5 Free Online Tools for Testing Your Website’s Performance

site performance

“Site speed plays a very important role in website’s success” – this should be quiet apparent for those who have spent some time in the industry. Google has been saying this for almost four years now, and there are numerous case studies to prove what Google has been preaching continuously for years, on their Webmasters blog.

Google even has its own set of tools that users like you and me, can use to improve the site speed.CONTINUE READING »

8 Things You Can Do to Speed Up Your Site and Get More Traffic in 2015


It’s the start of a new year, have you set any goals for your website? If not, why not make it your goal to clean up your site and build traffic for your site?

Since I started blogging and building sites, I made it a goal that at the start of every year I would clean up my sites and work on building more traffic for them. After several years of working on different sites I finally came up with a process that works for me. So, whenever I have a new site that I am working on or even my older sites I follow that process.  And today, I wanted to share that process with you.CONTINUE READING »