Setting Up a Content Delivery Network with KeyCDN: Is It Worth It?

KeyCDN Review

Sometimes you need to figure out a way to speed up your website so users don’t get frustrated and end up leaving your site. Search engines are also affected when your site isn’t performing well, and that’s why a CDN (content delivery network) is typically the logical next step after building up a nice following on your website.

One of the more popular options to choose from is called KeyCDN, so I wanted to dive into a full KeyCDN review to show you the benefits and downsides of the service, along with steps on how to setup the CDN.CONTINUE READING »

GetEvents Page For WordPress Plugin Review

GetEvents Page For WordPress Plugin Review

Getting your readers to return to your blog is something that every website owner has to get to grips with at some point. At times it can be a constant battle to drive that returning traffic. Then there’s the problem of keeping your readers interested when they get to your site.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could improve your website’s traffic flow and frequently update your website, with very little work?CONTINUE READING »

WP All Import Review: A Simple Plugin For Easy WordPress Importing


Putting data into WordPress manually can take up heaps of time. Back in my days as a Content Manager, I knew this only too well. I would spend hours at a time copying and pasting over product listings, uploading images and filling in meta data. It was a real headache and one of the reasons why I stopped that line of work ultimately.

Sure I could have written my own PHP script to import the files over, however I don’t mind saying that I’m pretty rubbish at anything to do with code that goes beyond the average CSS. Plus making something like that is complex. It takes lots of knowledge and time – something I didn’t really have then.CONTINUE READING »

20+ Best Music WordPress Themes For Bands & Musicians


With musicians utilizing every ounce of social media and online influence they can muster, it’s important that they also have access to affordable websites, built to showcase their best assets. Since bands, composers, festivals, and solo artists are busy writing, creating and organizing music, there’s little time to learn the skills needed to create a fully functioning website.

There’s a few solutions to this conundrum. On one hand you can pay for a designer to set everything up. On the other, you can take advantage of free software like WordPress and compliment it with a pre-built theme, specific to your needs.CONTINUE READING »

6 Drag And Drop Page Builder Plugins: Build Any Website With Zero Effort

page builder drag and drop plugins wordpress

Are you a wizard when it comes to designing and building your own websites? Or do your programming skills fall short of the mark? The majority will no doubt fall into the latter category with either none or only a little technical knowledge.

If you’re one of those individuals, this post is for you because creating beautiful pages for your WordPress site, doesn’t have to be as difficult as it seems.CONTINUE READING »

45 Stunning Parallax Scrolling WordPress Themes


Parallax is one of the most captivating and classy trends that has come with WordPress themes and this is why there is a heavy demand for parallax WordPress themes from all segments. These themes are well suited for business, portfolio, personal, corporate, agency, or any other type of website. We have covered themes from different sources, so you can find the one that suits your needs.

The parallax design imparts an exclusive visual brilliance to your website and there are many web designers who swear by its amazing appeal. If you also possess a soft corner for this cool design trend then you are at a very favorable location.CONTINUE READING »

How to Setup the WP Super Cache Plugin and MaxCDN in WordPress

wp super cache plugin

In a world where the average Internet speed is well over 2.8 Mbps, it is crucial for a site to run at its peak speed. A single second’s delay in a site’s loading time could lead to a 30% loss in business. Search engines like Google, love speedy sites. That’s because Google does not want to waste it’s searchers’ time, by presenting them with slow sites.

In fact, the faster your site loads, i.e., lower the page load time, higher it climbs up the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Therefore it’s a well-established fact that you need a fast site.CONTINUE READING »

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale 2014: Best WordPress Deals of the Year

black friday wrodpress deals

It is that crazy savings time of the year again, when people spend huge amounts of money on useless things. Before you head out and get all crazy on shopping spree, you should look at some of these awesome WordPress deals and discounts, and maybe invest in your online business.

This could be a great opportunity to invest in your business and at the same time save a ton of money, because things are not going to get any cheaper than this for the entire year.CONTINUE READING »