CaptainForm Review: Create Beautiful WordPress Forms Instantly

You have your beautiful WordPress website up and running. You can’t wait to start getting inquiries, making sales, shipping orders and the works. You’re really excited you now have a business of your own – your idea no longer lives in the abyss of your mind, but in the real world. You feel it in your gut that you’re going to make a killing.

Perhaps this isn’t the case. Perhaps you’ve been running your business for a while, and you’re already enjoying some level of success; you know, a few orders here and there. You want more, and have been doing everything you can to net more conversions.

But the million dollar question is: Is your WordPress site really optimized to collect the customer information you need to realize your dreams?

I mean, you need details such as names, emails, physical addresses, and payment info to process an order successfully. You need to collect attendee info when setting up events. You need opinions and feedback from your prospects to improve your products for better conversions in the future. You always need to collect info on your site, but are your forms making the process easier or harder?

If you’re with me, you need a robust and agile WordPress form builder to set up the kind of forms that get users signing up, placing orders, calling you – whatever. You, my dear friend, need no other plugin than CaptainForm, the subject of this detailed and long review. Stay with me.

Important: CaptainForm is still in Beta, meaning you can use any paid plan for free until V1.0. Additionally, the developers welcome your feedback, and as a way of thanking you, they’re offering a 100% discount for the Hero plan when V1.0 goes live!

What is CaptainForm?

First things first. Before we rush to create amazing WordPress forms that will power up your business, let’s unmask this bad boy known as CaptainForm. What’s this animal? Where did it come from? And what does it do?

Well, CaptainForm is a next-gen WordPress form builder brought to us by the good guys at 123ContactForm.com. It offers you the advanced functionality you need to “…create and publish any type of form and survey…” all from your WordPress admin dashboard. Here’s what Alexandra Draghici, CaptainForm Product Owner, had to say:

Our aim is to grant form-building super powers to WordPress users everywhere. CaptainForm provides superior features, exceptional personalised customer support for all users, and an intuitive and streamlined user experience. The ongoing development of CaptainForm’s features is also important: we are open to any feedback and feature requests from our users so that we can continue to develop CaptainForm to create the most powerful WordPress forms solution possible.

CaptainForm is the kind of WordPress form builder plugin you need by your side if you’d like to save time while building the kind of forms that get your customers going gaga, and engaging with your brand time and again.

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It’s flexible, feature-rich and a force to reckon with. Hold up, let’s don’t get carried away; what features make this form builder an excellent choice for your business?

CaptainForm Features

How do you know CaptainForm is the right tool for you as far as creating forms goes? This WordPress form builder is growing in popularity day in, day out thanks to the following features.

A Beautiful Intuitive Form Editor

Side note: Almost all the sweetest features of CaptainForm are found within this form editor, so get ready for the ride of a lifetime.

As soon as you set up, you can start creating amazing forms using the feature-rich, drag-and-drop editor without leaving your admin area. This modern editor is a game changer, since it ships with more features than you’ll probably ever need. What are we talking about here?

Well, you get everything from multiple form fields such as text boxes, text areas, number fields, dropdowns, radios, headings, checkboxes, Likert scales, as well as website and email fields.

That’s not the end of it though, you can edit each field and set your own values for the labels, placeholder text, field size, field validation and instructions among others. On top of that, you get a couple of layout options that allow you to create WordPress forms out of this world! For instance, you can choose text alignment for labels and set up form width, encoding and alignment among other things with a mere click.

All the above features (and more) are found under the first “Edit Form” tab in your form editor:

We have a second tab labelled “Settings”. It’s a special tab in that it contains other tabs we will refer to as sub-tabs. Under the first sub-tab, you can easily set up email notification options. Here you can set up your email header, content and footer details. Further, you can choose to receive form submissions as PDF attachments, and when the going starts getting good, you can track form visitors using Google Analytics.

You can even choose to receive notifications via SMS at a small fee, which is convenient especially during those times you’re away from your computer. Additionally, you can set up autoresponders, send a copy of the complete form to the sender, and create a thank you page if you don’t prefer redirecting them to a page of your wishing.

Under the second sub-tab, you can design how your form looks by choosing a theme or creating a custom one. You can add a logo, backgrounds and easily style buttons and error messages. Moreover, CaptainForm allows you to use your own custom CSS to turn the design of your forms whichever way you desire. To boot, this WordPress form builder plugin comes with over 30 templates from which to choose. I would argue you’re spoilt for choice were it not so obvious:

Moving on…

Below Themes, you have a 3rd Party Apps sub-tab, which allows you to add a number of third-party apps to your forms with a single click. For instance, you can add MailChimp (or AWeber) to collect emails and leads for your lists. CaptainForm supports several other apps including, but not limited to, Dropbox, WordPress, Evernote, Salesforce, Yahoo! Groups and Google groups:

Then we have the Payments sub-tab that lets you set up payment options on your forms. You can assign values and formulas to form fields, set up summaries and discounts, payment processors and notifications without breaking a sweat. This way, you can create forms that charge your readers on the go, which is ideal for product sales and such pages:

The fifth sub-tab is all about ensuring your forms are secure. With a few clicks, you can set up a number of security options such as password protection, anti-spam guard, submission limits, captcha, country filters, and select visibility of uploaded files. CaptainForm indeed keeps getting better with every extra feature we discover. It’s full of hidden treasures, this one, such that you’ll be floored by the sheer number of features that lie beneath the surface:

Using the sixth and seventh sub-tabs, feel free to set up form rules and multiple languages in that order. Look at that, a multilingual form. Who would have thought that’s a real thing?

The eighth and last sub-tab carries a slew of advanced options meant to power your forms. For example, you can add JavaScript scripts to your form or thank you page. Further, you can set up quizzes, hide forms from search engines, and even allow respondents to edit delivered submissions later on. Whoa!

* * *

Choose your desired options from the first and second tab and hit the third “Finish” tab to generate a shortcode or publish your form using a sidebar widget or a function call inserted directly into your theme. The choice is yours really.

Almost 60% of websites that use a CMS are built on WordPress so this is a market with great potential. Whilst our pre-existing platform brings a lot of added value to WordPress users in comparison to our competitors’ solutions, we saw a demand for a dedicated WordPress plugin. We developed CaptainForm to offer an enhanced solution dedicated to WordPress users, based on our years of experience in developing form building solutions. – Florin Cornianu, CEO of 123ContactForm.

8 Different Form Types

As a business person, you’ll need various forms for your various needs. This is one thing the guys behind CaptainForm understand clearly. Which is exactly why they’ve bundled eight different form types that are incredibly easy to customize.

Now, without trying hard on your part, you can create everything from contact/lead forms, surveys, event registrations, order forms, polls, quizzes, blank forms or any other form you have in mind. Speak of freedom.

Awesome Support

I had a great time checking out and testing CaptainForm WordPress form builder. I faced only one challenge after I changed computers and tried to delete one of the forms I had created earlier. The plugin just showed me a “Forms is not yours to delete!” error even after logging in with the same credentials both instances. This I attributed to my cache plugin.

All the same, and with the helpful tooltips along the way, I never once felt I had to contact the support team to get things going. That’s largely because this form builder is incredibly easy to install, configure and use.

For what it’s worth though, you can count on CaptainForm’s ever courteous support team should you hit a snag. It’s true that “…being friendly is in their DNA.” After all, why shouldn’t they be? They have an awesome product that I would vouch for any time of the day. That aside, the guys and girls at CaptainForm are available to provide 24/7 stellar support regardless of your plan. How considerate of these fellas?

Comparison with Other Form Builders

For a plugin in the Beta stage, CaptainForm ships with quite a huge number of features and app add-ons. But how does it stack with other WordPress form builders such as Contact Form 7, Gravity forms, Ninja Forms, and Visual Form Builder among others?

In terms of features, CaptainForm is obviously more loaded than most of the other form builders out there. On usability, it’s incredibly easy to set up forms simply by dragging and dropping elements into place. Moreover, you get the option of selecting the type of form e.g. poll, contact, survey etc you want to create, which is convenient and saves you a lot of trouble and time.

The developers might want to work on the UI though to eliminate some of the design inconsistencies; it would look better if it adapted to WordPress styling. The free version also carries the “WordPress Contact Form by CaptainForm” back-link, which could be a problem for those using the free version, since nobody likes forced links. The Beta version also lets you create only three forms, which is limiting to say the least.

How to Create Beautiful WordPress Forms Instantly using CaptainForm

Now that we’ve looked at the numerous features of the CaptainForm form builder plugin, how about we set it up so you can start winning with your WordPress forms right away.

The process is fairly straightforward:

CaptainForm Pricing Plans

There’s something for everyone at CaptainForm. They offer four pricing plans with a little bit of everything for you and me. We have the forever-free Regular plan, the Apprentice plan that goes for $35 bucks a year, the $95/year Master plan, and the generous Hero plan retailing at just $195 bucks per year. Here’s a screengrab showing the features under each plan:

Click to enlarge

Other than that, every paid plan comes with a 30-day money back guarantee meaning you can test the plugin risk-free, no questions asked. There are zero lifetime agreements as well meaning you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your subscription at any time without a hassle.

Final word

You are never in need of much to change the course of your WordPress-based business. After all, you probably already know and understand that it’s the little things that count. Little things like how your forms sit on your website can have an immense impact on your bottom line.

With CaptainForm, your WordPress forms will rock the world, and you are sure to come up a winner for days, months and years to come. Wouldn’t that be cool? Winning forever?

Now You, What’s Your Take?

Indulge yourself in the comments and share your thoughts to keep the conversation going. Cheers to happy forms! 🙂

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