Must-Have Widgets for Every WordPress Site

must have wordpress widgets

Along with plugins, widgets are one of the coolest things you can find on the WordPress platform. They are part of the reason WordPress is so much like a digital Swiss Army Knife, or even an iPhone where you can turn an off-the-shelf product into something customized and cool with apps.

Some of the must-have widgets for every WordPress site are actually plugins that you can install from the WordPress plugin directory, while others are developed by third-party companies, so you can purchase them or download them for free and just upload them to your site.CONTINUE READING »

10 Best WordPress Live Chat Plugin Options for Top Customer Support

wordpress chat plugins

How do you stay in contact with your customers? Do you have a phone number or contact form on your website? I honestly can’t remember the last time I called a company for help because I can’t stand waiting on the phone in those long support queues. As for email, I might send out a few on occasion, but I am always willing and ready to ask a company questions if they offer live chat support. Email is best left to building a list and marketing in the future.CONTINUE READING »

The Best Analytics Plugins for WordPress to Track Your Success

Google Analytics plugins for WordPress

The crown jewel for tracking how many people come to your site is Google Analytics, and rightfully so, since they provide just about everything you need to know in terms of figuring out who is visiting your site, where they are coming from and which keywords they are using to find your site.

Since Google doesn’t provide a default plugin to integrate the system into your WordPress site you either have to paste in the tracking code yourself or find a third-party plugin to do the work for you. You can even setup your tracking with WooCommerce and PayPal if needed.  CONTINUE READING »

12 Best WordPress Forum Plugin Options for Community Building


Think about the type of site you run. Is it for selling shoes? Offering marketing tutorials? Talking about gardening? It doesn’t matter what you talk about or sell online, because content is fine, but community is better. Do you think people will just come flocking to your content and stick around after you slip from their minds?

Keeping customers and readers around your site is difficult enough, but there’s one little tool that gives people a reason to keep running back for more.CONTINUE READING »

Nelio A/B Testing WordPress Plugin Makes Split Tests Easy

Nelio AB Testing Plugin Review

If you search for A/B split testing plugins or tools online then you will encounter lists of options, making it difficult to decide which one offers the full package.

A/B split testing is essential for the success of a website, whether you just run a blog with readers or you sell shoes on your online store. You must understand why people are coming and going, what they click on most, and what items need to be changed around on your site.CONTINUE READING »

WordPress Plugins for Comment and Registration Anti Spam Protection

Registration Comment Spam Prevention Plugins

A WordPress website works wonders for putting your content out there for the world to see. But every blogger, website moderator and small business owner who gets started with a WordPress website quickly realizes that spam is quite possibly the worst thing in the world. That’s why you need WordPress plugins for anti spam protection.

It seems like spam comes from every direction when you run a website. You start to feel good about yourself too, because users are starting to comment on your stuff, but then you only realize it’s coming from bots who have no interest in looking at your content.CONTINUE READING »

How to Find and Add Creative Commons Images to Your WordPress Site

creative commons wordpress

Images are an essential component of running a successful blog. They break up the text in interesting ways and can help to illustrate the various points you make. Most site owners and bloggers know this already. However, the actual task of finding images and then uploading them to your site can be a daunting one, especially if you’re looking for something very specific.

The expense is also a consideration. While getting a subscription to a stock photography site isn’t all that expensive, it can add up, especially if you’re still in the early stages of your business. All I’m saying is when you’re trying to save pennies, you might not be all that interested in shelling out $5 for a stock photo for your latest blog post.CONTINUE READING »

Best WordPress Plugins: 40 Experts Share Their Favorite WordPress Plugins

Best WordPress Plugins

There are currently more than 29,317 free WordPress plugins available in the WordPress repository at the time of writing this post; each plugin can enhance the functionality and performance of your site. And lets not forget the premium and custom plugins, which aren’t listed in the repository.

With so many resources available on must have / essential WordPress plugins (including our own), it can be hard to decide which ones to use. So we asked 40 blogging and social media experts about their 5 favorite WordPress plugins.CONTINUE READING »

WordPress Post Formats Explained: What They Are and How You Can Use Them

post formats explained

Despite the decision to remove post formats from the WordPress core for version 3.6, this popular feature of WP will still be available as a plugin. This is similar to the way the link manager was treated in the release of version 3.5.

This means that if you’ve yet to embrace post formats and are curious to know more about them, you needn’t worry as they will still be available for the foreseeable future for self-hosted WordPress users.CONTINUE READING »