7 WordPress Support And Maintenance Services For The Busy And/Or Successful Blogger Or Small Business Owner


I know what some of you are thinking right now.. why on earth would I need a service to help me with the maintenance of my WordPress site?

If you’re a business owner, freelancer, or someone else whose website is integral to bringing in business, it’s easy to worry about and spend a lot of time and energy on maintaining your website. But at the end of the day, if you free up that time and energy, aren’t there other areas you can tackle that can lead to a much higher return on investment?CONTINUE READING »

How To Scan Your WordPress Site For Malware And Threats


These days, where online crime is starting to overtake crime in real life, it’s important to learn how to protect yourself and your website, especially if your income relies on it.

Anyone with a website is a potential target, but anyone with a completely unchanged, standard version of WordPress (with the username admin and a generic password) has a big red bullseye plastered on their back, waiting for some lowlife to gain access and wreak havoc.CONTINUE READING »

What’s Coming in WordPress 4.2 – Emojis, Theme Switcher, And Other Tweaks

WordPress 4

WordPress has recently released the 4.2 Beta versions that promise some significant improvements. A few new features are also introduced for the upcoming final release in April. As it is one of the most popular open-source blogging and content management systems, developers, and bloggers are eagerly testing the Beta versions on a staging environment. I encourage you to use the WordPress Beta Tester plugin to carry out your own testing.

Developers are taking mobile devices user experience more seriously. You will be glad to know that the Customizer has been tweaked to perform better on mobiles.CONTINUE READING »

How To Secure Your WordPress Site: WordPress Security 101

guide for improving site security

Most hackers don’t want to steal the information you have on your websites. They want to make a stealthy move into your site in order to access the servers. They use these servers to send out spam emails, which in turn potentially helps them profit from gathering financial information from other people.

If a hacker sends spam emails from your servers it sends a red flag to ISPs and email providers. How does this affect you? You could potentially get blacklisted by the ISPs and email providers. You know that trusty email list you’ve been gathering for two years?CONTINUE READING »

How to Move From Blogger.com to WordPress.org

blogger to WordPress

When you run a website on Blogger you may start to realize that it doesn’t have all the customization options that you can find on WordPress. Sure, Blogger has some nice widgets and addons, but in the long run, you don’t actually own the website on Blogger.

Blogger owns your site, hosts it on their servers and maintains it for you. In short, if you truly want to make money with your site and drastically increase the amount of customization options, you should move your site to WordPress.org.CONTINUE READING »

15 Popular Brands Using WordPress

brands using wordpress

When starting a business website or blog, some people out there have concerns about WordPress. They wonder how a free platform could possibly serve them well, questioning areas like security and scalability. Well, those questions often have very little merit, since the vast majority of websites in the world are running on the popular WordPress content management system.

In fact, over 74.6 million sites currently use WordPress, and that number grows every day.CONTINUE READING »

Choosing a WordPress Theme – The Ultimate Guide

choosing wordpress theme

One of the first times I chose a WordPress theme I ended up spending $50 and the theme hardly worked for me. I needed a WordPress theme for a client. This client requested that the theme had fonts and designs that represent their company well, that being a law firm.

It needed a space to capture emails at the top, along with a visible and attention-grabbing blogroll to feature some of the long-form content they were already paying their bloggers to provide to customers. The firm also requested a responsive design for clients to access legal information and contact forms from phones and tablets.CONTINUE READING »

How to Create a Dynamic Help Menu in WordPress


Have you ever landed on a confusing website and wished it was a little more obvious as to what you should do next?

Or perhaps you’ve been looking for a way to help your website become a little more intuitive?

CM OnBoarding is a great plugin that helps new users make the most of your website. By creating a Dynamic Help Menu, you can offer relevant guidance throughout your website. This enables users to answer their own questions while increasing their level of interaction with your website.CONTINUE READING »