UpThemes Review: Responsive, Functional Design with Support to Boot


This week, I had the delightful task of checking out UpThemes, a theme developer that offers a wide range of themes for a multitude of purposes. Its website establishes a good impression right away. It’s clean and professional and with a tagline like, “WordPress themes for perfectionists,” you know this is a company that is confident in its skills.

One thing I liked right away is that it doesn’t bill itself as a theme shop for absolutely everyone under the sun. This is not the place to find a slick business or portfolio theme.CONTINUE READING »

LinkPatrol Review – Automatically Nofollow and Strip All External/Outgoing Links

LinkPatrol WordPRess plugin

Search engines like Google are constantly trying their very best to present their searches with relevant and fresh results. Every day they release various tweaks to amplify the process. The major updates that affect the popular websites are housed under “official updates.”

I’m no SEO expert, but the recent series of updates from Google suggest an alarming rise in one ranking factor –the quality of content. A number of sites were affected by this and the number is only going to increase if the webmasters don’t make the necessary changes.CONTINUE READING »

wpDataTables Plugin Review: Build Responsive Tables Quickly


Many different kinds of businesses have a need for tables. In fact, any company that needs to display a lot of data that can preferably be searched, filtered, and otherwise organized can make use of tables. That’s precisely the feature that wpDataTables offers. This premium plugin lets you build a table populated with data from any source then insert it using a shortcode in any post or page on your WordPress site.

While this seems like a fairly straightforward feature on the surface, it’s quite complex. And after I tinkered with the plugin for a bit, I quickly realized it’s well-worth its $25 price tag.CONTINUE READING »

How to Install WordPress Manually on any Web Host

Install WordPress Manually

Welcome to the WPKube’s WordPress Installation Tutorial Series where we take you back to the basics of installing WordPress.

In our previous tutorial, we talked about how to install WordPress using an automatic installation software like Softaculous. But that had a string attached to it – you needed to have some kind of software. While it’s perfectly logical to use Softaculous; sometimes, it is good to dive into the basics. This way when you’re in a situation where you don’t have Softaculous (remember, web hosting companies have buy a license for Softaculous).CONTINUE READING »

How To Manage Multiple WordPress Sites From One Dashboard


Many freelance designers, web design companies and bloggers alike, create and manage multiple WordPress sites.

For someone like me who runs, not only my own web design company, but who also helps maintain many of the ones that we have built, I know that saving and organizing WordPress Usernames and Passwords is a real pain!

When a client has an issue with a site, I have to track down the username and password and tend to discover that they’ve changed it.CONTINUE READING »

40 Beautiful Responsive WordPress Themes for 2014

Respnsive WordPress Themes

There are hundreds of thousands of WordPress themes available, but finding one that’s perfect fit your blog is not an easy job. One of the first things that I look when choosing a theme is that if it has a responsive design or not. Here‘s a great pot for those who don’t know what a responsive theme or design is.

Having a responsive design allows your website content to be displayed correctly to all users by using fluid grids, images, and queries to adjust the theme to accommodate screen of different sizes.CONTINUE READING »

The WPKube Guide to Essential Plugins and Add-ons For Genesis Framework

Essential Plugins and add-ons

The Genesis Framework is one of the best selling frameworks around. Its lightweight code makes it perfect for better page load speeds and SEO in general.

As a framework, Genesis supports child themes to help take your website to the next level. Being able to design using a child theme is a WordPress best practice. It sidesteps a whole bunch of issues that come up with designs and updates.CONTINUE READING »