WPCandy, the popular WordPress news blog got hacked

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WPCandy, the popular WordPress niche blog has been hacked and their whole website was wiped out just a few hours ago. I came to know about it when I was doing a usual check to see if there’s anything new going in the WordPress industry.

The hackers deleted the whole site and did a new installation of WordPress. A few months ago, Woo Themes.. the popular WordPress themes shop got hacked and been offline for 3+ days.

I am 100% sure the blog that talks a lot about taking backups would have a backup of itself. After doing a little search on Twitter, I found out that site has been going from a rough patch and someone is trying to hack the site since last 2-3 days (& today he finally succeeded).

Though, there’s no official news about what exactly happen. The official twitter account of WPCandy hasn’t been updated since October 20, 2012.

wpcandy hacked

WPCandy – Just Another WordPress site!

This doesn’t end here, if you search about WPCandy on Google, you won’t find any links to their posts or pages. Google was really quick in updating & removing the pages.

The main reason why ryan isn’t been able to fix the site yet, is because “He is at the Tybee Island WPCS meetup this weekend, with all of the who’se who of WP. So if he knows, he probably hasn’t had time or resources to fix anything yet.” commented Rev.

I hope the WPCandy blog gets back up and running again.

WPCandy Blog

For those who don’t know, WPCandy is a popular news blog which was created on October 1st, 2007 by Michael Castilla. In early 2010 Ryan Imel purchased the blog from Castilla, ushered in a new design and journalistic vision, and moved it to the GooRoo Network. The WPCandy team includes Ryan Imel (founder), Brain Krogsgard (Editor) and Mark McWilliam (contributor).

What’s your thoughts on this? Please let us know in the comments below.

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    • Devesh says

      Yea, Shea. The blog seems to be back but with old design & content.

      Thanks for stopping by, Shea. Have a great week ahead.

  1. Eugene says

    Nasty business!
    It looks like only the home page is back, all other pages are 404.
    It’s the first time I experience something like that first hand, I was also checking what was going on the site when I was presented with a fresh installation of WP. I thought I was still on my developing environment, I didn’t get it right away.
    Real shame, why would someone target a site like that? There are no big money or politics behind, are they?
    Hope they get it back up soon.

    • Devesh says

      Hey Eugene,

      Ryan is still working on getting the site. There are really many reasons why a hacker might attempt to gain access to a website like WPCandy. Most times hackers attack the site just for fun or to make some money.

      Thanks for stopping by, Eugene.

  2. James McBride says

    I’d be very interested to see a post-hack article about how the site was hacked and how he restored everything.

    • Carolyn says

      I agree, James, this is a scary warning for all of us. To have a website wiped out, including Google listings, is a nightmare anyone with a website should fear.

      • Devesh says

        Exactly, Carolyn. It’s a worse nightmare, to have a website wiped out.

        One thing all WordPress owners could learn is to – backup your site everyday (or maybe weekly). Thanks for stopping by, Carolyn. Have a great time.

    • Devesh says

      I guess… Ryan Imel (the founder of that site) is busy at the moment, once he’s back he will surely blog about it.

      Thanks for stopping by, James.

  3. Ben says

    Hey Devesh, just wanted to stop by and say thanks for the link to WPin. I think all WordPress owners could learn a thing or two from this, back up, back up, back up!

    • Devesh says

      Hey Ben,

      Your most welcome, my friend. Yeah, No excuse for not having a backup plugin installed on your WordPress website.

      Thanks for stopping by, bud.

  4. Bradley says

    I don’t see how Google listings could be wiped out in 24 hours. I have sites that have been offline for a couple of years now that STILL show up in Google.

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