7 Powerful SEO Tips For WordPress Blogs

Search engine optimization is the key to build a popular blog in your niche.

Without getting quality traffic from the search engines, you REALLY can’t convert your blog.

Here are few basic SEO tips for WordPress blogs to consider. Follow them, you will certainly see a huge growth in your search rankings in the long run.

1. Change your URL structure

Most bloggers, especially the new bloggers don’t know how to optimize their URL’s for the search engines, they end up writing un-optimized blog posts on their blogs. By using messy URL structure like


you won’t achieve anything neither from search engine angle nor from your readers’ perspective. So, try to make your URL structure as simple as possible (something like http://www.yourURLrocks.com/post-title.html )

How to make this happen then?

Go to

WP-admin >> Settings >> Permalinks

Now click on, “Custom structure” and type or paste this “/%postname%/” (without double quotes)

That’s it. Now, you will get the simple URL structure like www.yourWebsitename.com/post-name see, how simple it is.

Also try to make your URL as short as possible, hopefully inserting your keyword of the article, this way you can make it easy for the search bots to crawl your desired keywords the easy way, also your readers will find it easy to digest your contents.

2. Use a search friendly theme and plugins

You REALLY can’t make money online without actually investing the money in it. You HAVE to invest money, because blogging is an online business and every business needs investment to bring out the decent money from it.

Your top priority while investing the money on blogging should be, buying a search engine friendly theme. Why?

Most premium themes like Thesis, Genesis etc will come in handy to easily optimize your blog posts for the search engines, SEO becomes easy using these themes because they will be taken special care on search engine optimization while they building the themes. So, you won’t find it hard to optimize the posts for the search engines, choose the best search engine friendly themes to actually compete with other bloggers in your niche.

A strong note consider while investing money on blogging is “buying premium plugins that are worth every penny”. No matter how many free plugins you have in WP dashboard, they all can’t help you get good search results. You must be using premium plugins like Scribe SEO, Backup Buddy, Optin Skin etc to not only bring quality traffic from search engines, but also to build a great email list around your blogs. So, choose the plugins according to your blogging goals and invest money on them to quickly make some impact on the blogosphere.

3. Use longtail keywords – avoid keyword stuffing

Most new bloggers insert the same keywords again and again and they think that process will bring them a lot of traffic from the search traffic. Does it REALLY help?


You can’t expect search traffic by repeating the same keywords, you need quality back links and long tail keywords to drive traffic from the search engines.

Instead of focusing on the keyword “seo tips” if you focus on “basic seo tips for WordPress” you will certainly get more online visibility for the long tail keywords.

4. Get quality back links to your posts

If there is only one secret behind getting lots of quality search traffic to your blog posts, it would be definitely getting quality links from other sites.

Google loves those blog posts which are more often linked to, and give top priority to those posts in the search rankings.

How to get quality back links then?

Write great blog posts that will solve your target audience problems and email with the influencers in your niche. Let the top bloggers know about your killer content, sooner or later they will link to your sites, at least they will share your contents on their networks, thus increasing more chances of getting the links for your blog posts from others.

5. Use images – optimize them for search engines

Images will help you in two cases: one – they give visual appealing to your readers, two – you can optimize them for the search engines to get quality traffic.

Use your primary keywords in ‘alt tags’ to get more out of your images. Use image description, and title tags and optimize them properly with your specified keywords to get traffic from Google images.

6. Interlink to your posts

Interlinking is an effective way of giving more link juice to your older blog posts and making them more relevant in the search results.

Always use ‘anchor texts’ and embed them with your keywords. This is a good practice and Google gives top priority to those keywords which are embedded with the anchor texts.

Be sure NOT to link to too many links be it internal or external links. This will actually annoy your readers to digest your contents. Be specific and interlink to ONLY those posts which are extremely relevant to your posts.

7. Write high quality articles with catchy headlines

Use numbers, How to’s to grab other bloggers attention with your headlines. Remember that, no one will be interested in clicking on your blog posts when they don’t have catchy headlines.

Moreover the people come from search engines to your blogs give top priority to those posts which have attention grabbing headlines. So, spend quality time to craft great headlines that will make anyone to click on your posts.

Do you’ve any more tips to rank higher in the search engines? Please share with us in the comments below.

  1. Lynne (@LynneSturtevant) says

    Excellent post. I’m a new blogger and found it very helpful. Will make the permalink change right away. Thanks for writing this!

    • Devesh says

      Hey Lynne,

      Glad you liked the article and thanks for the nice words. Setting correct permalink takes less then a minute but it has huge impact on your site rankings.


  2. Srikanth says

    Good Post bro..Basically Rahul Bhayya is Amazing Writer…He Composes Every article With good Content ..a Special thanx to him ..Continue the good Work Bro :)

  3. Madonna Robinson says

    Thank you Rahul, This is a great post especially for newer bloggers. Is it more important to have a catchy headline than one that contains the keywords?

    • Devesh says

      Your welcome, Madonna and thanks for the comment.

      It’s good to have an catchy headline with the keywords in it. Here’s a great headline-writing formula by @JeffGoins: Number or Trigger word + Adjective + Keyword + Promise


  4. Miranda Harver says

    Before one posts his very first entry on his blog, he must have set a vision beforehand – and this is to commit to maintaining quality content with of course, a unique value proposition.

  5. Sandra Harriette says

    I am actually working on 4 things as a WordPress.com blogger:

    1. I do much of these suggestions in the article (thanks for the tips!) already PLUS I interview other reputable names in social media. Derek Haplern recommended doing this because, psychologically, having the face of someone well recognized is builds the blog esteem and credibility of the blogger and the blog reader.
    2. I am working on PR and submitting my developing projects to media sources that target the audiences within my interests and my artistic niche as well.
    3. Click to tweet! via clicktotweet[dot]com. I think it’s simple and cost-effective (cost free, really!). It also is a recognizable call to action for the blog reader and it’s simple, taking hardly anytime on their part. The way I see it, they won’t tweet one’s originally crafted message if the link isn’t there.
    4. I use the Daily Prompts by a WordPress admin blog (search it–it will come up). The only trick to do this in addition to clicking “this post is super awesome” would be to write EARLY in the morning. I say this because that’s when their posts go out. It gives readers all day to get their creative juices flowing, and it’s those same readers who will curiously click on those first few, and well-titled posts, that appear. The early bird gets the worm in this case. So I try to get there first to be more visible and available, so to speak.
    P.S. If you do that last one, don’t forget to tag #DP in the inspired post and like the original Daily Prompt! Liking the posts others wrote is also a good pat on the back to the blogosphere and your potential readers.

  6. Khaidir says

    Thanks Rahul,

    Im having problem with permalinks cos im using wordpress-com. But its ok. I understood that i should move to selfhosted .org to have the permalinks, and have a great day guys. :-)Keep it up.

    Author – khaidirzakaria

  7. Yorinda says

    Hi Rahul,
    great suggestions.

    When you say ‘use numbers in headlines’ does it matter if they are numerical or words?

    Thanks for the explanation on the ‘long tail keywords’!

    Thank you for sharing you knowledge!

  8. anand says

    Hi, I have gone through your post and some of the points I m following like having custom permalinks for easy link generation….rest tips I m trying to implement………as well….

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