perfect website!

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Uncode’s pixel perfect design and fully responsive makes for a great multipurpose creative theme for WordPress users. With over 30 concepts to choose from, you won’t ever need another theme again! This powerful theme packs both free and premium popular plugins including WooCommerce, Visual Composer, Revolution Slider, WPML, and more to give you full control over your site’s appearance and functionality.

The theme’s adaptive images functionality ensures that your visitors will be able to enjoy an optimal browsing experience regardless of the device they’re using. These features combined with multiple module variations and a hierarchical options menu makes for a fully customizable theme that will take your creativity to the next level and help you showcase your projects elegantly to the world!

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Storytelling is one of the latest web design trends that are making it big on the Internet not only for its visual appeal but also for the elegant way it delivers a message. Daytona enables webmasters to create photography driven stories with all kinds of media items. The theme also packs multiple design templates for your site’s blog so your site’s visitors have even more to look forward to once they get hooked.

Whether you’re thinking about setting up a photo blog, work portfolio, foodie site, or a fashion magazine, Daytona has something in store for you. The theme features tons of headers, layouts, grids, and social icons to pick from. In addition to this, webmasters can also add live searching functionality to enhance their site’s user experience.

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Studio 8

One of the most flexible creative themes available for WordPress, Studio 8 is a lightweight theme that packs a ton of powerful functionality. The theme’s portfolio based layout is geared towards allowing web designers, creative professionals, agencies, businesses, and content creators showcase their work to potential clients professionally.

Those of you who aren’t particularly tech-minded can pawn off the entire theme installation and configuration task to the developers who will gladly set everything up for you. Clean code backed by dedicated support from WordPress professionals makes Studio 8 one of the best creative themes for non-techy folk. Studio 8 ships with a child theme to help users get started with setting up their site right off the bat and its advanced theme options panel is incredibly easy to navigate through. The theme is compatible with WooCommerce and is translation-ready from the get-go.

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The Voux

If you’re in the market for a stylish, lightweight theme for your WordPress site then look no further! The Voux offers power-users a fully responsive and retina-ready layout that makes browsing a delight for your site’s visitors. It comes with a free license for the Visual Composer plugin making it easy for webmasters to design the site they’ve been dreaming about without having to get their hands dirty with code.

One of the absolute must-have features any creative theme should have is the ability to allow visitors to share your content on social media networks. The Voux comes pre-integrated with a full social sharing experience allowing users to set it up without installing any third party plugins. The theme is essentially designed for a magazine site which brings us to its next feature – infinite loading on news detail. Webmasters can configure this functionality on their WordPress site so that the next article loads as the user scrolls down the site with the URL updating dynamically along the way. Pretty neat, right?

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With over 114,000 sales, X theme is one of the best-selling creative multipurpose themes for WordPress sites. The theme focuses on delivering a lightweight core that webmasters can add on to with Themeco’s wide range of powerful extensions. This ensures that your site will load blazingly fast and not be slowed down by functionality that you’re not even using.

X comes with the Cornerstone WordPress page builder that makes it infinitely easy to design unique page layouts for your website to showcase your projects and products the way you want. The best thing about this is that the plugin allows webmasters to edit their site from the front-end and preview changes as they go along. Everyone’s raving about X’s app-like interface – why not check it out for yourself?

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Octavus is a responsive WordPress theme built with Bootstrap 2.2.2 and boasting a whole host of features to make your website look just the way you want it. With retina ready icons and buttons, live colour customization and a trendy, modern look, you can show off your best work in style. This theme would be a great one to work with, if you were thinking of building an on-line portfolio.

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Kalium is a premium WordPress theme that put focus on portfolio showcase and blogging. It comes packed with some interesting features, it lets you make design changes via front-end drag & drop visual composer plugin. It has plenty of layout designs for blogging and unique portfolio styles. It is pretty clear that Kalium is a great product, for bloggers, companies, agencies, or anyone else looking to showcase their work.

Some of the key features include: Dribbble shots widget, about me page, team members area, masonry portfolio, maintenance page, and more.

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MY FOLIO is another fully responsive and retina ready,  premium WordPress theme. Primed for using with images, it would also work as any other type of portfolio or blog, due to fully supporting WordPress’s post formats. A unique feature of this theme, is that it gives you the ability to link portfolio items through to more detailed posts, with the mere click of an on/off button. The overall look is one of pure elegance and style, and you would be hard-pressed to ignore in a crowd.

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When I look at Mantra, the first word that comes into my head is “Slick!”. I would say that’s a spot-on description of this metro WordPress theme. It’s retina ready, responsive and perfect if you like a bit of showing off. One awesome feature that you get with Mantra is a ‘before’ and ‘after’ page which, if you retouch a lot of images, would be a great way of demonstrating your skills.

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I admit that I may be slightly taken with the cute octopus, but that doesn’t mean that this is all Yalu has going for it. This scurvy sea dog is more valuable than it looks and not just because of its multi-purpose design. This little gem packs in a whole treasure chest of treats such as cross-browser compatibility, an extensive theme options panel, clear and concise CSS and, of course a fully responsive design, to get those tweaking fingers itching.

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This premium WordPress theme takes the word ‘simple’ and pops a cherry on the top. The superb, clean design and the options of a one page or multi-page layout, makes Webpaint a versatile theme to fit many requirements. The whole theme is 100% customisable, with the ability to provide a responsive boxed or full layout – an option that not all themes of this quality offer and that’s not all. This thing of beauty also has a revolution slider and unlimited portfolios.

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Vulcano is a theme that you drool over and buy without really needing it…you know, just in-case. It’s a gorgeous, clean and responsive premium theme, that doesn’t need to shout to get noticed. You could use this theme for blogging, portfolios or even a business website and it would still be a delight to look at. Features include unique effects and functionality, beautifully styled typography and page columns that are flexible, to name just a few.

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Take a look at that, isn’t it gorgeous? Maybe you don’t get so dewy eyed over shiny WordPress themes like I do but you can’t deny that Vinilo is one good looking theme. Vinilo is a responsive premium theme that would suit a wide variety of websites. It has an advanced options panel for extra tweaking goodness and hosts many reusable elements, such as tabs and lists.

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Venture does what is says on the tin. It’s a corporate theme with an element of creativity that will bring you ever closer to landing that elusive deal, with prospective clients. It’s simple, clean, responsive, has lightbox galleries, social profile buttons, extensive options and sortable portfolios, to enable you to bring your work to life. It’s also translation ready, enabling you to reach a larger demographic.

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Squid Mag

This has to be one of the most unique premium WordPress themes I’ve seen in a long time. SquidMag manages to combine a boot-strap powered and fully responsive theme, with a fun, modern and unique design. This colourful theme takes creativity one step further with an advanced admin panel, a range of different portfolio and blog styles, unlimited colours and lots of widgets. We like widgets don’t we? Of course we do.

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This premium WordPress theme is designed to do one thing and one thing only – to put the emphasis on your content, without any of the other fuss to distract you. Showy is true to its name, in that it incorporates a minimal and clean design, as well as looking sleek, bold and showing off your work to its best. The theme boasts a fully responsive design, along with fully working blog post formats, making your content king.

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As a single-page WordPress theme, PureStudio stands out with its sleek, clean and elegant design. This full-screen, parallax theme is fully responsive, professionally designed and includes a contact form, Google fonts, colour schemes and separate blog pages, enabling websites for many purposes to utilise the premium theme to its full extent.

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Lextra is like a breath of fresh air. Not only does it boast unlimited skin colours for those of us who can never make up our minds, it also has an unlimited sidebar and footer, custom backgrounds, a responsive design and much, much more. Who said that elegance was style over substance? With this theme you get it all, leaving you to populate it with some of your best content.

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It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why this responsive WordPress theme is called ‘Lemon’ and while it does make me want to eat lemon curd, you can change the colour if you so wish. Designed as a high-contrast portfolio theme, lemon gives you incredible flexibility combined with premium quality. The home page slider is this themes main point of focus, scaling down automatically depending on your screen resolution.

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Kutcher Studio

Kurcher Studio is a one page, responsive WordPress theme, built to wow an audience. With parallax scrolling and a full page slider, this beauty with knock your socks off. Not only does this theme come with an advanced admin panel, custom widgets, unlimited sidebars, 6 sliders and 7 built in colour schemes, it can also integrate your mail chimp lists for easy newsletter signups!

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InGRID is a responsive theme on a mission. This little chap is already compatible with the next version of WordPress, meaning you can rest easy in knowing that this theme won’t get messed up in the next update. InGRID is also packed full of great features such as, powerful theme options, footer and header panel textures, a revolution slider (included) and numerous short-codes and widgets. Perfect for both person and business websites, you can add a touch of creativity to your work.

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iCarus is a stunning and creative studio theme for WordPress that is responsive and full-screen. This theme is perfect for creative agencies, photography and design studios as it gives you the ability to include staff blocks and testimonials, however don’t let that restrict you. We’re not people to be restricted are we? No, I thought not. You can easily make iCarus your own by utilising the advanced theme options. Really, the possibilities are endless.

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With a tagline like  “Made to grow up,” this WordPress theme wants to be taken seriously. Hypertext has a fully responsive, flat design – something which is quite popular at the moment, due to the extra features that come with it. It’s unique page builder makes customising the look and feel of your website, a quick and easy process. Ideal for personal portfolios, creative agencies and businesses Hypertext will definitely give your site that grown-up appearance – the rest is down to you.

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It’s rare that I find a theme that I instantly fall in love with. Just like its name, Haiku portrays a sense of effortless elegance and tranquillity – a beautiful creation that help but woo your visitors. Haiku is an ideal theme to let your imagination run wild. With custom layouts and post formats, unlimited colours, Google fonts, advanced SEO and a mobile friendly design, this premium WordPress theme will be a home from home for the personal and creative blogger.

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If asked to think of a one-word description for Encore, I would say “Loud!”. As a premium WordPress theme, this vibrant example of creativity gone wild, is full of attitude – perfect if you’ve got something to shout about. Encore boasts a full-screen homepage, an AJAX newsletter signup form with built-in support for Campaign Monitor and MailChimp, and tons of styling options. With a responsive design and touch swipe support Encore is the theme for anyone needing to show-off their product or services with a round of applause.

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Duotive Keep

Duotive Keep is a responsive WordPress theme, designed to provide a balanced experience between desktop and mobile devices. Brim-full of features, it gives you endless possibilities in terms of design including, improved, re-written slideshows, intuitive navigation, two new custom posts types – services and team – and hide-able widgets. If you’re someone who is constantly on the go, this theme will bridge that mobile gap.

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Cresado is a fully responsive, retina ready WordPress theme that would suit portfolios and creative agencies. Amongst its many features and clean design, it offers a powerful options panel, custom title options for your pages, Google fonts and different portfolio image sizes with a masonry style layout. This theme is sharp on the eyes but cool in appearance, making your browsing experience an enjoyable one.

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Clean BIZ

Clean BIZ is exactly that, clean, responsive, sleek-looking and professional. Not just for the corporate minded – this theme is multi-purpose and offers a creative and modern twist for all kinds of WordPress users. Made with HTML5 and CSS3, this theme is compatible with the latest WordPress update. No need to worry about compatibility issues or glitches, just populate it with your unique content and let the theme do the talking.

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Strike a pose with Central, a premium WordPress theme that puts your content slap, bang in the centre of your readers field of vision. Mix full-width pages with animated page transitions, tons of short-codes and customisable headers and you’ve got yourself a website that simply screams out to be noticed. You could also opt for the standard grid layout and customize your menus instead – whatever your needs, this responsive theme has it covered.

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Bloq is another responsive and multi-purpose flat theme, that is perfect for the creative individual. With ten theme colours to choose from, an easy to use theme options panel and the utilization of WordPress’s post format options, there is a heck of a lot you can do with this theme. Bloq also incorporates features that are unique to the theme, such as an animated search box, beautiful and elegant short-codes and a responsive slider with smooth scroll.

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Not to be confused with ‘beer’, BIR offers a contemporary and stylish approach to WordPress designs. This responsive premium theme can be used for a host of purposes from personal portfolios and agencies to photography and personal blogs. BIR can be customised to your needs through utilizing its 8 different colour schemes and includes Font Awesome support, jQuery, and custom Javascript, 5 page templates and a filterable portfolio to further create a website that boasts creativity.

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The Barber Shop

No, this is not related to the Demon Barber of Fleet Street. The Barber Shop WordPress theme is much less gruesome and a lot nicer to look at. This theme is a one page theme with a vintage feel to it. Not only is it great looking, it is also packed full of excellent features like custom post types, theme options, responsive design and a featured content slider. Don’t be fooled by its looks however. The Barbershop is not limited to those of the moustache-trimming persuasion. This theme can be adapted to suit almost any requirement.

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Hopefully if you’ve made it to the end of this post, you will have found a premium WordPress theme, similar to what you’re looking for. Be sure to read the extra information on the themes that may have caught your eye and take them for a test drive, by following the ‘demo’ links. It’s no substitute for seeing the theme live on your site but it should give you a good idea of how things might look.

Good luck on  your search and if you have any comments in the meantime, do let me know your thoughts below!