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Recently I came across a fantastic plugin called Grow Map Antispam Plugin which displays a check box in comments. I’m seeing this plugin running on hundreds of blogs. The Plugin is developed by Gowmap, Andy from CommentLuv! I’ve to say Andy has done awesome work with this plugin.

What is GASP?

This plugin will add a client side generated checkbox to your comment form asking users to confirm that they are not a spammer. It is a lot less trouble to click a box than it is to enter a captcha and because the box is generated via client side JavaScript that bots cannot see, it should stop 99% of all automated spam bots.

Resason Why to Choose GASP – quoted from Growmap’s article

  1. No false positives – your favorite commentators and new readers WILL be able to easily comment in your blog.
  2. Blocks spam that Akismet was letting through. We are getting ZERO bot spam. Only those commenting manually who check the “I am not a spammer box” can leave comments.
  3. Easier for commentators than using a Captcha or math plugin – never a “wrong” answer that isn’t wrong or a problem with cookies!

Some great reviews about GASP:

Check out what others have to say about this awesome anti spam plugin

Why we’re not using it?

Many of you’re thinking why we haven’t started using it on our blog. The Simple reason is we’re not getting much spam on WP Kube!!

Check out the official post on growmap or download it from the directory!

About the Author: Devesh Sharma is a WordPress fanatic and loves experimenting with WordPress themes & plugins.Get more from Devesh on  and Twitter.
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  1. Kimberly Castleberry says

    Hey guys and thanks for the shoutout. I’m totally enjoying that plugin and am very happy with the results its producing. I hope everyone checks it out. Andy’s got mad coding skills and his stuff is always superb and this is no exception.

  2. Jared Holland says

    I’ve seen this feature used on other blogs and never knew what the plugin was actually called. Thanks for writing about this. I look forward to reading future posts from you.

  3. Oliver Tausend says

    Hi Devesh.

    I can confirm that this is really a powerful plugin. It’s very helpful for both my readers and myself.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Take care


  4. Mir Imran Elahi says

    I’ll install this plugin on my blog.If it will helpful for me,i’ll write about this plugin on my blog.I’m going to install it…………

  5. Jagan Mangat says

    This is really a nice plugin,i am making use of his plugin on my blog and its working fine.It separates spam comments from normal comments.But you are not using it yet!

    • Devesh says


      Yeah, it is one of the awesome plugin to stop spam.

      The reason we haven’t started using it for WP Kube.. is we’re not getting much spam comments.

      Thanks for the comment jagan.

  6. Curt Hess says

    Superb share. Will use on my (too many) blogs/webs.

    Now that we’ve witnessed ANOTHER great find, would you be willing to share your own list of “Must Have Plugins” for all “somewhat typical” WordPress sites? If that’s too general, which minimum set of plugins are recommended? (I got to this site as a result of ProBlogger’s mention of WPKube in it’s LoadFaster article.) Thanks!

    • Devesh says

      That’s great to hear Curt.

      Would love to write a post on “Must Have plugins”.

      Thanks for the suggestion and nice comment curt. Much Appreciated.

  7. NovaMagNet says

    ‘Many of you’re thinking why we haven’t started using it on our blog. The Simple reason is we’re not getting much spam on WP Kube!!’ – lucky you, wish you to stay on the same spam in future.
    Great plugin, worth try. Thanks.

  8. Peter J says

    This is certainly one of the best plugins, i only just installed it today because my blog started averaging around 300+ spam comments a day (It’s horrible :'( ). Now i get 0 spam comments; it’s an awesome plugin :)

    • Devesh says

      Yeah, GASP is one of the best anti spam plugin.

      That’s great to hear peter. zero comments. ;)

      Thanks for the nice comment dude.

  9. Stacy says

    I have been using this plugin for a while now and I’m very happy with it. I’ve used a couple others, including askimet and this one is the best by far!

  10. logo samples says

    i think i should try this plugin, because ‘math comment spam’ plugin that i used can not fight spam anymore

  11. Eugene says

    I came across this plug-in recently too. Currently I use CAPTCHA but I can see how that can be a pain in the ass for some readers. The check-box is definitely an easier way to go. I will be switching to this plug-in for sure.

  12. Kashish | Computer Tricks says

    This is an awesome plugin. Am soon going to replace it with that captcha plugin.. You said it right, its a lot more easier to click a checkbox than filling a word.

  13. Raj @ Blogging Tips & Tricks says

    This one seems to really promising, it would be better if they gave an option to subscribe in the same plugin, will check out if I can find any such plugins..

  14. Sven @ Flyttfirma Stockholm says

    Is this plugin still working? Haven’t spammer find this out and added there spam bots to also check radiobuttons?

  15. b0bbly says

    Great plugin. Spam’s always been a bit of an issue, even with Akismet you sometimes have to sift through thousands of spam comments to make sure one hasn’t accidentally been inappropriately marked. Thanks!

    • b0bbly says

      Just a followup: After installing this plugin, my akismet spam box has dropped from around 80 a day to 3 in 2 days. Impressive does not even come close to describing this addon.

  16. john@ us online casinos says

    All of bloggers need this plugin. It really saves lots of time. It does the same work as captchas but easier than it, for the reader. I diefinetely recommend it to all bloggers.

  17. Selena Gomez says

    I am impressed with this article, so informative to learn a lot and share with my close friends and colleagues

  18. Yee Mei says

    After reading this article, I’ve looked into GASP. It seems incredibly effective. What I really need is a similar plugin for the bbpress plugin. That forum software seems incredibly vulnerable to spam bots

  19. Jhonty@online business says

    I am using akismet which is directing all my comments to spam folder. While finding solution, I find GASP and wp-recaptcha, Kindly tell me which one is better, if you can.

  20. Haty says

    I installed the GASP plug-in and immediately, got 14+ comments, good comments, through successfully! This plug-in WORKS!

  21. Jordan J. Caron says

    Finally I have found the name of this plugin. My blog has been plastered with spamboat comments since I added the commneluv keywordluv option.

    Thanks so much for this!

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