What You Need To Know When Starting a WordPress Blog?

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So, you’ve decided to start a WordPress blog?

Blogging can be special or high quality.

If you’re blogging just for passion then you don’t need to worry about the blogging platform and all, but if you’re willing to go for pro-blogging then you need to think about the blogging platform, domain, hosting and many others cool stuff.

WordPress has resulted as the obvious boss. It syndicates ease of use and unlimited customization for your personal or business blog. With hundreds of people utilizing WordPress, here are some five good reasons to choose WordPress blogging platform:

1. WordPress Is Free

Unlike other blogging websites, WordPress is entirely cost free for you to use. You just need to subscribe a hosted blog service at WordPress.com and get free software package. You can set up by yourself at no cost. There will be no month-to-month fee for purchasing, no hidden charges, and no listing fee. This is just free way to get your WordPress sites right up and going.

2. Easy To Use and Customize

Setting up and organizing your WordPress blog is as easy as learning the alphabet. Although, there are so many tactics to set up WordPress, but making use of installation manual will install your WordPress in only a few minutes. Once you’re done and running up, you can start your customizing layout quickly with several free models to choose from just to get your ball rolling. What would be easier than complete setting up in mere moments and easy to apply designs?

3. Versatility

WordPress has a huge number of designers. There are lots of useful and interesting plugins that are especially helpful for individual and business professionals. WordPress’s many features provide the capability to work and allow for an array of specific tasks and services for your personal customers, including:

  • Show home listing data
  • Combine map data
  • Share with social media
  • Publish on Craigslist
  • Submit content
  • Submit listing data
  • Create discussion boards and favorites collects
  • Set and show premiums levels
  • Allow subscriptions
  • Exhibit geo-targeted information
  • Give you CRM integration
  • Find leads
  • Combine payment gateways and invoices
  • Import and export data
  • Use coupon or discount codes

4. Less Expensive

WordPress is an open source application, definition it’s free to get and make use of whatever way you thrill. Most themes and plugins are often free of charge – the one thing you need to pay for is the Internet hosting (I would like to recommend Bluehost) plus the website name (I would like to recommend Namecheap). Plus, the ease-of-use aspect means that you don’t need to pay a graphic designer every time you need to make tweaks.

5. Help from WordPress Community

WordPress.org features lively bloggers community platform where you can ask queries linked to your WordPress website. You can find a lot of beneficial educational course and help manuals on all WordPress related problem. WP is the one largest Content management system presently in use in the Word Wide Web.

Final Conclusion

There are plenty of reasons you want to set up a blog using a WordPress.org blogging platform, but I’ve just shared with you five good reasons to use the WordPress CMS system as your blogging platform and I believe that this is just enough for you to finally select WordPress. Therefore, if you need to launch a blog, you can rely on WordPress for a better blogging achievement result.

Mohd Aktar

Mohd Aktar writes for various blogs including the one mentioned above. When he's online, he enjoys studying, surfing net, and watching videos on YouTube and his favorite blog posting.
  1. Bharat Chowdary says

    WordPress got a huge community and good resources like plugins and themes which can be used instantly without any coding skills. Apart from all these its free to use…

    • Devesh says

      That’s what I love about WordPress. You can turn your site into anything with the available plugins & themes, without spending much money.

      Thanks for stopping by, Bharat.

  2. Jack Keenan says

    It’s a good idea to conduct extensive research as well before you start any website. Think about what your website’s primary keyword phrases will be, and then Google those phrases to find out how tough your competition will be. If everything on the first page is a top-tier, authoritative website, it’s a strong clue that it may be a while before you blog starts to pick up any real traffic.

    • Devesh says

      Well said, Jack. Keyword research is very important part and one should conduct extensive research before starting a website / blog.

      Thanks for the comment, Jack. Hope you had a great weekend.

  3. Sergio Felix says

    Hey Mohd and Dev,

    WordPress has become an industry standard leader for a reason.

    There are other CMS platforms such as Joomla and Drupal out there but they are hardly (if ever) considered as an option for blogging or internet marketing.

    I have seen just ONE person use Joomla! as their CMS in the past (an IMer from the UK) and I have to say the membership area was very, very cool.

    If I had the time I would definitely like to check out at least Joomla!

    Have you guys tried other CMS resources besides WordPress?


    • Devesh says

      Hey Sergio,

      Well said, mate. WordPress has become a CMS that people love to use.

      There is no other CMS like WordPress (except Joomla) where we can get hundreds of thousands of plugins & theme for free.

      I’ve used Pligg CMS, which is used for creating social bookmarking sites. I created one with it – Blokube.com It’s not the best cms, but I hadn’t have a choice. If I knew I could achieve the similar functionality with WordPress, than I wouldn’t have been using Pligg.

      Thanks for coming over here and commenting. Your support is greatly appreciated, Sergi.


  4. Andrew says

    thank you for sharing this very interesting post with us i really enjoyed reading about it, it is very helpful with great information.

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