Controversy Included: Hide That Your Site is Running on WordPress

hide running WordPress

Have you ever talked to someone who recommended you hide that your site is running on WordPress? It was somewhat jarring the first time I was recommended this, because well, what’s the point? Am I going to have to go through hours of work just so people don’t know I’m using WordPress?

Should I be embarrassed that I use WordPress? The questions start rolling in, and the topic is rather controversial, so I wanted to put together a guide on the arguments for and against hiding WordPress, along with the best tools to do so if you decide on covering up the WP name.CONTINUE READING »

How To Email Authors for New Comments on WordPress


I don’t run any multi-author sites but I work for plenty of people who do. I noticed the other day that on some sites I receive an email when users comment and on others I don’t.

This got me thinking about why this happened. I’m pretty sure I subscribe to comments on some of the posts, but most of the time I just forget about the posts and it’s unreasonable to assume that I would go back to check the dozens of sites I have posted comments on. Think about how many sites you run, then think about how many sites your authors are posting on.CONTINUE READING »

How To Scan Your WordPress Site For Malware And Threats


These days, where online crime is starting to overtake crime in real life, it’s important to learn how to protect yourself and your website, especially if your income relies on it.

Anyone with a website is a potential target, but anyone with a completely unchanged, standard version of WordPress (with the username admin and a generic password) has a big red bullseye plastered on their back, waiting for some lowlife to gain access and wreak havoc.CONTINUE READING »

How to Move From to

blogger to WordPress

When you run a website on Blogger you may start to realize that it doesn’t have all the customization options that you can find on WordPress. Sure, Blogger has some nice widgets and addons, but in the long run, you don’t actually own the website on Blogger.

Blogger owns your site, hosts it on their servers and maintains it for you. In short, if you truly want to make money with your site and drastically increase the amount of customization options, you should move your site to READING »

How to Find and Display Page, Post, Category, or Tag ID in WordPress

displaying page post category and tag IDs in WordPress

Since every post, page, category and tag on your WordPress website has a unique ID, wouldn’t you like to know how these IDs can be used? Well, most people don’t find these IDs very useful, but for developers and people who run high traffic sites or multiple website for clients, the IDs can come in handy.

You may use an ID to create a shortcode, which helps you cut down on your design time. Other IDs have been utilized simply to grab a quick link or to set something up in the theme settings. Regardless, for some reason these IDs are not all that easy to find, at least on the surface.CONTINUE READING »

How to Send Out Automatic Receipts with the Receiptful Plugin


Some of the top online stores are able to survive and ultimately thrive because they know how to bring back customers who have already purchased from them. It’s a well know fact that you don’t have to spend as much time or money bringing in past customers as opposed to brand new customers. So why are you not sending out receipts with upsells from your online store?

Every receipt you send out is an excuse to start selling to that customer again. You could give them a shipping coupon or maybe try to coax them with some other related products they might be interested in.CONTINUE READING »

How to Boost Email Optins with the Plugmatter Plugin

plugmatter email optins

Handling email list subscriptions is one of the first priorities when it comes to building a new website on WordPress. If you run a business building websites for other companies you should really preach this and implement some sort of email list building module for your customers.

I’ve used a few email subscription form plugins in the past and they vary in quality, but I recently wanted to try out the Plugmatter plugin to see if it’s any good.CONTINUE READING »

How to Setup a WordPress Blog in Under 15 Minutes

start a blog

When’s the last time you had a wonderful idea that just had to be talked about? Do you have a remarkable story from your trip to Spain or several cool tricks you’ve learned from your years as a gardener?

Everyone has a story that begs for exposure, and a blog gives you the tools to get out there and start writing. Blogging used to require some more advanced technical knowledge to program a website and share your story. That has changed drastically since all the tools are sitting around for you to play around with.CONTINUE READING »