How to Create and Manage Tables in WordPress with TablePress Plugin

WordPress is a great platform, I have been using it for years, but there are certain things that it cannot do. Adding tables in post and pages is one of them. While adding table using HTML and CSS is fairly easy, but it takes a lot of time and work to make the table look usable and integrate with your WordPress theme.

And as you very well know, when making changes, you have to take backup your site, just in case. Today, we will be taking a look at a new plugin which makes it very easy to add feature rich tables in WordPress without getting into any technical jargon.

TablePress Plugin

TablePress is a free plugin for creating attractive tables in WordPress. You can then embed those tables into your posts and pages in WordPress. It also includes various free and premium extensions that makes it easy to further enhance the functionality of TablePress plugin.

There are some popular table plugins available for WordPress, but TablePress is easy to use and the basic version is completely free. Some of the key features are:

  • Easily embed the tables into posts, pages, or widgets with simple shortcode
  • Includes Header and footer rows
  • Edit table in a spreadsheet- like interface
  • Option to Import / Export table contents
  • Horizontal scrolling
  • Custom CSS
  • Pagination
  • and much more…

The plugin is pretty easy to configure and perfect choice for those who do not want to play with CSS & HTML.


Step 1: TablePress is hosted on and you can install it by navigating to Plugins > Add New > search for “TablePress” and click the Install Now button. The process is pretty much straight forward, search for TablePress, and click install button.


Step 2: Once the plugin is activated, there will be a new “TablePress” menu item in your dashboard. From there you can create a new table, export an existing table, import from other sites, and configure the plugin.

add new table

To create  a new table! Go to TablePress > Add new Table and fill all the details. Add the title, description and number of rows & columns you want to show. You can always add or remove the rows / columns later. Once you’re done adding all the info, click the “add table” button.

How to create a table in WordPress

Now add the table entries by clicking edit table button.

Step 3: Next, to add table in your post, click the table icon in the visual editor navigation. Alternatively, you can also include manually using a simple shortcode .

How to add a table in WordPressThat’s it. I have covered the basic functionality of TablePress here, it is a powerful plugin that allows you to add tables in multiple ways without using any HTML or CSS code.

Fortunately, the plugin author has created an detailed documentation which can be found here, so using the TablePress plugin won’t involve any hard work.

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