4 Most Common WordPress Security Myths, Finally Debunked

If you have a property, then it’s your responsibility to secure it. The same is applicable for your WordPress blog. If you are a professional blogger, then your WordPress blog is the reflection of your months or may be years, of hard work, dedication and investment. It is your duty, to secure your valuable properly. Even if you are not a professional blogger, still you need to keep your possession safe from the hands of hackers.

Securing your WordPress blog is not something very difficult. You do not need to consult an expert and spend thousands of dollars for this purpose. You just need to be serious about security and gain some fundamental security tips and implement them properly.

In this article, I am going to talk about some of the most common WordPress security myths that I have ever heard of, some from my friends, some from my fellow bloggers and some from researching other blogs, and these security myths really need to be debunked.

security myths

My main motive is not only to mention you about the myths, but to break them with proper reasons.  So, this article has every reason for you to read.

First Myth

I do not have an arch enemy, then who will ever want to hack my blog? Is there anything in my blog that can benefit the hacker?

You do not need to have an arch enemy to get your blog hacked. Nowadays, almost all attacks are made automated. Hackers create automated scripts which crawl down the web and randomly make hacking attempts on various blogs. They try various attacks like Brute Force, to try random passwords and crack the password of your blog (if you have got a very weak password).

Now lets come to the point of benefits. Yes, the hacker do have a lot of benefit if they can successfully hack your blog. They may send you an email and ask you for money to get your blog back. Or they can silently hack your blog and put links to various spammy sites in order to pass some link juice. Or they can even attempt to redirect you blog’s traffic to their own site.

So, there have many reasons to hack your blog. Even if they do not know you or even if they do not have any personal enmity with you, then also there is a huge chance for them to try to break the security of your blog.

Second Myth

Some hacker have hacked my blog and I know that the core of WordPress is not secured enough to protect me from hackers.

It is not correct to blame WordPress for getting your blog hacked. The core of WordPress is much secured and it is very difficult for any hacker to hack it easily. But remember one thing, that no technology in the entire world is 100% hack-proof. There may be some security loop holes that can catch the eyes of the hackers.

But the good news is that the WordPress Development Team is efficient enough to find out any prevalent loop hole and fix them as soon as possible.

So, it is very unlike that the WordPress core is responsible for getting your site hacked, if you regularly update your WordPress core (whenever they are available obviously).

Third Myth

My Plugins and Themes are all safe, as I always install them from the WordPress Repository or from well-known vendors.

There are thousands of programmers in the world who are working on developing these themes and plugins. Their programming skills vary a lot. These can lead to various security loop holes in the Themes and Plugin files.

It is always advised to update your themes and plugins whenever possible. If you check the log file of any theme or plugin, you will see how bugs are identified and fixed regularly. So, if you are negligent enough in updating your themes and plugins quickly, then hackers can get an ample scope to use the loop holes in your site to hack it.

Fourth Myth

I have taken all security measures, installed all security Plugins, so an 100% secured and do not need to take backups.

This is simply not correct. Whatever security measures you take, you can never say that you are 100% secured and there is no one in this world to hack your site. Whatever you do to protect your blog, there can be some hacker who is intelligent enough to bypass the security of your site.

Be always prepared with a backup plan. Take regular backups for your blog. Backups not only can prove to be life-saver, in case of security breach, but also if there is any server crash, or if the database or the files get corrupted.

Armed with proper backups taken regularly and stored at various safe places, you do not need to worry much, even if you get your site hacked. It will not take you more than a few hours to get your entire site back with a proper site backup.

So, these are some of the most common myths that I have ever encountered. And after reading this article, I think your myths are broken completely. Even if you didn’t believe in these myths, still you have got enough reasons not to believe on these myths ever.

If you have any suggestion or query, do not hesitate to let me know about it. I will be prompt to respond in the comment section.

  1. sherman smith says

    Great post Aritra! I understand the importance of security since I work in IT. In a lot of ways you sound like me talking to my users LOL Thanks for the share!

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