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It’s the weekend, so of course it is the time to review what has been link worthy within the WordPress community this week. Feel free to read and enjoy some of these great posts I have found this week.

This post is part of the weekly series, Community Links roundup where I share link-worthy materials with you each week. There have been some great tutorials and news from the WordPress community.

Here are some of the best articles I have read, shared, and retweeted on Twitter and Facebook.

WordPress Tutorials

  • Remi Coroson has written a fantastic tutorial on how to create a plugin for showing custom WordPress Dashboard Welcome message. . That way even when upgrading to a new version of WordPress the message  shown will your message and not the default one.
  • Brad Dalton put together a useful guide on using Conditional tags for WordPress themes. Brad included Gensis, Thesis & Woo Themes conditional tags in this guide.
  • WPBeginner has a great post on using outlook.com to Setup a Professional Branded Email Address. Outlook is a free email service launched by Microsoft which you can use with your own domain name.
  • Mike Schinkel published a tutorial showing How to write a basic WordPress plugin
  • Tom McFarlin posted to his blog showing How To Find The Permalink By Slug in WordPress

WordPress News & Blog Posts

  • Jean at WPMayor has put together an in-depth comparison of two most popular theme frameworks – Thesis vs Genesis!
  • Barış Unver has put together a roadmap to Publishing WordPress Themes at ThemeForest – a great and useful guide for theme developers.
  • Theme check plugin to audit your WordPress Themes for Less Errors and Greater Compatibility – a great writeup by Dave Clements.
  • Pippin Williamson talks about the Status of the WordPress Plugin Business and EDD plugin.
  • The folks at ManageWP blog has put together a list of social plugins for adding a social stream to your blog.
  • John Saddington published a post about Feathers, a distraction-free writing app for the web, over on the recently launched WPDaily.
  • Keith Davis reviewed the Pretty Pictures – genesis child theme.

If you run across something link worthy, please do let us know about it.

About the Author: Devesh Sharma is a WordPress fanatic and loves experimenting with WordPress themes & plugins.Get more from Devesh on  and Twitter.
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  1. Keith Davis says

    Hi Devesh
    Useful resource – appreciate the time and effort you have put-in to produce this post.
    Many thanks for including my review.

    Wishing you and yours a fabulous 2013.
    BTW – good to see you are still working on Dec 30th

    • Devesh says

      Hi Keith,

      Thanks so much for coming over here and leaving a nice comment.

      Happy New Year to you too, Keith and Keep writing the awesome genesis theme reviews ;) .

  2. صور says

    Hi Devesh
    Useful resource – appreciate the time and effort you have put-in to produce this post.
    Many thanks for including my review.

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