Setting Up a Content Delivery Network with KeyCDN: Is It Worth It?

KeyCDN Review

Sometimes you need to figure out a way to speed up your website so users don’t get frustrated and end up leaving your site. Search engines are also affected when your site isn’t performing well, and that’s why a CDN (content delivery network) is typically the logical next step after building up a nice following on your website.

One of the more popular options to choose from is called KeyCDN, so I wanted to dive into a full KeyCDN review to show you the benefits and downsides of the service, along with steps on how to setup the CDN.CONTINUE READING »

WordPress Plugins for Comment and Registration Anti Spam Protection

Registration Comment Spam Prevention Plugins

A WordPress website works wonders for putting your content out there for the world to see. But every blogger, website moderator and small business owner who gets started with a WordPress website quickly realizes that spam is quite possibly the worst thing in the world. That’s why you need WordPress plugins for anti spam protection.

It seems like spam comes from every direction when you run a website. You start to feel good about yourself too, because users are starting to comment on your stuff, but then you only realize it’s coming from bots who have no interest in looking at your content.CONTINUE READING »

How to Create a Development Schedule for Your WordPress Site

WordPress Development Schedule

Just like an iPhone or a sonic screwdriver, a WordPress site is made up of many parts that have to play nice together. Playing nice doesn’t happen by accident. It takes planning.

It takes time, money, talent, resources, and materials. And then even more planning. Planning is even more important when starting your WordPress site. To do this right, you need a development schedule.CONTINUE READING »

How to Find and Add Creative Commons Images to Your WordPress Site

creative commons wordpress

Images are an essential component of running a successful blog. They break up the text in interesting ways and can help to illustrate the various points you make. Most site owners and bloggers know this already. However, the actual task of finding images and then uploading them to your site can be a daunting one, especially if you’re looking for something very specific.

The expense is also a consideration. While getting a subscription to a stock photography site isn’t all that expensive, it can add up, especially if you’re still in the early stages of your business. All I’m saying is when you’re trying to save pennies, you might not be all that interested in shelling out $5 for a stock photo for your latest blog post.CONTINUE READING »

3 Easy Ways To Add Pinterest To Your WordPress Blog

3 Easy Ways To Add Pinterest To Your Wordpress Blog

If you’re a tuned in site owner or blogger, then you’ve no doubt heard of Pinterest. This new social network revolves around image-based content and is a fantastic avenue for WordPress bloggers to promote their content and their sites.

The trick is to make it EASY for others to share your content on the network, if someone has to jump through hoops or worse has to leave your site to do so, what a major fail.CONTINUE READING » is the Reddit of all things WordPress


ManageWP is known for its one-of-a-kind WordPress management software (web app) that lets you manage multiple WordPress installations from a single control panel. For folks running a single site, it’s not a big deal, but if you’re managing multiple websites – then it’s a godsend! For quite some time now, the folks at ManageWP been cooking something new which they said “would rock the WordPress scene”.


50+ Best Responsive Photography WordPress Themes

Photography WordPress themes wp-r100

[Update] This entire post has been rewritten as of October 2014 and it now includes more than fifty premium themes. I also removed a dozen of themes that felt outdated or where developers stopped providing support / updates.

WordPress is a platform that can be used for creating any type of website. It has a great potential to support photographers and help them get their websites up and running with just couple of clicks. There are a ton of WordPress Photography themes available, that are especially designed for photo blogs. Some of the themes are complete photography solutions while others are lightweight templates that utilizes the standard WordPress functions and plugins.

In this collection, I will showcase 50+ fresh & minimal photography themes from various reputed and trusted sources. These themes are created especially for professional photographers, amateur photographers, photo bloggers, visual artists, or anyone who wants to present their work in a stylish way.