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Hosting isn’t always the most simple portion of your website to setup, considering there are so many types of hosting and many of them don’t offer quick one-click installations.

Although the industry is moving towards a more simplistic view of quality hosting in general, many companies are still struggling to offer powerful managed WordPress hosting without the complex setup and backend features.

That’s not the case with Flywheel Hosting.

FlyWheel Coupon

This company is known for its simplicity, and it’s built from the ground up for designers and creatives who need a quick and easy way to host their WordPress websites.

Lucky for you, WPKube landed an exclusive coupon with the people at Flywheel, allowing readers to use the WPKubeFly discount code to attain a two month hosting discount. This is a solid deal, considering many hosting companies require you to signup up for a full year, and it’s nice to cut down on the costs during the first few months of your website launch.

The reason Flywheel stands out in our mind is that the company offers several pricing plans to cater to all of your projects. Not only that, but the platform scales with your agency, helping you out with building, launching and managing your WordPress site.

Features From the Flywheel Hosting Company

One Click Staging

Flywheel has a unique feature that lets you complete the staging of your site without going live. Conduct your designs and modifications from the backend, and once you’ve decided that the site looks great, push your content to the internet.

Caching (All built-In)

Caching is a pain, so Flywheel makes it a little less tedious for you. All caching is built-into the system, so you don’t have to worry about plugins or managing the caching settings that you may not understand. This assists in making your websites blazing fast.

Free Demo Sites

When you signup with Flywheel you gain access to free demo sites for building your client sites on. This way, you can seamlessly transfer the content to your client sites once it’s completely ready. What’s cool is that you can show off the site progress along the way, and transfer the billing to your client upon completion.

Automatic Backups

Each site you host is backed up every night, and the files are placed at a secure location. This way, if a site ever gets hacked you can simply restore it later.

Malware Monitoring

We think the standout feature from Flywheel is the Malware protection. Since WordPress is known for vulnerabilities, Flywheel scans your site on a consistent basis and alerts you if something looks wrong. What’s more is that they repair your site for free if you get hacked.

Flywheel Pricing Structure

Pricing is one of the main reasons we like to recommend Flywheel, since the company has various plans for you to choose from. This improves your chances of saving money, while also empowering you to get the features you need, without paying for anything extra.

Note: Keep in mind that the pricing listed below does not include the WPKube coupon code for two discounted months of hosting.

Flywheel provides three types of pricing plans:

Per Per Site

The Pay Per Site Plans are for individual installs, so you pay as you go.

The Tiny Plan ($15 per month) works on a single site, where you receive 5,000 monthly visits, 5GB of disk space, 250GB of bandwidth, and optional SSL Support, and a CDN.

The Personal Plan ($30 per month) also works for one site, but you get 25,000 monthly visits, 10GB of disk space, 500GB of bandwidth, and optional features for SSL Support, CDN, and multisite.

The Professional Plan ($75 per month) is for one of your sites, and it gives you 100,000 monthly visits, 20GB of disk space, 1TB of bandwidth, and included SSL Support, CDN, and multisite.

A custom plan is also offered, but you must contact the company for pricing.

Bulk Plans

The Bulk Plans are designed for resellers who need lots of installs. A custom solution is provided for over 30 installs, but the primary plans are as follows:

The Freelance Plan ($100 per month) works for 10 WordPress installs, with 150,000 monthly visits, 40GB of disk space, 2TB of bandwidth, and optional SSL Support, CDN, and multisite.

The Agency Plan ($250 per month) is for 30 WordPress installs, giving you 600,000 monthly visits, 120GB of disk space, 8TB of bandwidth, and optional SSL Support, CDN, and multisite.

Custom Plans

They also have custom plans and are primarily for those companies that don’t fit into one of the pricing plans discussed above.

Remember to Use Your Coupon!

Signing up for hosting only takes a few minutes, so it’s easy to get excited about the whole ordeal. Just don’t forget to punch in the WPKubeFly coupon code upon checking out with Flywheel. After that, you can enjoy your two months of discounted hosting and start working on what matters most: Your website content.

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