11 Best Social Share Bars and Overlays for WordPress

If you can’t figure out how to get more followers on social outlets like Facebook and Twitter, it’s time to rethink your strategy.

The hard truth is that no one’s going to visit your Facebook page (or any social page for that matter) just because you made one. Sometimes all you need is a call to action. Other times people are more willing to follow your Pinterest or Instagram if they see that a coupon is attached to the offer.

This is where a powerful social share bar comes into play. Quite a few options are available on the market, from social share bars to overlays and banners to welcome mats.

Keep reading to learn about the best social share bars and overlays for WordPress, as these simple tools significantly improve your chances for large social followings.

1. Sumo – Free (Paid plans starting at $29 per month)

It’s hard to filter through the incredible number of WordPress plugins for social sharing, but Sumo generally rises to the top when it comes to any type of discussion or debate. Why? It’s just better than the rest. Not only are the majority of the tools free, but it’s an incredibly simple suite with tools for social sharing analytics, email collections and more.

Why It’s Effective:

2. Share This by Filament – Free

The Share by Filament sharing tool is another popular solution that you can utilize for WordPress and just about any website building platform. It’s built for getting more social shares, with share counts and a super clean scrolling bar to match any design you would like.

Why It’s Effective:

3. Get Social – Free (Paid plans starting at $7 per month)

The Get Social plugin is all about adding sleek buttons to your website, whether it’s on your blog posts or on the homepage of your site. It has tools for showing off the number of shares each of your pages or posts has, and the analytics provide insights into which of the social platforms are most effective for your business.

Why It’s Effective:

4. Shareaholic – Free

The Shareaholic plugin is an interesting choice because it offers a more diversified collection of tools than the other ones on this list. For example, the main item we’re looking at here is the share button module. We’ll talk about that more below, but you also gain access to related posts for your blog. Finally, the social analytics are great for building tailored content based on what your users are sharing online.

Why It’s Effective:

5. Boxzilla – $6 per month

Boxzilla looks almost like something you would find in the the early 2000s. The designs aren’t anything incredible, but the conversion boosting slide-in boxes are often considered less intrusive than regular popups. As you can see in the screenshot, the Boxzilla plugin supports email subscriptions. However, you can put links to your social accounts as well.

Why It’s Effective:

6. HelloBar – Free (Paid plans starting at $4.95 per month)

HelloBar sticks to your website header, with quite a few options for showing off anything from promotions to social media buttons. HelloBar does a wonderful job converting more visitors right from the start, since it’s one of the first modules your users will see upon landing on your site.

Why It’s Effective:

7. Popups – Free (Starting at $39 for premium version)

I would recommend the Popups plugin on occasion. By this I mean you might consider swapping this out for your email subscription form at times. For example, you might want to spend a full month building your Facebook or Twitter followers. Since it would be too overwhelming to have both this and an email subscription form, it’s recommended you only use Popups on occasion.

Why It’s Effective:

8. Yeloni Exit Popup – Free (Premium starting at $8 per month)

Quite often, companies rely on the instant social popup or share bar, not realizing that some users might have become desensitized to this technique. I obviously would suggest that you A/B test all of your popups and social sharing bars to see which work first, but don’t forget to test out exit-intent popups. The Yeloni Exit Popup plugin is a good place to start since it provides options for social sharing, offers and email popups.

Why It’s Effective:

9. ThriveLeads – Starting at $67 (Single site license)

Although ThriveLeads is not directly meant for social sharing or building your social following, it’s one of the best email list building platforms on the market. Since email marketing often leads to you sending out automated email campaigns, this is a solid opportunity for you to also sell people on your social platforms. For example, the first email you send might prompt folks to follow you on all of your social sites. Seeing as how ThriveLeads has been shown to boost conversions like crazy, it’s a good start.

Why It’s Effective:

10. Social Share bar (Digg Digg Alternative) – Free

If you remember the Digg Digg plugin, you know that it was once one of the sleekest social share bars online. Unfortunately it no longer exists. However, the Social Share bar has mimicked the design and functionality, delivering a beautiful social share bar with share counts and a wide variety of options when it comes to the social networks you go for.

Why It’s Effective:

11. Highlight and Share – Free

Although I can’t imagine myself highlighting a bit of text and sharing it from a blog post, the Highlight and Share plugin has an interesting take on social sharing. Considering so many people take clips from articles for sharing, it makes sense that they would want to simply highlight that text and reveal a share button from there. The one problem I have is that the user can’t exactly see that this functionality is provided until they accidentally highlight a bit of text.

Why It’s Effective:


Now that we’ve had a chance to uncover the best social share bars and overlays for WordPress, feel free to try these out and see which ones work best for your website. I’ve been satisfied with the Sumo tools for many years, but the Share This plugin by Filament has seen lots of action on many of my sites. As for some alternative social sharing tools, I’d recommend testing out Hello Bar and Yeloni Exit Popup, considering they can assist in separating you from competition.

If you have any questions about the best social share bars and overlays for WordPress, let us know in the comments section below.