Thirsty Affiliates Review – Best Affiliate Link Management Plugin for WordPress

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I’ve been using & testing a new affiliate plugin from last few weeks, called Thirsty Affiliates.

And So far I’ve been impressed with the functionality of the plugin. I’ve used several plugins but Thirsty Affiliates works really well (& even better than the Ninja Affiliate plugin).

The Thirsty Affiliates plugin is created by an Australian developer Josh Kohlbach. This is one of the best plugin for managing affiliate links on your blog. I highly recommend it to the bloggers & online marketers for their WordPress blogs.


The Thirsty Affiliates plugin empowers you to quickly and easily manage your affiliate sales efforts. It comes with a easy to use interface and you won’t have any issues finding how it works. I found this plugin, super easy to use.

Affiliate Link Cloaker

Thirsty Affiliates has been coded to include an affiliate link cloaker as a primary feature. It can save you time by automatically converting all the long and ugly affiliate links on your site to short, elegant cloaked links.

Set your links up exactly how you want them with customizable prefixes and editable slugs. Cloak your affiliate links and protect your commissions.

Also, you choose whether you want your links to be automatically nofollowed and if you’d like to force opening up in a fresh window. Both of these options can be overridden for each link.

Links Categorization

Organize your affiliate links with categories and subcategories with ease.  Just select the category and add the affiliate link. It is one of the most amazing feature this plugin.

Their are 3 simple ways to add the link –

  • Image
  • Auto Link
  • CSS link which allows you to style the link/text.

Link Picker

Easily search the affiliate links with the shortcode function and insert it into your content. All you have to do is to – select your text and simply tap on the green slick “aff” button while editing using the Visual Editor and the Link Picker will present itself.

The Link Picker features a clever search function to quickly pull up the link you’re trying to find. You can then use one of the easy insertion options to insert links directly into your content.

Backup your Affiliate Links

Export your affiliate links for easy importing into other WordPress installations. ThirstyAffiliates is the only affiliate link manager that makes managing your affiliate link collection this easy. Hundreds, or even thousands of links to manage? Not a problem.

It’s even easy to include them in your weekly automatic database backup!

Over To You

The plugin is simply awesome and is working very well for me. I’m really impressed with the functionality of the plugin. It works much better than ninja affiliates plugin and never creates any WordPress / SQL errors. One of the awesome things of Thirsty Affiliates is – the plugin is built on pure wordpress functions.

Get the Thirsty Affiliates Plugin

I’m using this plugin on WordPress Kube and I highly recommend the Thirsty Affiliates plugin to all the bloggers & wordpress users.

About the Author: Devesh Sharma is a WordPress fanatic and loves experimenting with WordPress themes & plugins.Get more from Devesh on  and Twitter.
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    • Devesh says

      Hi Ann,

      Yeah, Thirsty Affiliates is really a cool plugin. So far I’ve been impressed by the functionality of the plugin.

      Thanks for the comment, Ann. Enjoy your rest of the weekend.

  1. Martha Giffen says

    This sounds like a fantastic tool! I always buy domains for my affiliate links so there’s no chance of anyone stealing my links! But I will definitely look into this, thanks!

    • Devesh says

      Hi Martha,

      Glad you like this tool. I never thought of buying domains for the affiliate links. I think it is really a great idea but it can be very costlier. For Example if you have 10 affiliate links than you’d need to buy 10 domains..(that would cost you around $80-100).

      And Thirsty Affiliates will cost you less than $59 and you can clock unlimited links.

      Would love to hear your thoughts on this?

  2. Prasenjit @ Easy Ways to Make Money says

    I never heard of this plugin and was happily using the Ninja Affiliate plugin without a problem till date. I think it is time for a change. Thanks Dev for sharing this information with us.

    • Devesh says

      Hi Prasenjit,

      Glad to see you, here. Ninja Affiliates plugin works fine for small blogs/sites but it doesn’t work perfectly for high traffic sites.

      You’re always welcome, my friend and thanks for the comment.

  3. James says

    I have been looking into investing in this for a weeks now, but my main concern is that I am using pretty link to shrink and customize any long link and even track traffic from the links, and I have a lot of custom links created and used throughout several sites and if I change, will it break links?

    If I was to switch to Thrifty, will there be an issue with my old links using pretty link?

  4. No-name says

    I used Pretty Links Pro. It has many functions allowing you to manage affiliate links with ease :)

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