Consulting WordPress Theme Review: A Great Option For Business Websites

As the not-so-subtle name suggests, Consulting is a consulting WordPress theme from popular Envato Power Elite Author, StylemixThemes.

It’s packed with features that make it a great option for consulting and finance businesses. And while much of the marketing copy focuses on those two niches, after playing around with Consulting, I think it’s definitely flexible enough to work as a general business WordPress theme, as well.

So if you’re launching a business site for yourself or for a client, give my Consulting theme review a read for a look at what this well-rated theme can do, as well as the options it gives you to customize your site.

Consulting WordPress Theme Review: The Feature List

While I’ll get more hands-on later in this review, let’s start with a look at the features that you get with Consulting:

A Look At Consulting’s 20 Pre-Built Demos

While the other features are certainly nice, Consulting’s demos are obviously the biggest draw of this theme.

They let you quickly get up and running with an already-designed website. All you need to do is edit the text to make it your own, add your own pictures, and you’re set to jet.


How do the demos look?

Well, obviously beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, but I would personally say that Consulting’s demos are all polished and professional-looking.

You can see the first 6 demos in the screenshot below:

And one demo that I specifically like is the Singapore demo (pictured above in the Features section).

It’s also nice that the demos cover different design aesthetics, which makes it easier to find one that fits your specific needs.

Getting Started With The Consulting Theme: Install Process

Consulting comes with both the main theme as well as a child theme for easy customizations.

Once you install both, you’re greeted with a welcome screen that gives you all your options:

First thing’s first – entering the token from your ThemeForest account.

Once that’s out of the way, you can pop over to the Plugins tab to install the recommended plugins:

There are 15 recommended plugins in total, though only 4 of them are required.

Still, you’ll likely want to take advantage of at least some of the recommended plugins (like Booked) to get all of the functionality.

Once you install the required plugins (at a minimum), you can either start using the theme right away or, more likely, you can go to import one of the 20 different demos that are included with the theme.

As I mentioned earlier, I’m a big fan of the Singapore demo, so that’s what I’ll choose to import for this review.

To import a demo, all you do is:

Then, Consulting will automatically start the demo import process. On my Bluehost hosting test site, it only took 19 seconds to import the demo content, which is pretty dang fast as far as demo imports go (sometimes they take 2-3 minutes!).

And just like that, my test site instantly looks like this, without me needing to perform any actions:

Your Options For Customizing The Consulting Theme

While you have a fully-functioning website as soon as you import one of the demos, you’ll probably still want to dig in and tweak some things to make the site your own.

To do that, you’ll use two main approaches:

I’ll show you how both work:

Using The WordPress Customizer With Consulting

Rather than using a custom theme options panel, Consulting uses the native WordPress Customizer, which I love.

This means that you can make easy, code-free changes while staring at a live preview of your site.

As soon as you make a change, you’ll see that change reflected in the preview right away so that you know exactly how it will look on your live site.

You can see all of the various Customizer options in the screenshot below:

For example, to edit the address in your header, all you do is:

Similarly, you can also quickly switch between the 8 included header styles just by using the drop-down in the Header Appearance section:

And the WordPress Customizer isn’t just good for styling your site’s header – you have a ton of different settings to play around with in the Customizer.

Using WPBakery Page Builder To Customize Individual Pages

While you use the WordPress Customizer to set up the big picture settings for your website, if you want to edit the actual demo page templates that come with Consulting, you’ll use the included WPBakery Page Builder (formerly known as Visual Composer).

For example, to edit the homepage design on your site, you’d:

Then, you can edit a live preview of your page using simple drag and drop:

And it’s not just your homepage that you can edit this way – you can also edit any of the other ~30+ page templates that are included with the demo content.

For example, here’s what it looks like to edit your Contact Us page:

I like the developer’s approach of building page templates with a page builder because it makes it very easy for you to go in and tweak things, even if you don’t know how to code.

For more information on how page builders like WPBakery Page Builder work, check out our post on the best WordPress page builders.

Exploring Some Of Consulting’s More Unique Features

Now that you know how it works to start using and customizing Consulting, let’s take a look at some of Consulting’s coolest features.

All of these features come already integrated thanks to the included plugins and demo content. That is – I didn’t have to manually set any of this up – it just worked from day one.

Appointment Booking Functionality Via Booked

If you or your business needs to accept appointments, you can easily set your availability and allow customers to make appointments thanks to the included Booked plugin.

All you do is set up your availability from your WordPress dashboard:

Then, your customers can start booking appointments right away via the included Appointments page template:

Easy Portfolios With Portfolio Custom Post Type

Consulting includes a portfolio custom post type so that you can quickly show off your latest work via one of the three included Portfolio page templates:

Event Management And Display Options

If your business hosts live events, Consulting’s built-in events functionality will definitely come in handy.

Not only can you manage your events from your WordPress dashboard using the included events custom post type, but you can also display a list of upcoming events using one of the three included Events page templates:

How Much Does The Consulting Theme Cost?

Consulting is available for $59 at ThemeForest with standard Envato licensing.

With your purchase, you also get access to:

And you also get an “editable corporate identity kit”, which is basically a set of templates for business cards and letterhead. While that probably won’t influence your decision too much, it’s a nice throw-in because the templates look pretty good!

Final Thoughts On Consulting WordPress Theme

If you need a business or consulting WordPress theme, I think Consulting sets you up with a solid foundation to build your own unique site on.

The 20 available demos look great and are different enough in their styles that you should be able to find something that suits your business.

Additionally, all of the demo content is easy to customize and make your own thanks to intelligent use of the WordPress Customizer and the included WPBakery Page Builder.

And in the end, the numbers don’t lie. In the ~2 years it’s been listed at ThemeForest, Consulting has racked up:

So whether you need a finance WordPress theme, a consulting WordPress theme, or just a general business WordPress theme, Consulting should definitely be something that you consider:

Get Consulting Theme

And if you want some other options to peruse, check out our list of some of the best WordPress business themes.