WordPress Social Sharing Optimization (WPSSO) Plugin Review

When you think SEO, what do you automatically think? Initially, you probably think, ‘Search Engine Optimization’ , and that’s true, technically, that is what SEO stands for, but what does it really mean today?

In the past couple of years, our understanding of what Google wants from our SEO efforts has really changed. Basically, it’s less about spam, more about content and more about our viewers.

Viewers are the new key to SEO. Just what do I mean? I mean that we now need to focus on what humans like over what robots like. But what do we fickle people like?

Many things, but one thing nearly every person that this generation has gotten hooked on is Social Media–at least in one form or another. However, even then, we can be picky.

We like color. We like something that stands out. That’s what we want. Yet, it’s often not delivered.

As blog and site owners, we have to give people what they want. Though Social Media doesn’t seem to have a ranking result, if you use it correctly it can boost traffic to your site, social shares which ultimately means more traffic.

It’s a lovely circle of life on the web. If you want to take advantage of this traffic boosting money rocket, then you’ll want this plugin we’re about to tell you about.

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WordPress Social Sharing Optimization Pro Plugin (WPSSO)

WPSOO plugin

Now, I could go into all the techno-babble about how this works, but let’s be realistic…most of you don’t want that.

I  want to give you an overview and do my best not to overwhelm you, but I’ll still be honest. My honest opinion?

The WPSSO plugin is one of the most unique ideas for a WordPress plugin that I have yet to come across. The title of the plugin gives you an idea of exactly what it does.

That is, it optimizes your posts to look the best according to whatever social media platforms they’re shared to. And WPSSO does so on the most popular social media platforms including:

  • Facebook
  • Google Plus
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • StumbleUpon
  • Tumblr and more

But now the big question. Is this important?

Well, if I were being frank here I’d say, ‘Duh, it’s important!’

No two Social Media Platforms out there are the same. Pinterest is not Twitter. Do you know how many pins you’d get with a Pin that had a blurry ugly photo? You’d be lucky i you got 5.

You work long and hard to write your content. Why short change yourself?

Optimizing how your content looks adds to social engagement and a sense of professional curtesy that people subconsciously want.

Take a look at the photo below. This is a screenshot of what you content would be shared on via LinkedIn.


And this is the optimized version with Twitter.


See the difference in the format?

That’s because Twitter and LinkedIn are very different Social Media Platforms and yet, the way your content is generated from using WPSSO takes advantages of those differences and displays the post in an amazing way.

And the best part? After you’ve set this up, you don’t have to do anything else.

It won’t matter if your pages or posts are shared by you or someone else on the other side of the world via a Google Chrome Extension for Facebook or a simple copy and paste of the URL.

Your content will always be shared and shown on those social channels fully optimized. How great is that!

The Features Inside WPSSO Pro

It’s true; WPSSO does have a free lite version of the plugin that you could use, but with all the options that come with the Pro version and at a price tag less than your internet bill, the WPSSO Pro is the way to go. (Hey look. That rhymed. *tee-hee*)

The Pro version of WPSSO comes with things that the lite version does, such as:

  • Adds Open Graph / Rich Pin meta tags (Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.) which are just some fancy names for the code they use to generate the photos used for sharing your content.
  • Includes author and publisher profile URLs for Facebook and Google Search.
  • Includes hashtags from Post / Page WordPress Tags.
  • Includes the author’s name for Pinterest Rich Pins and Facebook, Google+ and Twitter URL profile contact fields
  • Includes a Google / SEO description meta tag if a known SEO plugin is not detected.

There are quite a few more features, but again, I don’t want to overload you with techy talk. If you want to see all the features of both the lite and the pro version, just click here.

WPSSO Pro also comes with some amazing features that should be left in the dust:

  • Twitter Card meta tags (Summary, Large Image, Photo, Gallery, Player, and Product).
  • Integrates with 3rd party plugins and services for additional image, video, product, and content information including, but not limited to: All in One SEO plugin, WooCommerce, Jetpack and NextGen Gallery ECT.

What does that all mean? It means it works hard to make sure it does it’s job and that nothing on your site goes without being fully ready to share.

Another thing worth mentioning is that even though this seems like it might bog down your page load speed, it doesn’t seem to have that effect.


This is a screenshot of how fast the plugin runs compared to other popular plugins from their initial unboxing so to speak.

The plugin author ran the plugins through P3, a plugin tester, to compare speeds and WPSSO came out on top.

Pretty nifty!

Final Thoughts On WPSSO Pro

To put everything that we’ve covered so far in plain English, the WPSSO Pro does exactly what its name suggests. And to be clear, this is not a plugin of Social Sharing Buttons.

It is a plugin designed to optimize your content that can work with a set of displayed Sharing Buttons to boost the click through rate on Social Media Platforms. Until this plugin was brought to my attention, I had no idea that there was something out there like this.

And after finding it, I’m now a customer. This plugin is invaluable and a real time saver. The fact that it won’t slow my site down either is something that also sold me on it.

This is one of those plugins that I’m pretty sure I’ll be integrating into all of my sites and blogs from here on out. Though I could by a single license for under $40 (which don’t expire and thus there are no annual fees) I opted for the 5 for $23.95 as I run a few different sites.

Get WPSSO Pro »

All and all, this plugin is well worth the money and if you’re looking to boost your social stats and traffic to your site, this could be a tool that will do just that.

Plus, I’ve bought it myself and if I thought it was a piece of junk, I wouldn’t be rantin’ and ravin’ about it.

Have you guys used WPSSO before? Had any thoughts or experiences with it that you’d like to share? Be sure to comment below.

  1. Ariel says

    Good post ariel.
    Now you said this works in conjuction with your social medai badges. So…if someone wants to share they still would click a badge on your site and this plugin (wpsso) does the rest. Terry

    • says

      Hi Terry,

      Yes, it will still work when someone clicks a badge run by a separate plugin. WPSSO adds HTML meta tags to your site to make this automatic. If someone simple copy and pasted your URL from any of your pages or posts, WPSSO will still generate the correct layouts for each Social Media Badge.

      Hope that helps :)

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