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If you’re in search of a WordPress hosting company that delivers speed, security, reliability, and customer service, look no further than WP Engine. You can save 50% off your hosting for 3 months on any personal, professional, or business plan, using our WPEngine Coupon.

WPEngine Coupon

33% off Coupon: use coupon code “wpkube33” to get 33% off or 5 months of free hosting on annual plan.

As what is probably the most well known managed hosting company on the WordPress scene, WP Engine places a huge emphasis on providing exceptional customer service. Anytime they fall short, they are quick to acknowledge the issue and commit to improvement.

Being a fully managed WordPress hosting company means that many of the repetitive maintenance tasks that you would normally be responsible for performing yourself are taken care of automatically.

This means you have more time to focus on your business instead of worrying about your website.

Key Features

WP Engine provides a laundry list of standard features, many of which are not available through slightly less expensive shared hosting providers. Some of these additional features include:

Automated Backup and Recovery

Loss of your website data is something that’s always on the mind of website owners.

Not only does the hosting company take daily offsite backups which are stored in triplicate , they also offer enterprise-level disaster recovery that routes all traffic to a standby server in the event that something goes wrong at the primary data center.

Before making a change to your website, you can take what WP Engine calls, a snapshot backup. Creating multiple restore points in the event that you need to revert to a previous version.

Airtight Security

Remembering to update WordPress and plugins is a major hassle for most website owners. WP Engine automatically processes all minor security patches and tests major updates before making them available to customers.

WP Engine also manages more complex security threats including DDoS and brute force plus malicious injection and XML-RPC attacks.

Putting their money where their mouth is, if your website ends up being hacked, WP Engine will fix it for free.

The cost of fixing one malicious attack on a shared host can run into the hundreds of dollars or more, making this feature alone worth the cost of hosting.

Scalable Hosting

When relying on shared hosting, most websites turn to a caching plugin in an attempt to keep things running quickly and smoothly for visitors.

Every plan at WP Engine from Personal to Enterprise benefits from technology that will allow your website to scale as required. If your website experiences a spike in traffic, visitors won’t notice a thing as your hosting provides a built-in caching system and content delivery network focused on speed and reliability.

Additional Features

WP Engine Plans

With three basic plans to choose from depending upon your requirements, WP Engine has you covered. Let’s take a quick look at your options:

Summary: WPEngine Coupon

If you’ve grown tired of keeping your WordPress website up to date and worrying about security, speed, and reliability, WP Engine offers reasonably priced managed hosting plans to fit your budget. Although not without some growing pains over the past few years, the hosting company has continued to place service at the forefront, and works hard to keep customers happy.

Though they did had a number of fiascos over the last few years, but things went back to normal pretty quickly. If you’re still undecided about the company, you may want to read WPEngine review to learn more about the managed hosting provider.

You can give WP Engine a risk-free 60-days plus receive a 50% discount for 3-months on personal, professional, and business plans with our exclusive wpengine coupon.

33% off Coupon: use coupon code “wpkube33” to get 33% off or 5 months of free hosting on annual plan.

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