CrocoBlock Theme Shop Review: A New WordPress & eCommerce Themes Club

CrocoBlock Theme Club Review

There are quite a few theme shops out on the market these days. From Tesla to StudioPress to MojoThemes and beyond; there literally hundreds of places you can go when trying to choose the right WordPress theme for you.

With so many theme shops to rifle through, I’m going to zero in on one up and coming shop at that is definitely worth your time considering. (hint: if you read the whole article, you’ll find a special offer just for WPKube readers)CONTINUE READING »

Envato Marketplaces API Introduction for PHP – The Public Set

envato api

Hello guys! I’m excited to be writing my debut article for WPKube and today I’m going to talk to you about Envato’s Marketplaces API. Envato is the largest and, in my opinion, possibly one of the most relevant online companies today when it comes to premium WordPress items. With currently standing at over 4000 premium WordPress themes and with over 2500 WordPress plugins, interacting with the marketplaces has become even more important for advertisers in recent times.

Thankfully, Envato allows and encourages this form of interaction via its Marketplaces API.CONTINUE READING »

How to Import Your WordPress Content From One Website to Another

Import Export WordPress Posts

Every time, I had to transfer a site from one server to another, I either used plugins such as Duplicator or Backup Buddy, or did it manually. It involved taking backups, manually copying the media files, uploading database, among other things, and took around 30 minutes or more depending on the size of the site. While this works, I think it’s unnecessarily and complicated process, especially if you are transferring a small site.

The WordPress plugins repository has a nifty little plugin that lets you easily export content into another website using an XML file.CONTINUE READING »

Media Temple Hosting Review: A First Impression

Media Temple Hosting Review

Media Temple is a hosting company that offers a range of performance-focused hosting plans that area ideal for WordPress users. An account with Media Temple will allow you to host a range of applications and not just WordPress.

However the company is very experienced when it comes to this platform, hosting over 300,000 WordPress sites, as well as offering an instant, one-click installation of the service to help you get started as quickly as possible.CONTINUE READING »

How to Add A Pricing Table in WordPress – Best Pricing Table Plugins

Pricing Table plugins for WordPress

WordPress pricing table can be a useful addition to your WordPress site, if you offer premium services or sell products at different tier levels.

Over the past few years, pricing table plugins have become quite popular. So popular in fact that a lot of WordPress themes comes packed with a premium pricing table.

But if you want to add a pricing table to your exiting WordPress theme, then one of these WordPress pricing tables listed below may be the ideal solution. Here’s the collection of 7 Best Pricing Table Plugins for WordPress.CONTINUE READING »

25 Awesome WordPress Women To Watch In 2014

wordpress womens to watch

While women are in no way the majority when it comes to those working with WordPress, there are plenty of examples of women who are doing some really great things with this platform. From developing plugins, themes, and contributing to the core WordPress software, as well as running successful web development studios and agencies, not to mention publishing large amounts of quality content across a range of platforms and media, there are certainly plenty of women to watch in WordPress. CONTINUE READING »

29 Awesome Flat Design WordPress Themes

Flat Design WordPress Themes

Flat Design is growing trend in the WordPress design industry right now and people are going gaga for it. We have already seen a huge number of flat design WordPress themes by Independent theme shops and marketplaces like ThemeForest & MojoThemes.

This is only going to continue as more and more designers aim to create themes with minimalistic approach. There are currently 200 themes available on ThemeForest marketplace (and more being released frequently), designed specifically with keeping flat and modern design principles in mind. CONTINUE READING »

7 Really Annoying Things About WordPress (and How to Fix Them)

Annoying THings about WordPress

If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably a fan of WordPress. And yes, I love WordPress too, but nothing is perfect. Wearing my different hats of web designer, web developer, writer, researcher and blogger, there are plenty of things that annoy me on a regular basis about WordPress.

Luckily, WordPress is updated frequently and it gets better with every update. There are also lots of clever developers out there who have written plugins to deal with some of its shortcomings.CONTINUE READING »