40 Beautiful Responsive WordPress Themes for 2014

Respnsive WordPress Themes

There are hundreds of thousands of WordPress themes available, but finding one that’s perfect fit your blog is not an easy job. One of the first things that I look when choosing a theme is that if it has a responsive design or not. Here‘s a great pot for those who don’t know what a responsive theme or design is.

Having a responsive design allows your website content to be displayed correctly to all users by using fluid grids, images, and queries to adjust the theme to accommodate screen of different sizes.CONTINUE READING »

The WPKube Guide to Essential Plugins and Add-ons For Genesis Framework

Essential Plugins and add-ons

The Genesis Framework is one of the best selling frameworks around. Its lightweight code makes it perfect for better page load speeds and SEO in general.

As a framework, Genesis supports child themes to help take your website to the next level. Being able to design using a child theme is a WordPress best practice. It sidesteps a whole bunch of issues that come up with designs and updates.CONTINUE READING »

6 Best Free Calendar Plugins for WordPress


Today we at WP Kube would like to show you the best free calendar plugins available for WordPress. There are dozen of free and premium calendar plugins available, but I was able to narrow it down to six great options.

These plugins can be used to schedule and list the upcoming events through a widget or a shortcode. Each plugin provides a different set of options, but the core functionality is pretty much the same.CONTINUE READING »

Do Drag And Drop Themes Render Web Designers Useless?

web design

Imagine if tomorrow, you went to work only to find out that you had been canned and replaced by a robot. Yes, a robot.

It’s kind of a scary thought, right? It’s an unlikely event for most people but a pretty scary thought nonetheless. However, for many, this isn’t so far fetched. In fact, if you’re a web designer, this has pretty much happened already .

With the invention of WordPress and other Content Management Systems (CMS), some have come to view the average web designer as unnecessary.CONTINUE READING »

How to Add A Responsive Slider to your Genesis Child Theme

Genesis Slider Plugin

We already know a lot of people hate sliders, and does not like using them. But there are still many bloggers and marketers who prefer to ue sliders for promoting their best stuff on the website. In the past, we have covered 7 Best Slider WordPress Slider Plugins, many of them which are compatible with Genesis Framework. But none of them is specifically designed for Genesis Theme plus they all are paid ones.

So if you are looking for a basic responsive slider to add into your genesis powered website, this plugin is your best bet. In this post, we will walk you through a step by step guide on how to configure Responsive Slider WordPress plugin.CONTINUE READING »

How to Install WordPress using Softaculous

Howto Install WordPress

This tutorial takes us to the basics of installing WordPress in a web host. There are literally 10+ methods by which you can install a deployable (i.e. ready for the Internet) WordPress site. Factors such as your operating system, intended usage (local or live) and hosting environment lead to several ways of installing WordPress.

We at WPKube have decided to start a WordPress installation series where we’ll discuss the most effective ways of installing WordPress in any web host. In this kickoff tutorial, we will discuss one of the most popular ways to install WordPress – i.e. by using automatic software/script installers like Softaculous.CONTINUE READING »

Making a Church Website With WordPress

Making a Church Website with WordPress Cover

More and more church websites are being made with WordPress.

WordPress powers more than 20% of all websites in the world. This figure is incredible but not surprising. There are many advantages to making a website with WordPress and churches are taking notice. Churches are saying no to expensive proprietary church website solutions and yes to WordPress, a flexible platform that’s easy for church staff and volunteers to use.CONTINUE READING »

Revive Old Post Plugin Review: Drive Traffic to Your Old Blog Posts

Revive Old post

Okay, let’s break this down. You have a website, in fact maybe you even have a few, so you’re not new to the blogging game. This is usually how you blogging brain works, right?

You spend a good hour coming up with content ideas and post titles. You pick one and you go with it.

You  spend hours researching, writing and editing your article. Not to mention all that time you’ll spend finding photos, editing them and adding the description for them in WordPress.CONTINUE READING »