15 Popular Brands Using WordPress

When starting a business website or blog, some people out there have concerns about WordPress. They wonder how a free platform could possibly serve them well, questioning areas like security and scalability. Well, those questions often have very little merit, since the vast majority of websites in the world are running on the popular WordPress content management system.

In fact, over 74.6 million sites currently use WordPress, and that number grows every day.

Since there are so many options out there for content management systems (CMS), like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla! and Blogger, where do you start with your choice? Well, judging by the name of this site, and the amount of people who are currently using the WordPress interface, it’s fairly clear as to where we stand. WordPress is not only used by small-time bloggers who write their ramblings on their lunch hours.

Keep reading to learn about popular brands using WordPress. After that, we’ll look into why WordPress is so popular.

Top Brands Using WordPress Right Now

CNN Blogs

The primary CNN website does not run off of WordPress, but the media juggernaut has a selection of blogs ranging from political to entertainment-based, and they all utilize the WordPress CMS.


Reuters covers everything from politics to money management, and every single article they publish is created and edited through WordPress. Thousands of articles and videos go through the Reuters website, showing that even the hottest publications can scale up to deliver content in an efficient manner through WordPress.

UPS Blog

The biggest name in package delivery publishes useful content on its blog, which is built around the WordPress system. Big-name companies are known for looking for the most efficient ways to complete tasks, and since UPS prides itself on logistics, it chose WordPress to provide written content in the easiest way possible.

The GM FastLane Blog

The GM FastLane blog has various articles, videos and even audio clips keeping customers informed about GM and sharing information for helping people live a life filled with automobile knowledge.

The Rolling Stones

Even the top bands use WordPress to reach out to fans. The Rolling Stones need no introduction, but WordPress has shown to provide a solid website for managing the waves of fans who visit the site for concert tickets and band updates.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry is an even bigger name nowadays, and her primary web presence sits comfortably on the WordPress platform. Tour announcements, albums sales and even funny videos to fans are all published through this site.


Apparel company IZOD proves that WordPress works wonderfully for setting up a clean and attractive eCommerce site. Small stores are known to start on WordPress, and once the orders roll in to the point that your head starts spinning, you can rest easy knowing that WordPress always has your back.

Modelinia (Not up anymore)

Modelinia is a hub for people interested in the modeling industry. It receives millions of visitors each day, and the website is filled with photos and videos, showing that WordPress pulls its weight when serving up media.

Samsung Camera

Samsung Camera works as a blog to help out people who have bought Samsung products in the past. You’ll notice the simplicity of the layout and easy navigational menus that help viewers find content and read without any problems.


If you know anything about technology you know TechCrunch. As one of the largest technology publishers in the world, TechCrunch relies on WordPress to ensure site loads remain fast for the huge amounts of traffic it receives on a daily basis.


Political movements are known to utilize WordPress to spread their messages, and these sites are not strangers to loads of traffic, so a sturdy CMS is a necessity. Wonkette is a left-leaning blog and it has been on WordPress from the start.

TIME – Swampland

Blogs typically start on WordPress, but TIME began back when the internet didn’t even exist. During the company’s transition to the digital era, it has found that WordPress is a viable solution for its political news page.


If your political views swing more to the right, we have a WordPress site for you as well! The official GOP website utilizes WordPress to serve up fresh content for its millions of readers.


BuzzMachine, a high-ranking blog created by Jeff Jarvis, is an oasis for those interested in learning more about living in the digital age. BuzzMachine is a prime example of how a small blog can scale up quickly on WordPress.

Laughing Squid

Laughing Squid provides a daily dose of unique art, culture and technology from around the world. Similar to BuzzMachine, this blog began its quest on the WordPress interface and has remained faithful with all of its success.

Why is it That So Many Big-Name Brands Use WordPress?

This may get you wondering why WordPress is so popular. Since many of you are probably leaning back and forth between one or two CMS options, let’s explore why these huge corporations, blogs and artists turn to WordPress.

The WordPress Platform is Easy for Even Beginners to Use

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never built a website in your life, because WordPress is known to make it easy for just about anyone to use. Company executives often state that they can even turn to non-technical employees to make updates on a WordPress site.

The WordPress dashboard has clear tabs on the left, and each step is explained with nice details and instructions. Not to mention, you can pretty much Google any questions you have if needed.

WordPress Looks Stunning

There’s not much to say about this besides telling you to click on the links I posted above. The primary glory of WordPress comes into play since you can customize just about anything you want. Include a slider, change around your header, create animations, implement stunning graphics and more.

The frontend of your website is what all of your customers or readers are going to see, and WordPress looks sleek and stylish once you complete your customization.

It’s Easy to Expand with WordPress

As you can see from the companies we talked about above, small and large companies can run equally as well on WordPress. My personal site doesn’t receive nearly as many viewers as Laughing Squid, but WordPress works perfectly for both. The only area you might have to change as you grow is your website hosting–to support more visitors.

You Don’t Have to Pay a Dime for WordPress

Isn’t it nice when you don’t have to pay for something? Since WordPress is an opensource project, you can download the files and start your website within a few minutes.

You Own Your Data with WordPress

Can you imaging how many companies would use WordPress if they didn’t have ownership of their data? Huge companies like IZOD and TechCrunch generate loads of data. Some of this data is sensitive, while other data is rather valuable. WordPress is only a means to publish your content. You own everything that goes through your site.

The WordPress Community is Always Helpful

Since WordPress is an opensource project it is technically run by anyone who wants to contribute. This means that the support forums are not moderated by a group of employees sitting in a single room. The input comes from all over the world, bringing in new perspectives and allowing you to ask questions that get answered quickly.

The Setup is Quick and Painless

Click here to learn how to publish a WordPress site in just 15 minutes. Even the non-techie people can do it.

You Get to Make Your Site Better with Plugins and Themes

Themes let you turn the frontend of your site into something beautiful without any coding knowledge. Plugins are similar to how apps make your iPhone so cool. Without plugins, you need to learn how to code in order to implement a contact form or social media buttons. With WordPress, plugin developers complete all the work for you.

WordPress Works Well for Viewing on Mobile Devices

In this age of mobile use, any platform without responsiveness is already starting out by neglecting a strong percentage of readers or customers.

That’s it for learning about some of the most popular brands using WordPress! Let us know in the comments section if you still have any questions about why WordPress is the best solution for your next website. Are you on the fence between WordPress and some other content management system? What are your concerns?