1. Noumaan Yaqoob says

    @joe Fylan, great write up. There are so many social networks and plugins trying to include all possible options causes them to slow down WordPress sites. Floating Social Bar has the simplistic approach to use only the important social networks and provide a better user experience for both website admins and their users. It has less options to configure, it is quick to set up, and works really well on all websites.

    • Joe Fylan says

      Thanks Noumaan. Yes I think Floating Social Bar is the best choice if you just want to work with the top social networks.

      It is very easy to use.


  2. Pankaj Chauhan says

    I personally like Dig Dig. I find that it really loads faster then the other social floating plugins available around. But due to some technical difficulties on my blog I am not able to implement it. Soon, I will implement once the problem is solved.

    • Joe Fylan says

      Digg Digg is a great choice as it doesn’t interfere with your post content but is still easily accessible as the user reads your content.

      Glad to hear it is also a fast plugin.

  3. photoMaldives says

    Is it only me that hates all things floating, and elements that seem to follow you around ? I find them such a distraction when I’m reading, as for me it seems to disturb the ‘physics’ of the page too much, and the effect is very jarring.

    So not only do I not use any floating elements myself (apart from an occasional fixed top bar/menu) I also never click on anything that floats on other sites … it’s a principle ! :-)

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