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What’s Coming in WordPress 4.2 – Emojis, Theme Switcher, And Other Tweaks

WordPress 4

WordPress has recently released the 4.2 Beta versions that promise some significant improvements. A few new features are also introduced for the upcoming final release in April. As it is one of the most popular open-source blogging and content management systems, developers, and bloggers are eagerly testing the Beta versions on a staging environment. I encourage you to use the WordPress Beta Tester plugin to carry out your own testing.

Developers are taking mobile devices user experience more seriously. You will be glad to know that the Customizer has been tweaked to perform better on mobiles.CONTINUE READING »

15 Popular Brands Using WordPress

brands using wordpress

When starting a business website or blog, some people out there have concerns about WordPress. They wonder how a free platform could possibly serve them well, questioning areas like security and scalability. Well, those questions often have very little merit, since the vast majority of websites in the world are running on the popular WordPress content management system.

In fact, over 74.6 million sites currently use WordPress, and that number grows every day.CONTINUE READING »

Best WordPress Deals for Christmas and New Year 2014

christmas deals

With the holiday season upon us, companies are offering awesome discounts and deals to increase the sales. This is a good time for you to purchase products that you might have missed on last month’s Black Friday sale.

This could be a great opportunity for you to invest some money back in your business. These deals can save you a lot of money on WordPress hosting, themes, plugins, and other WordPress related services.CONTINUE READING »

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale 2014: Best WordPress Deals of the Year

black friday wrodpress deals

It is that crazy savings time of the year again, when people spend huge amounts of money on useless things. Before you head out and get all crazy on shopping spree, you should look at some of these awesome WordPress deals and discounts, and maybe invest in your online business.

This could be a great opportunity to invest in your business and at the same time save a ton of money, because things are not going to get any cheaper than this for the entire year.CONTINUE READING »

A to Z of WordPress Podcasts

Podcast Featured Image

As the WordPress community continues to grow, so too does the number of podcasts covering this platform. On the face of it, a blogging platform come CMS might not be an obvious topic for a podcast, but judging by the success of the shows below, and the number of episodes that have been recorded on the subject, the exact opposite appears to be true.

In this list of WordPress podcasts, I’ve included some inactive shows that have either been discontinued or haven’t been added to in a while. However, as the old episodes remain online, and they may contain items of interest, they are still worth checking out.CONTINUE READING »

NGINX – The BOSE Equivalent of Web Servers Launches NGINX Plus and Bags $10M


You’ve all heard of web servers, right? The oldest and the most widely used one being Apache? If you’re a bit tech savvy, I’m sure you’ve heard of the immensely popular, high on performance, low on resource NGINX webserver. Written (in C) by Igor Sysoev, this tiny but immensely powerful (and highly scalable) web server powers high-traffic websites like Netflix and our very own WordPress.com!

Do you know why? That’s because NGINX can handle enormous amounts of traffic with a very, very light memory footprint!CONTINUE READING »

ManageWP.org is the Reddit of all things WordPress


ManageWP is known for its one-of-a-kind WordPress management software (web app) that lets you manage multiple WordPress installations from a single control panel. For folks running a single site, it’s not a big deal, but if you’re managing multiple websites – then it’s a godsend! For quite some time now, the folks at ManageWP been cooking something new which they said “would rock the WordPress scene”.