How to SEO Audit Your WordPress Website in Minutes

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SEO comes across as a very daunting task. But people are now consciously adding SEO good practices to their to-do and checklists. Adding an SEO audit to such lists is a good idea as one should spend some time in understanding one’s current SEO status.

For medium and large websites, its impossible to manually visit each page, post, image and link and so there are lots of tools that can help automate this process.CONTINUE READING »

A Detailed Guide on Setting up the WordPress SEO Plugin


As you are probably aware, search engine optimization (SEO) can be described as the practice of ensuring your website is setup in the best possible way, to help it achieve a positive ranking in the search engines. Being well placed in the search engines for the topic of your site and its content is one of the best ways to increase the number of visitors who find their way to your site.

There are countless differing opinions on how much effort and focus you should spend on trying to make sure your site fits in with the current SEO best practices. However, few would argue that building your site on solid SEO foundations is a bad idea or a waste of resources.CONTINUE READING »

SEO for WordPress – What Every Blogger Should Know

SEO for WordPress

WordPress has to be my favorite CMS for carrying out search engine optimization within.

It has a wealth of great plugins that can be used, URL structure is easily manipulated and the general structure of the CMS is extremely flexible enabling users with basic coding knowledge to easily make changes.

Based on my past experience with carrying out SEO within WordPress, I will share some of my advice toward how you best go about it.CONTINUE READING »