Weekly Roundup #3: The Best WordPress Resources from Around the Web

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This week has been insanely hectic and very good all at the same time. There have been some great news and updates from the world of WordPress this week.

This post is part of a weekly series, Weekly Roundup. Feel free to read and enjoy some of these great posts I have found this week.

Here are some of the best articles I have read, shared, retweeted on @wpkube, and found on Blokube this week.

WordPress News

Revenue Sharing Advertising Arrives On WordPress.Com

Some users of WordPress.com will now be able to partake in revenue sharing display advertising thanks to the launch of WordAds. I say some users because it’s available only if your application is accepted. This quote by Jon Burke sums up the story of how bad advertising had been for WordPress.com users over the past few years.

CSS-Tricks: This Site’s Domain is Stolen

Hey ya’ll. This is (really) Chris Coyier. I had css-tricks.com registered on GoDaddy. It recently came to my attention that the ownership of this domain has been transferred away from my ownership to PlanetDomain. For now, thankfully the nameservers still point to MediaTemple, so the site is still up. That could change at any time.

We Love WP is getting flipped on Flippa

The popular WordPress gallery site We Love WP has been put up for sale on Flippa. The auction appears to be going swimmingly, with the price already up to $13,000. This is especially interesting because the rule of thumb in online auctions is to never bid more than 6-12 months of a site’s revenue, and $13,000 is almost twice the net profits over a 12 month period. Some people must really see potential in growing the site!

WordPress 3.3 is now at Release Candidate 1

The core team was up late last night specifically to push out Release Candidate 1 of WordPress 3.3. The milestone comes a bit later than was intended by the 3.3 Project Schedule, but it still puts the project in a position to release the final version by the end of 2011.

WordPress Tutorials & Resources

Display informations about your multisite install

Are you using the powerful “Multisite” WordPress feature? If yes, you may find useful to be able to display some information about your blog network: Network name, number of blogs and users… Here’s a ready to use function for your blog network.

Adding Custom Fields in WordPress User Profiles – Tip for Multi-Authors Blogs

Being running a Multi-Authors blog, I try to find ways and develop ideas to serve our blog authors. In this post I am going to talk about adding custom fields to user profiles in WordPress, this is a very simple to use code, and it can be very useful for Multi-Authors blogs that accepts guest posts.

Integrating Amazon S3 With WordPress

Computing is full of buzzwords, “cloud computing” being the latest one. But unlike most trends that fizzle out after the initial surge, cloud computing is here to stay. This article goes over Amazon’s S3 cloud storage service and guides you to implementing a WordPress plugin that backs up your WordPress database to Amazon’s S3 cloud. Note that this is not a tutorial on creating a WordPress plugin from scratch, so some familiarity with plugin development is assumed.

WordPress Plugins

WP Ad Center Advertising Plugin [Review]

Picture it you get to the point where you have had to bump up your web hosting to compensate for the amount of traffic, a cost to you nonetheless but one worth paying. Oh happy day. When that day arrives (if not before) then you need to seriously consider advertising on your blog.

Improve Your WordPress Search Functionality With Relevanssi

Relevanssi is a free WordPress plugin that helps improve the default search engine in a number of different ways. For example, it highlights the search term that was searched, it searches comments and comment authors and it caches results to improve performance.

How to Create a Clean Price Table in WordPress

You probably have seen those pretty looking price tables all across the web. Are you using WordPress and want to create a clean price table? Usually the pricing table requires a fair knowledge of design and CSS which is why beginners often run away from creating a beautiful price table. Recently, one of our users asked us if we know of a plugin that lets you create a price table.

A Dash of Dashter Boosts Your Twitter Experience

I’ve had the pleasure of testing and using this plugin for the past month.  As a member of an active WordPress community in Orange County, CA, I’ve been afforded the great fortune of getting to know and share ideas with a number of WordPress developers and enthusiasts.  One such developer is Dave Cole, the guy who developed Dashter.

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