How to add the Google+ Comments to WordPress

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A few days ago, Google+ officially announced the release of a new commenting system for blogger blogs and within hours people started using it on non-blogger sites.

If you take a serious look, you will find the G+ comments is much better than the facebook one.

Personally, I am going to stick with the default commenting system but I know a ton of folks who would love to deploy the G+ comments to their WordPress websites.

In this article, I will show you how to add the Google+ comments in WordPress.

Google+ Comments Plugin

Google+ comments plugin replaces your WordPress comment system with the G+ powered comments hosted by Google. It’s unofficial G+ comments plugin. This is a great solution for publishers and bloggers who love the Google+ network. Easily comment on sites using your Google+ identity and build connections with other people.

It can also help in increasing conversations about the content.

Here’s a step by step guide on how to install and set up the G+ plugin.

Step 1: Navigate to Plugins > Add New > search for “Google+ Comments” or if you’re familiar with installing plugins in WordPress than you might want to download it from the WordPress directory and upload it manually.

gplus comments

Step 2: Activate the plugin to simply add the G+ comments to your blog.

Here’s how the plugin looks with 3 tabs – G+ comments, WordPress comments and trackbacks. If you just want to use the Google+ comments system, than disable the default comments system from the dashboard.

gplus comments

Overall, I think it’s the best and most complete plugin out there for adding Google+ comments and Brandon Holtsclaw, the developer of this plugin has done a great job. So..give it a try and see how it works.

What do you think about the G+ comments for WordPress? Will you be adding the G+ comments to your website?

Devesh Sharma

Devesh Sharma is a WordPress fanatic and loves experimenting with WordPress themes & plugins.
  1. Paul Shapiro says

    Unfortunately, the tabs don’t work for me. You can just add it in manually to your theme where the href would equal . If you have a Genesis theme, install simple hooks and its even easier.

  2. Kim Doyal says

    Hi Dev,

    I was wondering when Google+ was going to have something like this for WP! Great post- I may have to play with it on a test site just to give it a go. 😉
    I’m sticking with the WP comments myself too. I debated doing this with FB comments a while ago and just like my content I’d prefer the comments stay on the blog.
    Have a great weekend!

    • Devesh says

      Hey Kim,

      Great minds think alike ;). I never liked the idea of using FB comments or any other commenting platform for that matter.

      Btw, it’s good to see you finally launching the WPPlugins Lab :-).

      Have a great time.

  3. melchiorre schifano says

    Hi Devesh
    i can’t see the “gplus comment” screenshoot, maybe a broken link. Could you fix that ? Many Thanks

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