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  1. Dave Cole says

    We’re running a custom login page at our site (http://dashter.com/wp-login.php) using Austin Passy’s custom login plugin http://austinpassy.com/wordpress-plugins/custom-login/ Though hard coding it like the Speckyboy tutorial suggests might give us a little bit more control, it was just plain easier to run Frosty’s plugin than worry about theme files. It allowed us to completely change our theme without having to worry about the impact on the login page. The login page is definitely a valuable point of contact for customers and users and worth modifying just to retain the brand message.

    • Devesh says

      Your login page looks really neat and cool. I’ve used Austin’s custom login plugin for one of my clients and it really works well.

      Thanks for the comment, Dave. Have a great time.

    • James says


      Your login screen looks good. I have seen the plugin you mentioned and its a good one. I prefer to limit the amount of plugins I have and will choose to code over using a plugin.

      However, If I have a client or I am working on a project and its a better choice to use a plugin, I will use the plugin for the job.

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